Burning Man 2023 Location Lineup And Map

The Black Rock City is a temporary community that gathers for around a week to celebrate art and for self expression
The Black Rock City is a temporary community that gathers for around a week to celebrate art and for self expression( Source : instagram )

Where Is The Burning Man Festival? The Burning Man Festival is at Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert located in Nevada, USA.

The event takes place 120 miles north of Reno city of Nevada. Around 4000 acres of land in North America act as a temporary shelter for people from all around the world who attends the yearly festival.

The main purpose of Burning Man is to live in a world free from capitalism and consumerism, even for a few days. The world may run with money but once you get inside the festival, all you have is your inner resources to get through the day.

The participants have to find a way to express their true selves in whatever way possible, through music, art, dance, or building different structures.

The credit behind the creation of this engaging festival goes to Larry Harvey and Jerry James who accidentally started the tradition of lighting a wooden effigy in 1986 in San Francisco.

Later, in 1991, the event started to take place at the current location, Black Rock City. Since then, the festival guided by 10 major principles has only grown and flourished.

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Map To Burning Man

Map To Burning Man shows that from the nearest airport, it takes 2 hours 16 minutes to reach Black Rock City by driving in your car through the NV-447 N route.

From the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, one can ride to Black Rock City in 2 hour 16 minutes via NV-447 N
From the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, one can ride to Black Rock City in 2 hour 16 minutes via NV-447 N( Source : google )

If you dare to walk to reach your destination, it might take 2 days. Cycling takes 10 hours. Direct transit and flights are not available per the google map.

Fortunately, there is a facility of BURNER EXPRESS AIR, a chartered flight service that runs to carry the festival-goers to Black Rock City from several locations in California and Nevada.

Under this service, Reno-Tahoe International Airport is listed, which is also the nearest public airport to the Burning Man event.

In addition, Burner Express Bus can be taken to get to the event. It will take 7 hours and 30 minutes to hit the destination.

To take this express bus, you must own a Burning Man ticket according to Rome2Rio. Lastly, the attendees are encouraged to make proper use of the aforementioned bus services and chartered flights to commute.

Burning Man 2023 Lineup

Burning Man 2023 Lineup is not available because the event organizers do not book any artists or entertainers beforehand. The festival is impromptu per SFGate.

The magical light show photgraphed by Charlotte B during the 2022 show
The magical light show photgraphed by Charlotte B during the 2022 show( Source : instagram )

Multiple programs, and events do take place during the week-long festival, but without fixing any lineup. Unlike most festivals, Burning Man operates without corporate sponsors and prearranged artists.

But this does not mean that there will be no musical acts and spectacular shows. The attendees themselves are responsible for collaborating and creating programs, be it music, art, or culture related.

The participants themselves are free to do whatever they want to express their artistic selves. In fact, they are the ones who actually help in making the event a success.

Since everyone can be a part of it, many celebrated artists, influencers, and renowned personalities can be spotted there.

Here are some of the past burners who graced the festival:

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Larry Page
  • Sergey Brin
  • Brewster Kahle
  • Brian Behlendorf

Meanwhile, it should be noted that there is no center stage, where all the participants, popularly called burners can accumulate.

Burning Man 2023 Schedule

Burning Man 2023 Schedule is set for 9 days from August 27 to September 4. The Man will be set on fire on Saturday night just before Labor Day is observed.

Here is the 2022 Black Rock City plan drafted by Terry Schoop
Here is the 2022 Black Rock City plan drafted by Terry Schoop( Source : instagram )

It is one of the few happenings that is prescheduled at the festival. Man, which is actually a gigantic wooden effigy is burned as one of the main highlights during the 9-day activity.

More than 60,000 burners are expected in the 2023 edition of the festival. We are just 44 days behind the start of this festival at the time of writing this article.

The Burning Man has been growing continuously as one of the major events in the world, where people from different walks of life participate enthusiastically.

Burning Man 2023 Dates

Burning Man 2023 Dates are set from the 27th to the 31st of August and the 1st to the 4th of September. It will last for 9 days.

Burning Man 2023 will start with the theme ANIMALIA
Burning Man 2023 will start with the theme ANIMALIA( Source : instagram )

The gates are likely to open at 11:58 am on the day of the event. As long as you have got the tickets, you can enter on the day of your choice and leave per your wish.

Since it is more like camping, there is no full schedule that consists of a list of happenings at a fixed time. Since a lot of things are happening at once, you will not be able to watch every performance.

Many people plan for around a week instead of enjoying the whole nine days in the desert. According to the experiences of various users on the internet, your first day may go by very fast by doing the camp infrastructure setup.

After that, you can look around for art displays that relate to you and ask to join the ones you like. You can even help people set up their art.

Looking at last year's event, it commenced on 28 August and concluded on 5 September. Like in past years, thousands of burners with thrill are expected to attend to discover their individuality whilst using their inner resources for survival.

Burning Man Tickets 2023

Burning Man Tickets 2023 range from $489 to an average of $7838 at Vivid Seats. The vehicles pass and parking tickets are also available around this price.

Since the event is an attraction among children and their parents as well kids below 12 can get free access given that their guardians have tickets.

On the 8th of February, the ticket sales cycle for Burning Man began and the registration started from the 1st of February. There is only 1 type of ticket for the event i.e. General Admission.

The cost of tickets may vary according to the dates on which you purchase them. Buying the tickets early may you a few dollars. It should be noted that Burners may not stay for the full event, but they have to pay for it anyway.

Also, there is strict checking for tickets. Everyone who is planning to get inside requires a valid ticket, as well as vehicle passes.

For those, who are planning to arrive at Black Rock City earlier than the gate opening time, an early arrival pass is a must.

Nevertheless, once you get inside, you do not require any money. The community at Burning Man is encouraged to exchange gifts, and provide services instead of using money.

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