What Happened To Singer Jungwon? ENHYPEN Band Member Sits Out Of "The Show" Performance

Jungwon modelling to promote their group ENHYPEN and their latest released album.
Jungwon modelling to promote their group ENHYPEN and their latest released album. ( Source : allkpop )

Jungwon is a famous singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer. The artist's label had released a statement stating that he would not be able to perform in "The Show" thus, fans are concerned about what is happening with Singer Jungwon?

Singer Jungwon is a selfless individual who is the leader of their boy group Enhypen. He is an inspirational and genuine friend who has supported his friends during their challenging and serene moments.

He has been a rock of the group during their various accolades. The fans in the group's journey were concerned about the artist's health.

What Happened To Singer Jungwon From ENHYPEN?

Singer Jungwon, the member of ENHYPEN and the leader, is resting from the event as he is not feeling well.

According to Pinkvilla, he visited the doctor on the morning of July 12. The doctor advised rest as he was not in his best condition, the media reported according to the statement of BELIFT LAB.

The artist is likely to rest before joining the group at later events. The issue of his health has not been disclosed. It is expected that the South Korean singer might face extreme fatigue due to constant promotion, sound Manifesto, where the group tried hard to improve their music.

BELIFT LAB is the record label under which the group is working; it is a billion-dollar profitable entertainment company responsible for managing the most prominent artist in South Korea.

They are an exclusive agency providing their services to various groups of artists all over the Korean nation. The agency also holds a worldwide audience to select its members. They are famous for managing K-pop idols.

Jungwon does not seem to face a significant threat to his health; he seems to require some rest of his body and mind; he needs to make time for himself by focusing on his other personal endeavors.

Jungwon, Leader Of ENHYPEN, Covered For Sunghoon When He Went For Surgery

The artist is exceptionally talented and will lead his group to new heights.

He is a responsible leader who substituted the obligations of his group member Sunghoon when he went to surgery for rhinitis.

His diligence and passion for his endeavors have helped him achieve his goal and overall wealth in his life.


Jungwon's ideal type of girlfriend is Irene from Red Velvet

Irene, known initially as Baw Joo-Hyun, is a talented singer from the Korean music group Red Velvet. According to the analysis by Channel Korea, the ideal type of Korean singer is someone with personality.

He is likely to be more fond of someone with feminine looks and a charming attitude. He is interested in someone modest and natural rather than superficial. Jungwon wants a girl to be loyal, honest, and compassionate in his relationship.

However, the Korean star has not disclosed his relationship status.

The 18-year-old seems to focus his energy and motivation on his professional avenues rather than his personal life.


Jungwon's Net Worth Is Over $2.5 Million

Jungwon's net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. His earnings are significantly from his album sales, performance, and concerts. The artist has comfortable finances, and the 18-year-old seems to be investing rather than spending on worldly things.

Jungwon's band Enhypen had achieved 1.1. million copies sales which are their first million sales, the group performed their sales in November 2021.

The group was formed through the show I-Land where 23 participants participated, and in the show's final episode, six members were selected: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki.

The group was quite popular right off the bat; the group's pre-album order surpassed 370,000 copies in three days.

On May 25, the group's song Border Carnival was listed at number 18 on US Billboard 200 chart. Enhypen has released two mini-albums; thus, they will likely achieve new inroads through their professional success.

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