Most Streamed TikTok Viral Songs On Spotify

The mainstream social platform TikTok has become an important part of the music marketing that helps in reaching target audience.
The mainstream social platform TikTok has become an important part of the music marketing that helps in reaching target audience. ( Source : facebook )

These are some Viral songs on Tiktok 2023: Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, Flowers by Miley Cyrus, Here With Me by d4dd, and more.

This social media app has become an integral part of the music marketing scene. Music artists make use of it to promote their music and grow their genuine fanbase.

In fact, TikTok has proliferated the audience reach for the new song and has resurfaced the previously released song on several charts, all thanks to different TikTok trends and challenges.

There is no telling what sort of track will go viral on the platform. Be it classic tracks from ages past to songs in different languages, the platform has a history of making the most random songs viral.

The TikTok viral songs mentioned below in the article boast a colossal number of streams and views on several social media platforms so far.

Viral Songs On Tiktok 2023

Songs Name:Artist Names:
UnholySam Samith and Kim Petras
FlowersMiley Cyrus
Here With Med4vd
Boy's a Liar Pt. 2PinkPantheress and Ice Spice
Die For YouThe Weeknd and Ariana Grande
PlayersCoi Leray
CollideJustine Skye ft. Tyga
DaylightDavid Kushner
MoonlightKali Uchis
Wish you the bestLewis Capaldi

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1. Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras

Spotify Streams:1,122,043,896
Released On:September 22, 2022

Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras is one of the most trending songs on Tiktok in 2023. This track boasts Spotify streams of over 1 billion.

The notability of the track surged on the web after thousands of users started creating dance and transformation videos on the mainstream social lip synchronizing application.

Especially the hook on the chorus is one of the most popular snippets of the song. Smith sings the chorus which goes like this:

Mummy don't know Daddy's getting hot
At the Body Shop
Doin' something unholy

The hit track, released as the second single in Smith's fourth album titled Gloria, debuted on various music charts including UK Singles Chart, and more.

Correspondingly, it peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts too. Not to forget, Unholy bagged the Grammy Awards for the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

2. Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Spotify Streams:1,078,185,600
Released On:January 12, 2023

Flowers by Miley Cyrus is definitely one of the trending songs on Tiktok right now. This 2023 released song has over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

The song went viral surrounding its connections to Bruno Mars's song When I Was Your Man.

I can buy myself flowers
Write my name in the sand
Talk to myself for hours
Say things you don't understand

The most viral part of the song mentioned above also serves as a self-confident anthem. The singer states that she is a boss lady who needs no man to validate her.

Issued via Columbia Records, the lead single from Miley's eighth album Endless Summer Vacation, broke the record as the most streamed song in a week on Spotify.

The 4x Platinum certified ARIA song made the shipment of 280,000 sales. The accompanying music video of the song has cumulated colossal views, currently 442 million on YouTube.

3. Here With You by d4vd

Spotify Streams:518,400,948
Released On:July 17, 2022

Here With You by d4vd is undoubtedly one of the most viral TikTok songs in 2023. Thousands of users have made content on this sound on TikTok.

This 2022-released song talks about the person who is so in love with another person and would go to any extent to be with that person.

The most famous snippet of the song below speaks volumes about the unconditional love the protagonist has for their significant other.

And if it's right
I don't care how long it takes
As long as I'm with you
I've got a smile on my face
Save your tears, it'll be okay
All I know is you're here with me
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

One can easily access several TikTok trends made on this song especially the ones surrounding the relationship. Here With You has been streamed over 518 million times on Spotify to this day.

4. Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice

Spotify Streams:443,687,223
Released On:November 30, 2022

Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice is one of the trending sounds on Tiktok right now. It was released on February 3, 2023.

This remix global hit song issued via Parlophone Records, Elektra Records, and 3EE peaked on the US Billboard Global 200 at number three.

Unlike the previously mentioned songs, the entire part of this Platinum-certified ARIA track including its first verse, chorus, and the rap verse of Ice Spice have different TikTok trends.

One of the most notable snippets of the song mentioned underneath is sung by the British singer Vicky Beverly Walker aka Pinkpantheress which goes like this:

The-the boy's a liar, the boy's a liar
He doesn't see ya, you're not looking at me, boy
The boy's a liar, the boy's a liar
He doesn't see ya, you're not looking at me, boy

5. Die For You by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande

Spotify Streams:376,079,166
Released On:February 24, 2023

Die For You by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande talks about the unwavering love between two people despite the relationship going through a rough phase.

The remix was dropped with an accompanying lyric video on February 24, 2023, on YouTube. It made the history of the largest opening day streams for a remix with 8.9 million streams on Spotify. 

Initially released in September 2017, this track experienced a resurgence in notability due to TikTok. The new version peaked on the Hot 100 chart on March 11, 2023.

Die For You isn't the first but the fourth collab between the two artists. They previously worked together on the Love Me Harder, Off the Table, Save Your Tears remix.

The pre-chorus and chorus of the song are the most famous parts of the entire song. The chorus sung by both singers goes like this:

Even though we'rе goin' through it (Ah)
And it makes you feel alone
Just know that I would die for you

6. Players by Coi Leray

Spotify Streams:266,115,162
Released On:November 30, 2022

Coi Leray's Players undoubtedly makes the cut to the list of notable songs on TikTok. The catchy lyrics of the song revolve around female power.

The RMNZ Platinum-certified song reached number 4 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, number 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100, number 1 on the US Rhythmic, and more.

Players straightforwardly state that women aren't inferior to men and can be players in life like them be it financially or romantically. The refrain of the song below is the most famous snippet of the entire song.

Yeah, 'bout to catch another flight
Yeah, the apple bottom make him wanna bite
Yeah, I just wanna have a good night

7. Collide by Justine Skye ft Tyga

Spotify Streams:222,630,886
Released On:August 25, 2014

One of the viral TikTok songs right now is Collide by Justine Skye ft Tyga. The track featuring rapper Tyga was dropped on August 25, 2014.

Collide was released as a single by Justine Skye back on August 25, 2014. It wasn't a global hit until the song went viral on TikTok which prompted the proliferation of streams on several music platforms.

With the increase in streams, the song resurfaced on several charts including number 126 on the Global 200, and more. Previously, it peaked on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay at #38.

Thousands of users have been making recordings mainly a dance challenge to this sound especially the snippet of the song mentioned below:

We can go all the time
We can move fast, then rewind
When you put your body on mine
And collide, collide

8. Daylight by David Kushner

Spotify Streams:163,319,163
Released On:April 14, 2023

David Kushner released Daylight as the second single of his debut album on April 14, 2023. This track is a powerful exploration of inner battles.

The 3-minute 32-second song debuted on the Spotify Global chart at number six with recorded streams of 4,473,193. The most famous snippet of the song is its chorus which goes like this:

Oh, I love it and I hate it at the same time
You and I drink the poison from the same vine
Oh, I love it and I hate it at the same time
Hidin' all of our sins from the daylight
From the daylight, runnin' from the daylight

This track made records as Kushner's first top ten single which debuted on the UK Singles Chart at number three and eventually peaked at #2.

9. Moonlight by Kali Uchis

Spotify Streams:130,623,743
Released On:November 20, 2022

Moonlight is the second single from Kali Uchis' third studio album titled Red Moon in Venus. It was dropped on November 20, 2022.

The chorus of the song which also includes a line in Spanish is the most famous part that made this song resurface on the charts and on streaming platforms.

I just wanna get high with my lover
Veo una muñeca cuando miro en el espejo
Kiss, kiss, looking dolly, I think I may go out tonight
I just wanna ride, get high in the moonlight
I just wanna get high with my lover

The accompanying music video for the song was dropped on April 20, 2023. Thus far, the official MV has cumulated over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

10. Wish You The Best by Lewis Capaldi

Spotify Streams:41,489,544
Released On:April 13, 2023

Wish You The Best by Lewis Capaldi is the third single from his second album titled Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent.

The 2023 Capaldi song made significant rounds on the web including debuting on the UK Singles chart at number one, making it Capaldi's third single from his album to pinnacle on the top.

Wish You the Best's official music video is based on Greyfriars Bobby, a dog that visited the grave of his owner for 14 years following the owner's death.

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