U2 Band Members Names And Ages

U2 Band Members Names And Ages
U2 Band Members Names And Ages( Source : facebook )

U2 Band Members Names are 1. Bono 2. Adam Clayton 3. The Edge and others. They were formed in 1976 and are originally noted for their post-punk appeal.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, the four-piece rock band gained prominence with their third studio album "War (1983)" and singles "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Pride (In the Name of Love)". They have established themselves as a politically and socially conscious group.

As the longest-running band with its original members band has maintained its anthemic quality with Bono's emotive vocals and the Edge's effects-based guitar sound, throughout their career.

Popular for their live gigs, the members have staged many tours in the course of their journey. Known as the best-selling rock band of all time, the group has sold over 159-170 million records worldwide.

A twenty-two Grammy Awards holder has been enlisted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. They have maintained the group's legacy as a rock music icon and musical pioneer.

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Who Are The Members of U2?

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The members of U2 are 1. Bono 2. Adam Clayton 3. The Edge 4. Larry Mullen Jr. They are the 70s Irish rock band popular in America.

The names of the band's original members with their roles in the group are:

  • Bono - lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Adam Clayton - bass guitar
  • The Edge - lead guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals
  • Larry Mullen Jr. - drums and percussion
  • Dik Evans - guitar
  • Ivan McCormick - guitar

The band was established in the mid-70s, with its six original members. During their teenage, Mullen posted a notice on their school's announcement board, to create a rock band.

After the formation of the group with five other bandmates, they all used to practice in Mullen's kitchen where they barely had any musical ideas.

McCormick was dropped by the group after a few weeks of their origination, and the remaining five settled with the title "Feedback", as it was the only musical term they knew. They were highly influenced by bands such as the Strangers, the Jam, The Clash, and others.

The group of five initially started their musical journey by performing at the local venues in Dublin. Their passion for music led them to gain recognition.

The release of their debut album "Boy (1980)" helped them to establish themselves in the rock music scene. Their fifth album "The Joshua Tree (1987)", one of their best-selling albums, gained them international fame.

Throughout their career, they have achieved many accolades including twenty-two Grammy Awards. According to Rolling Stone, they are the 22nd greatest artists of all time.

U2 Band Members Real Names

U2 Band Members Real Names are mentioned as below:

  • Bono - Paul David Hewson
  • The Edge - David Howell Evans
  • Dik Evans - Richard G. Evans

Whereas Clayton and Mullen are popularly recognized by their real names. They have been active for nearly fifty years since its formation.

1. Bono

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Born Paul David Hewson, Bono is noted for his vocals and songwriting. He serves as the frontman of the band U2.

His expressive vocals and impressive lyrics are one of the reasons for the group's success. The artist put social and political theme lines in their songs.

Outside of the band, Bono has also worked with numerous artists including Roy Orbison, Tina Turner, and Martin the Dark.

2. The Edge

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The Edge is a stage name for David Howell Evans who is known for his understated style of playing guitar. He acts as the lead guitarist for the band.

He with his brother Dik joined the punk rock group and eventually became successful as a member of U2.

The 62-year-old artist has experimented with various guitar riffs over the years. And introduced his own music style with influences from several genres of music such as American roots music, industrial music, and alternative rock.

3. Adam Clayton

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Adam Clayton is an Irish musician who has been a member of the group since its inception. He performs as a bassist for the band.

His bass-playing techniques are known for it's 'harmonic syncopation' that gives driving rhythms to the music. The artist has also done solo works in his music career.

4. Larry Mullen Jr.

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Larry Mullen Jr. is best known as the drummer for the U2 band. He is a co-founder of the group and has been a member since the beginning.

His distinctive drumming style has helped to place the team as a best-selling group. He has also been ranked by Rolling Stone as the 96th greatest drummer of all time.

5. Dik Evans

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Dik Evans, formally known as Richard G. Evans is a musician who was the co-founder of the band. He left the group after one year of its emergence.

He is the older brother of the Edge who was also older than other band members due to which he started feeling out of place and in the end left the group in 1977.

How Old Are U2 Members?

U2 Members Ages are 1. Larry Mullen Jr. (age 61) 2. Bono (age 63) 3. The Edge (age 62) and others. They are regarded as the 22nd highest-selling music artist.

NameBirth dates and Ages
Larry Mullen Jr.31 October 1961 (age 61)
Bono10 May 1960 (age 63)
Adam Clayton13 March 1960 (age 63)
The Edge8 August 1961 (age 62)

Almost active for fifty years, the band members represent the remarkable longevity of the band in the music industry. These musicians have been creating music together for many years.

This lengthy partnership between the group has allowed them to make timeless songs and albums that help them form a certain fanbase across the generations.

Altogether, they have launched fifteen studio albums and have sold over 170 million records all over the world. The eight of their albums have peaked at #1 in the US and gathered 52 million certifications by RIAA.

U2 Name Meaning

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U2 Name Meaning has several possible interpretations by band members. However, they have cemented their title as one of the best rock bands in history.

Before settling their name as 'U2', the group used to perform under the moniker 'Feedback', as it was the only musical term they knew at that time, and later they became 'The Hype' in 1977.

In an interview with BBC, Bono and the Edge disclosed that one of their friends gave them a list of potential names and they chose 'U2' randomly. But the frontman of the band stated that it reminded him of a 'futuristic' picture of the spy plane and the 'U-boat'.

Also, one common reason for the moniker is the phrase 'You too' or 'You Two' which shows the unity between the band and its members.

U2 Band Members Net Worth

U2 Band Members Net Worth is mentioned in the table below:

NameNet Worth
Bono$700 million
The Edge$400 million
Adams Clayton$400 million
Larry Mullen Jr.$300 million

The U2 is considered the most innovative, popular, and acclaimed rock band of all time. They are the best-selling rock group with an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion.

Their financial success is beyond their individual net worth. The ensembles are one of the highest-grossing artists who grossed $1.67 billion in ticket sales during 1990-2016.

Ranking second only to Rolling Stone, they were the only artists to surpass $1 billion in revenue during the 2010s.

Additionally, U2 has made a huge impact on the musical industry and is widely known all over the world. Their remarkable journey in the field of rock music and their financial success make them an influential band.

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