10 Best Volleyball Cheers And Chants For The Team

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Volleyball is an intense sport played on a court by two teams of six players each. Cheers and Chants are to motivate them to keep up the energy and effort.

While getting the team motivated before the game is critical, it's important to keep up the cheers and chants throughout as it continues to boost the morale and power of the players.

You can get many longer chants before the game begins to pump everyone, but during the game, they should be short and to the point.

If you search for Basketball or Football Cheers or Chants, you will get hundreds if not thousands of ones to choose from.

Meanwhile, for Volleyball, they are a bit difficult to find. So, we have assembled the 10 Best Volleyball Cheers And Chants For The Team in this article.

Really, these cheers and chants have been the tradition to have a positive influence on the team's performances.

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1. ACE

ACE! is one of the very common volleyball cheers. It is used during games when the ball goes untouched by the other team during a serve.

The chant done by players on the court when their serve serves an untouchable ball:

  •  ACE! A – C – E, ACE!

The below-mentioned volleyball ace cheers is a short and straightforward chant but celebrates all the same.

  • We want another one

    Just like the other one

    A-C-E A-C-E


The next one while serving an Ace Cheer goes like this,

  • A - C - E ace, what what ace!

    Uno dos tres, ace ace ace!


    ACE ON 3,
    1, 2, 3!

    Ace Ace Baby


    ace ace in your face, awosh ah ah awosh

    ahhh tap that ace!

    Do an ace stomp then scream ace and twirl your hand in the air.

The chant for, after a good serve or ace:

  • we want another one

    just like the other one

    rewind (clap clap)

    replay (clap clap)

  • the ace one..a-c-e- baby ace...and with clapping...

The short and sweet volleyball chant with a crystal clear message right across to an opponent team:

  • Uno, dos, uno dos tres
    This next serve’s gonna be an ACE!

2. Spirit Call

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Spirit Call is a great chant showing the team how powerful they are.

The first one is for boosting a team's morale, check it out.

  • 3,6,9 our serves are fine

    bump it to me, set it to me one more time

    get low, get low, put yo knee pads on the flo.

    (everyone yells) YOU KNOW!

The next one is perfect volleyball chants for players if you want to tell another team that it is absolutely not in the hunt to win and it's your team that is going to win.

  1. Hey Hey

    You get out of our way

    Today is the day

    We will put you away!"


    We're Bad,

    We've got the game,

    We can't be had,

    We're the best,

    Our Teams too cool,

    We've got the Stuff,

    To rock your School!

    Go ________ GO!

  3. We've got the power to be #1, 

    Through the rain, the snow, and the very warm sun,

    We are the (name of team)and we know what's best

    From the North to the South, to the East to the West.

    Gooooo Paaanthers!

    (Crescendo)= Low to high to low again

It's really important for bringing teams and fans together creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. So another chant to bring teams together:

  • V*O*double L* E*Y*B*A*Double L Volleyball clap clap Wildcat Volleyball clap clap

    There was a little wildcat,

    sitting on a log,

    cheering for the other team,

    he had no sense at all.

    He fell into the water,

    and bumped his little head,

    when he came back up,

    this is what he said.

    He said GO GO GO

    Go you mighty wildcats

    Fight fight fight

    fight you mighty wildcats

    win win win

    win you mighty wildcats


    and do it again!

    You gotta fight to win

    clap clap clap clap...clap clap

    and if you don't you won't

    clap clap clap clap...clap clap!

3. Bump, Set, Spike!

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Bump, Set, Spike! is an excellent volleyball team cheers to motivate and remind the team to give it all that they've got so they can win.

  • (after a kill) bump, set, spike it, that's the way we like it!
    jump up and hit it, that's the way we get it, POINT!

    bump it, set it, spike it, thats the way we like it
    goooo (team name)!

    "Spike it to them!
    Spike it to them!

    You have to bump to set, you have to set to spike, you have to spike to win, Gooooo (your team name)!

    You gotta bump it, to set it, to spike it, to score,
    you gotta want it, to win it and we want it more!

The short one:

  • Bump, Set, Hit, Spike

    That's the way we like to fight!

4. Whoosh!

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Whoosh! is a funny cheer that you can use right after your team scores.

These cheerleading cheers and chants could be used after a spike or a serve when the ball is untouched by any of the other team's players.

  • Wooooosh (slide stepping in one direction) what was that?

    Woooooosh (slide stepping on the floor in the opposite direction) you hear that?

    Never worry, never fear

    That’s just (server’s name)’s ball flying past your ear!

5. Hotter than Hot

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Hotter than Hot is the next funny cheer that gets the team feeling HOT.

These cheers for volleyball remind the team that they are prepared and capable of beating the other team.

You can use this cheer to boost the spirits of the entire team right before the game.

  1. We’ve got a team that’s hotter than hot!

    How hot is hot?

    Let me show you what we’ve got!

    Bumping, setting, and spiking too,

    So hit the ball like we know you can do!

  2. were fired up were sizzlein

    were tunin up the heat

    cause when it comes to volley_ball

    we can't be beat!!!!

  3. mirror, mirror on the wall

    whos the fairest of them all?!

    pretty girls don't play ball

    so lets get UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

6. Our Space

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Furthermore, Our Space is a great chant for the players on the court right before the game starts. This reminds the other team that you're powerful.

Also, the opponent team should be scared to get up close with a set or spike because you will spike it right back at them.

This one is among the short volleyball cheers:

  • Don’t try to get all in our space

    Cause we’ll slam that ball back in your face

7. On Fire

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You can use On Fire, a hilarious cheer right after a volley spike, or serve in which your team scores.

Just put in the names and your team will be able to celebrate the point team just earned,

  • Look over here!

    Look over there!

    I see smoke everywhere!

    She’s burning up the court

    Oh, wait! It’s [name].

    WEEO WEEO ( firetruck noise)

8. Duck and Hide

A volleyball player can relate to what serving feels like. If you're among them, it's really a stressful moment for a player.

Use the chant, Duck and Hide to make the team server more confident and calm during the game.

  • You better duck

    You better hide

    Cause (server’s name) is serving to your side

The next one is while a player is serving. Although cliched but really effective,

  • O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice)

    Serve it, serve it

    Go (girl’s name that’s serving)!

9. Whoopee

Whoopee is a chant meant for the team players to sing to intimidate the other team.

Overall focusing on the fact that they will win and do their best to keep their spot as number one, the team players gain the confidence within them before starting the game.

  • Y-E-L-L

    Everybody YELL YELL

    (team name) (team name)

    Go (team name)!

    Hey Hey

    You get out of our way

    Today is the day

    We will put you away!

    We’re number one

    Can’t be number 2

    And we’re going to beat

    The whoopee out of you!

10. Shank That Ball

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While the other team hits the ball and it goes in a crazy direction, Shank That Ball is the perfect cheer to use at that time.

  • To the window,

    To the wall!

    We saw you

    Shank that ball.

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