15 Winter Songs Not About Christmas

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Winter Songs Not About Christmas are 1. A Long December 2. Winter Things and others. Winter can be used to reflect a wide range of emotions and themes.

Winter has been a compelling muse for artists, which is related to emotions, themes, and metaphors. Also, it represents the season of transformation and transition.

It is used as a canvas where artists paint their stories that portray cold and darkness to signify deeper feelings. It often resembles the idea of beginning and ending, hope and reflection.

Moreover, the artists present a sense of peace and silence that winter brings. The snowscapes, frozen lakes, and starry nights reflect the wonder and awe of nature in the lyrics.

Lastly, winter is crafted as a powerful metaphor in the songs to convey themes of change, beauty, relationship, nostalgia, and more. It does not always resonate with the holidays and Christmas.

Here is the list of songs which is not about Christmas below:

Winter Songs Not About Christmas

Name of songsArtists
A Long DecemberThe Counting Crows
Winter ThingsAriana Grande
Winter SongSara Bareilles
Wintertime LoveThe Doors
Dear WinterAJR
SnowflakeKate Bush
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez
New Year's DayTaylor Swift
Colder WeatherZac Brown Band
Sweater WeatherThe Neighborhood
Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!Frank Sinatra
ColdThe Oh Hellos
White Winter HymnalFleet Foxes
Northern AttitudeNoah Kahan
Winter WonderlandDean Martin

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1. A Long December by The Counting Crows

Artist Name: Counting Crows

Album: Recovering the Satellites

Released date: December 1996

A Long December by Counting Crows is a song about winter, not Christmas. The main idea of the song is to view the past but also hope for a bright future ahead.

The lyrics of the track are related to feelings of sadness and solitude at the time of winter when days are shorter and nights are longer. The title itself gives a hint of a particular month of the year with the hope of a fresh start.

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2. Winter Things by Ariana Grande

Artist Name: Ariana Grande

Album: Christmas & Chill

Released date: December 18, 2015

Winter Things is a fun winter song that describes the desire to feel winter things even though it's not cold outside. It is a musical ode to the magic of winter.

Despite being a track of a holiday-themed EP, the tune and lyrics ignore ties to Christmas. Instead, it leans toward an ideal choice for enjoying the entire season.

The lines like "frostbite kisses" and "snowflakes on your nose" encourage listeners to visualize their own winterscape.

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3. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles

Artist Name: Sara Bareilles

Album Name: The Hotel Cafe Presents: Winter Songs

Released date: October 14, 2008

Winter Song is a track that demonstrates the hardship of separation and craving for someone's presence. It reflects the deeper emotions associated with winter.

Unlike other cold-themed sounds, this song is not focused on holidays and Christmas rather it speaks about the challenges, pain, and hope that comes with waiting for a loved one to return.

Basically, the tune is a mixture of hope, pain, and sorrow.

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4. Wintertime Love by The Doors

Artist Name: The Doors

Album: Waiting for the Sun

Released date: July 3, 1968

Wintertime Love by The Doors is a song about love during a cold season. It is a romantic and wistful aspect of the season.

The lyrics present a wish for warmth and closeness during the chilling winter winds. The winter is used in a metaphorical way to highlight the cold world and the warmth found within love.

Overall, the track showcases a sense of longing, nostalgia, and comfort that explores a range of emotions at the time of winter.

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5. Dear Winter by AJR

Artist Name: AJR

Album: Neotheater

Released date: April 5, 2019

Dear Winter is an emotional song, as a letter to a future child named Winter. It depicts the theme of identity, love, and the complexities of parenthood.

Though it's not directly related to 'winter', it is a beautiful ballad from a dad to his daughter or simply dreaming of one in the winter season.

The overall writing of the track anticipates the hope, fear, and wishes of the narrator which is conveyed in a beautiful melody that evokes a deep sense of empathy and connection.

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6. Snowflake by Kate Bush

Artist Name: Kate Bush

Album: 50 Words for Snow

Released date: November 21, 2011

Snowflake is a song about snow that is presented in the form of beauty and fragility. It shows the outlook of the snowflake, the desire to be caught and seen.

The track conveys the message of being together in the future with the loved one. It explores the concept of connection, yearning, and the beauty of life that resembles 'a snowflake'.

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman? by Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez

Artist Name: Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez

Album: Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Deluxe Edition])

Released date: November 27, 2013

Do You Want to Build a Snowman is a winter song for kids from the animated movie 'Frozen'. It shows the strained relationship between the two sisters.

It presents a heartfelt plea from Anna to her big sister Elsa to reconnect and rebuild their relationship, inviting her to build a snowman with her.

The overall track is about the significance of family bonding, and the pain of disconnection and isolation.

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8. New Year's Day by Taylor Swift

Artist Name: Taylor Swift

Album: Reputation

Released date: November 10, 2017

New Year's Day is a love song about staying loyal in a relationship no matter what. It is aligned with the aftermath of a New Year's Eve party.

The scene is related to the stillness of winter mornings, when there is snow falling outside. Winter often indicates that people spend more time indoors, and the song generally highlights this point.

In the whole part of the track, the narrator speaks and expresses her desire to hold on to the memories they shared even in the tough times.

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9. Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band

Artist Name: Zac Brown Band

Album: You Get What You Give

Released date: December 20, 2010

Colder Weather is a popular winter song by Zac Brown Band. The track is the outlook of a truck driver who is far from his loved one due to distance and weather.

Lyrically, it is a melody that serves as an ode to the difficulties of relationships, underling the pain of separation and hope for the reunite.

The weather on the track is presented as the metaphorical obstacle which is the main reason for their separation.

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10. Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

Artist Name: The Neighbourhood

Album: I Love You (UK Edition)

Released date: March 28, 2012

Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood is a romantic ballad that gives major winter vibes. It is a song about falling in love and wanting to be with them.

The lyrics of the track depict a sense of comfort, strength, and security one can have during difficult times. It portrays the 'winter' as a season of love and being with them.

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11. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! by Frank Sinatra

Artist Name: Frank Sinatra

Album: Christmas Dreaming

Released date: July, 1945

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let It Snow! is a classic winter song by Frank Sinatra. It is a melody of joy and serenity of a winter snowfall.

Basically, it is a track that reflects showy weather as a 'delightful' way of embracing the snow with his loved one. Despite the cold weather outside, he is happy to be together, finding comfort and simply letting it snow.

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12. Cold by The Oh Hellos

Artist Name: The Oh Hellos

Album: Boreas

Released date: September 4, 2020

Cold by The Oh Hellos is a winter song that revolves around the concept of finding peace and comfort. The track is about embracing the winter.

Lyrically, it shows finding solace in snow which signifies the emotional detachment or escapism from difficulties of life. It might emphasize a desire for something vibrant and comfortable in the cold.

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13. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes

Artist Name: Fleet Foxes

Album: Fleet Foxes

Released date: June 2, 2008

White Winter Hymnal is a song that describes the beauty and innocence of childhood and is related to the vivid imagery of winter. It is a melodious winter tune.

It has shown the essence of the season uniquely. The protagonist has compared the white winter hymnal with his friend Michael which reflects on the joy of childhood.

Additionally, it demonstrates the concept of loss of innocence as one age and experiencing more about the world.

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14. Northern Attitude by Noah Kahan

Artist Name: Noah Kahan

Album: Stick Season

Released date: September 16, 2022

Northern Attitude by Noah Kahan is about the challenges that come in life. It is associated with the themes of resilience and self-discovery.

Although, the song doesn't refer to the 'winter' but is reflected sentimentally and metaphorically. Just like winter requires tolerance, the main motive of the track is to have strength in life through its hard situations.

It gives a reminder that it is okay to stumble and fall sometimes, as it is necessary to give grace and show compassion.

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15. Winter Wonderland by Dean Martin

Artist Name: Dean Martin

Album: A Winter Romance

Released date: October 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland by Dean Martin is a classic holiday song not about Christmas that captures the joy and romance of wither season.

Primarily, it expresses the experience of walking in a snowy wonderland and the emotions associated with it. the artist has converted the happiness of the winter season into a melodious form.

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