Why Is K-Pop So Popular Globally? 10 Reasons Why Kpop Craze Is More Than What You Think

BTS band members group picture photoshoot.
BTS band members group picture photoshoot. ( Source : youtube )

K-pop has become an internet sensation thanks to its massive popularity among its fans. The aficionado of the K-pop industry can relate to the ten reasons discussed in this article. 

The Korean music can set its foothold in the U.S... and West through its unique blend of pop music that is distinct from orthodox American Pop. 

The music originated in South Korea reflects Korean new generational culture and the composition of music, which reflects the genres of R&B, hip-hop, experimental, rock, jazz, dance, disco, and classical. 

K-pop stars have a solid fan base. They are often uplifted and beloved by their fans. The surge of their popularity came from their singles and music video. The K-pop artist's music videos became popular through the internet boom.  


Before the craze of BTS and Blackpink, there were dominant K-pop groups such as Big Bang, 2 NE1, EXO, Girls Generation, and Super Junior.

Similarly, the solo artist PSY had broken all records during his generation by releasing his song, "Gangnam Style." It was popular worldwide and achieved huge reception, which was an excellent achievement for K-pop. 

Here are ten facts about K-pop and why its music is so popular. 

1. Attractive Costumes And Expensive Production

Some individuals who have not shown interest in the rising wave of K-pop might think their music is an acquired taste. Indeed, their thinking might be somewhat true. 


However, with an open mind, those people shall be interested in the attractive costumes, expensive production, and energetic concerts that K-pop brings to the table to allure everyone. 

The artistic presentation in their music videos, interaction with various set elements, their platonic attitude towards their bandmates, and unapologetic dance moves are factors that entice the audience. 

That said, the music video production of K-pop looks like it is from a movie. With the marvelous set piece, elaborative use of available elements, and extensive focus on the interaction of their set environment. 

2. Story Narration In Music Videos

The majestic set pieces co-relates to the story's narration in K-pop. The narration of the story in music videos is often distinctive. The artist changed the theme from pop to western and sometimes to a cartoonish look while presenting their videos. 


Moreover, the shift in the story can be observed by the audience. It does not tend to be complex; thus, the story and design seem to resonate with the audience, which often acts as a catalyst for the fans of K-pop to further indulge in their music. 

Similarly, their narration is fun and humorous, which appeals to a broader range of audiences. Also, the story is depicted by the synergy of acting and dancing in the song with techno beats. 

3. Choreography And Charming Dance Moves

The choreography and dance moves are epic in Korean music. The K-pop artist is world famous for easily making complex and entertaining moves. 


Besides, the South Korean performer goes into rigorous training and hard work to achieve a perfect output that shall be released to the audience. 

It is said that all K-pop idols are professional dancers due to their strict training regime and creativity in choreography. The Korean artists are in a league of their own in terms of dancing. 

Their training regimen in dancing, singing, and presenting are pretty strict. Hence, their blood, sweat, and tears bring the world-class output of mind-blowing choreography and attractive dance moves. 

In best group dancers, artist such as BTS, Red Velvet, Twice, Seventeen, Astro, BlackPink, Monsta X, and TXT comes on top. 

4. Contrasting Personality Than West

The Korean artist and K-pop group have contrasting personalities to the artist West. They are more humble, sensitive, and relatable. 


Most Korean artists reach the top of K-pop through rigorous training from a young age. They often go through mental, physical, and psychological distress before reaching the top. 

Nonetheless, after reaching the epitome of their career, they remain humble, share their residence with their bandmates, and follow their training with similar discipline. 

Furthermore, the artist is in a constant state of learning. They improve their language, presentation, and skills; related to dance to reach new heights in their music career. 

5. Glamorous Fashion And Iconic Attire 

Their fashion is unique; men and females are rather timid, cute, and charming with their soft and sensitive looks, rather than rowdy, rambunctious, and self-centered projection.


In addition, the use of earnings, makeup, and lip balm makes them more distinctive than other music groups. The makeup products are used by male, female, and even solo artists. 

According to Kpopmap, Korean artists are trendsetters in terms of fashion. Earlier than BTS, the members of Big Bang were known for their style sense and couture. 

Also, dying of hair and wearing appealing clothing are part of their personality. Despite being massive stars, their synergy and ability to bring out the best from every group member is unique. 

6. Clever Use Of Melodies & Musical Composition 

Using various melodies, rhythms, and English phrases tends to work its magic for K-pop artists to bring out large numbers of hits from their music. 


Moreover, for a music enthusiast who has not listened to K-pop, their music might sound a bit redundant. Regardless, one can notice variations in pitch, rhythm, cadence, and beat that separate one music from another. 

It is often difficult for an international audience to understand the Korean language, but including phrases in English often tends to help them get the idea of the music. 

Additionally, the use of entertaining bass and beats with the change in flow in the music is another significant appeal to K-pop listeners.

People tend to be entertained by combining small phrases with Korean words and blending them with techno music. 

7. Fascinating Work Ethic And Talent 

Their work ethic is second to none. From an early age, they are trained by the labels and institutions before their debut. Their talent is sharpened by the hard work and motivation they put forward to their music. 


Hence, the extraordinary work ethic and there behind the scene effort in bringing out their musical product appeal to the audience to resonate with their effort and hard work.

The behind the scene struggle, injury, and effort echo with the audience and fans. People love their underdog and rags to riches story, which makes them more attached to the artist. 

To illustrate the example, the members of BTS, BlackPink, and other pop Korean artists have gone through similar hurdles. 

8. Use Of Dual Language In Their Music

Korean members use dual language in their music to appeal to the general mass and international audiences to resonate with K-pop music. All K-pop group members might not be fluent in English.


However, there is always an individual fluent in accent and English vocabulary to present the group on the world stage. 

Similarly, as the K-pop group grows, their language proficiency also develops by managing time between their performances, album production, and personal space by taking language lessons. 

9. Government Program Mandate 

The government of South Korea suffered from a trade deficit due to significant imports in the 90s. Thus, they planned for the country's export sector for K-pop to be the Korean wave. 


Since 2011 the country has been able to sell millions of records, concert performances, and merchandise to fans where they have a substantial surplus from the export of K-pop.

In 2019, K-pop's export was valued at 756.2 million the U.S.. dollar. However, after the pandemic, the surge has K-pop has risen. The experts estimate that the export value of K-pop has reached 10 billion dollars worldwide from 2021-2022. 

10. Aesthetics Of Korean Artists And Their Fans 

The beauty of Korean artists is their marketing ability. The Korean artist is marketed in every show in Korean. They are made immensely popular in Korea by various marketing strategies. 


After national recognition and building their fanbase of the army, the artists targeted Western and International audiences through their music. 

Similarly, Korean movies, drama, and food are equally popular worldwide. Thus, K-pop artists often participate in drama, shows, and contests to enhance their reception among the fans. 

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