Young Rappers Under 18 Who Are Rocking In Their Teen Age

Rapper That Girl Lay Lay donned in Dior for VMAS in 2022.
Rapper That Girl Lay Lay donned in Dior for VMAS in 2022.( Source : instagram )

Young rappers under 18 include That Girl Lay Lay, YNW BSlime, and more. These artists boast rare skills for their age.

Hip-hop isn't just a genre but a culture that shapes the American music game. With the emergence of the genre in the early 1970s, it has so far become a dominant genre in the music scene.

Age is nothing but a mere number when it comes to talent. Some artists get discovered in their early life whereas some find their hidden aptitude later in life.

It is quite challenging to select the best ones for some are underground rappers, some are locally famous, whereas, some are celebrated across the globe.

Young Rappers Who Are Rocking In Their Teen Age

Rappers Names:Their Ages:
That Girl Lay Lay16 years
YNW BSlime16 years
Tana16 years
Jules Coutinho16 years
Bouba Savage16 years
DD Osama16 years
Asia Walton17 years
Lil C-Note16 years
Sha Gz18 years
Lil Maceee16 years

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1. That Girl Lay Lay

Alaya High, known as That Girl Lay Lay is the youngest female rapper to sign a record deal at the age of 11 with Empire Distribution. She is also an actress.

Not many people are aware of That Girl Lay Lay's real name for she is widely recognized by her stage moniker. She has already established herself as a promising artist regardless of her young age.

The 16-year-old has released five albums; Tha Cheat Code, Tha Cheat Code Reloaded, All Tha Way Lit Up, Recess Is Over, and Watch ME since 2018.

The award-winning artist is the recipient of two awards including Crown Awards in 2022. One of her most popular videos, Stop Playin, has cumulated over 87 million views so far.

Whereas, I'm That marks itself as Alaya's most streamed song on the conventional streaming platform Spotify, currently at 960,372 streams. A partial list of Alaya's singles are:

  • Go, Lay Lay, Go
  • Mama
  • Get To Lovin
  • Long Hair
  • Stop Playin

2. YNW BSlime

At 16 YNW BSlime aka Brandon Curtis King already boasts rare skills for his age. He is also widely known as the younger brother of YNW Melly, a rapper.

Hailing from Gifford, Florida, the rapper started his music career in early-mid 2018, getting featured on several songs with his brother YNW Melly, YNW Juvy, and YNW Sakchaser.

That said, even before featuring on his brother's songs he was inclined towards rapping and would freestyle during the school lunch in the 7th standard.

Also, his brother YNW Melly pushed him into recording by heating him to stop paying for his V-Bucks in the Fortnite game if he didn't come to a recording studio.

Some of the famous songs of YNW BSlime are Slime Dreams, Dying for You, Slime Emotions, Gucci Belt, Left Me, Just Want You, I Got A Bag, and more.

3. Tana

One of the new young rappers Steven Lewis professionally recognized as Tana skyrocketed to the spotlight with the release of his hit single '14' with Ka$hdami.

Besides the iconic song, 14, by two young rappers, Tana and Ka$hdami, age 16 and 18 respectively, he is significantly known for his song Antisocial featuring Sump6s which drew a lot of attention on SoundCloud and TikTok.

Lewis's breakthrough came after he released his single 'Prada' which went viral across several social media platforms. The success led him to release three projects in the same year.

His career would peak the following year in 2021 after the release of Antisocial which went viral leading to the creation of the sequel featuring artists like Xhulooo, Yung Fazo, and SSGKobe.

Previously known as Baby Santana, the rapper's latest release was the album GAULTIER released early this year.

4. Jules Coutinho

The 16-year-old rapper Jules Coutinho was a social media influencer prior to rising to the limelight as a music artist. He boasts 101K followers on Instagram.

Coutinho isn't the only member of his family belonging to the fraternity but he is the younger brother of a celebrated musician and dancer Mason Coutinho.

Jules and his brother Mason have shared social and streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and more.

The 2022-released song Passion is the most streamed song by the Coutinho brothers, currently with over 627K streams on Spotify and 601K views on YouTube.

Undoubtedly, he has definitely emerged as one of the best up-and-coming rappers to listen to in 2023. The duo released a song titled Half of the Man in June 2023.

5. Bouba Savage

Bouba Savage born Boubacar Diallo is a rapper from Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. He cemented his name in the rap scene after creating Ima Savage at just 12.

Ima Savage by Bouba embraces the concept of being a savage. The lyrics highlight his fearlessness, authenticity, and with a bit of sassiness which goes like this:

I'm so fly they don't like what I do
Tryna boss up I don't care about you

Now at the age of 17 as of 2023, Bouba boasts a discography loaded with hit singles and remarkable collaborations with artists including Beam with Wowdy HBTL, and more.

It is his energetic vocals that make him stand out among other artists of his similar age. In fact, he caught the attention of big names like Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky, and more.

Henceforth, it comes as no surprise for his proliferating number of monthly listeners, currently sitting at 30.9K on Spotify.

He signed as an artist under the record label named Highbridge the Label, LLC., which has released most of Bouba's new songs.

6. DD Osama

Born in 2006, in New York, David Reyes professionally known as DD Osama kicked off his music career in 2018. His siblings also belong to the fraternity.

The second youngest out of five, Reyes' siblings JStar Balla, Notti Osama, and JayKlickin are also rappers. Whereas, his brother Ethan Reyes aka Notti Osama breathed his last after getting stabbed to death in 2022.

His debut song 'Aftermath' alongside his late brother Ethan and rapper Blockwork has so far amassed 627K views on YouTube.

Reyes' latest release Here 2 Stay, an album dropped on May 12, 2023, comprises fourteen songs. A partial list of the songs in the album is mentioned below:

  • Leave Me
  • What We Doin
  • Upnow
  • Who I Am
  • Show No Love

7. Asia Walton

Asia Walton, 17, is another young rapper who is making it big in the rap game. She is one-third of the girl rap group, 565 Nation, previously known as Dsquared.

Her moniker in the girl rap group is Mz. Diva. Prior to hitting the limelight, she was into dancing. She started dancing at just two after watching her elder sister. 

Born and brought up in a family with two brothers and three sisters, she attributes her success to their unwavering support and love.  

Walton introduces herself as an actress, model, and dancer besides a rapper via her Instagram bio. Sooner or later, Walton should sit at the table of some of the most notable female rappers from Atlanta including Baby Tate, Latto, and more.

8. Lil C-Note

The protégé of Birdman and Young Thug, Lil C-Note born Corey Jackson is a talented 17-year-old rapper. He rose to the limelight with his song Call'em Crayons.

He began showcasing his affinity towards music from the early age of 2. You might not believe but Lil C-Note released his first single 'Call'em Crayons' when he was just 6.

Corey's well-received single Call'em Crayons was followed by the successful singles Me and My Daddy, Crank It, and Bank Close.

Not to forget, the notability of the single also led him to have a nationwide tour with performances at Essence Music Festival, one of the most famous music festivals of all time.

Besides music, Corey is also a motivational speaker. The rapper launched the 'If I Can Do It, You Can Too' foundation at 10 with which he toured to give motivational speeches to children in auditoriums.

9. Sha Gz

Sha Gz born Shaheem Knott is a New York drill rapper making big rounds in the music scene. The Bronx rapper kicked off his music career not long ago in 2021.

It doesn't come as a surprise for him to amass 1.39 million monthly listeners on Spotify considering his notability among the huge names in the rap game.

With a diverse discography full of hits, Sha Gz is definitely making it big in the industry as one of the notable Bronx rappers one ought to look out for.

His 2022-released single, New Opp, is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 44 million streams to date. Some of his famous songs are:

  • Poppa Perry
  • Better Off Dead
  • Evil Twins Shot
  • The Purge 2, and more

10. Lil Maceee

The young white rapper Lil Maceee born Aidan James Lehan is widely known for his track Promethazine. The 16-year-old boasts 109,914 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Promethazine, his most successful song directed by Cole Bennet, released on his eponymous YouTube, has stockpiled over 466K views to this day.

Besides music, Maceee also got viral for posting videos where he would make nonsensical claims including he went to prison and shot eight people. Some of Maceee's songs include:

  • Did You Start
  • Unimpressed
  • Love Tuh Flex
  • Woman Beeter

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