Most Trending Hip Hop Songs On Tik Tok 2023

TikTok popular searches in 2023 also includes popular songs in TikTok
TikTok popular searches in 2023 also includes popular songs in TikTok( Source : instagram )

Trending Hip Hop Songs 2023 include tracks like 1. Just Wanna Rock 2. Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta 3. To The Moon and many more.

TikTok has become a good opportunity for artists to promote new tracks and gain the attention of the mainstream. Many artists like Paris Paloma, EMELINE, and even Charlie Puth have applied such formulae to great success.

For example, Paris Paloma's too much labor TikTok song instantly gained a million views over a period of a week since its release. Paloma teased the track in Tiktok which built anticipation for fans for its release.

TikTok has become an appealing social media for both audiences and artists to promote their new albums, singles, and songs.

Most Trending Hip Hop Songs in Tiktok 2023

Song Name:Artist Name:
Just Wanna RockLil Uzi Vert
Rocking a Cardigan in AtlantaLil Shortie Scott
To The MoonJNR Choi, Sam Tompkins
Billie EilishArmani White
PolandLil Yachty
Off The LeashYVNGXChris
All Eye On Me (Remix)2Pac
Boy's a liar pt. 2PinkPantheress, Ice Spice
Do It AgainNLE Choppa
Area CodesKali

1. Just Wanna Rock by Lil Uzi Vert


Kevin Hart Dancing To I Just Wanna Rock 😂

♬ Right Foot Creep - YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Just Wanna Rock is chief among Hip Hop Tiktok songs that have gained massive popularity at present. The song is from the rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Kevin Hart and other artists like DC Rock have danced to Uzi's songs.

The short verse and upbeat tempo have become one of the best hip-hop Summer playlists. The video for the song was shot in New York and also features Youtuber Kai Cenat.

Uzi's track is produced by Atlantic Records and Generation Now. The record for Vert's mixtape "The Pink Tape" was released in 2022.

The Philly-born rapper is one of the most versatile and prolific rappers of the new generation. The brief information about the track is as follows:

  • Artist: Lil Uzi Vert
  • Spotify Streams: 350 million
  • Youtube Views: 87 million
  • Release Year: 2022

2. Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta by Lil Shordie Scott

Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta is a popular song from Tiktok by Lil Shordie Scott. It gained mass popularity through the social media app.

People were using the song for their background shorts and music shorts in Tiktok, it has been covered by athletes, singers, and performers, and added to comedy skits in TikTok.

In addition, the song has catapulted Lil Shortie to stardom. To capitalize on his fame, the artist has also released songs like College Girl and Twintro.

The singer's unique and high-pitched countertenor sound has gravitated music enthusiasts and hip-hop fanatics towards other works of the singer.

Brief info about the song goes like this:

  • Rapper's name: Lil Shordie Scott
  • Youtube views: 3.6 million
  • Spotify Streams: 20 million 
  • Release Date: 2022

3. To The Moon by JNR Choi And Sam Tompkins

To the Moon by JNR Choi and Sam Tomkins is a popular Tik Tok song right now. The song was sampled after Burno Mars's song of the same title.

Burno Mars' song was released from his 2010 album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" The album received five nominations in the 54th Grammy Awards.

Similarly, many dancers and artists have created challenges or shown their performances by using the track as their musical background.

Here are the brief data about the song's performance on the streaming platform:

  • Artists: JNR Choi and Sam Tomkins
  • Spotify Streams: 7.1 million
  • Youtube Streams: 27 million
  • Release Date: 14th March 2022

4. Billie Eilish by Armani White

@chrisjohnflora Replying to @Kareem lasheen Yes, yes I have 🦅 Transition: Me 💁🏻 #slowmo #sliding #hairstyles #fyp ♬ BILLIE EILISH. - Armani White

Billie Eilish by Armani White is a popular rap song right now. It promptly attracted TikTokers due to its amazing drop beat and clean rap.

The song was used as a transformation skit by many social media artists. It was used in the background by users to portray the transformation of their attitude, fashion, and location.

Moreover, it quickly amassed popularity due to the viral nature of the song with the title of famous pop star "Billie Eilish." Also, the singer of the song reacted to the track in TikTok as well.

People created multiple dance videos, comedy skits, and profile music by utilizing the track.

Here is a brief information about its streaming success:

  • Artist name: Armani White
  • Youtube views: 43 million
  • Spotify streams: 250 million
  • Release date: 23 May 2022

5. Poland by Lil Yachty

@chadio i took the wock to poland fr 🫡🫡🫥💯🔥 #chadio #yachty #lilyachty ♬ Poland - Lil Yachty

Poland is a popular song on Tiktok right now from Lil Yachty. It went viral on social media due to its mellow and light tone of music.

The song has a nostalgic sound and is only 1:30 seconds long. Most of these viral songs are shorter than the normal records.

Poland is a 2022 single. After its snippet was released on social media, it ended up receiving a lot of positive reception.

Instantly, the artist released the track to his fans which became a quick success in social media.

That said, the brief info about the song and its streaming numbers are as follows:

  • Artist name: Lil Yachty
  • Youtube Streams: 26.4 million
  • Spotify Streams: 103,924,127
  • Release Date: 12 October 2022

6. Off The Leash by Tana ft YVNGXChris


Passing the 2nd calculator trick for more generations😭💯

♬ babysantana yvngxchris get off the leash - yvngxchris

Off the Leash is a famous rap song on TikTok. The hip-hop track is used as a football highlights background by the users of social media.

The track is also used as a transformative background by the users in their skits, videos, and shorts. It quickly amassed popularity among the emerging TikTokers due to its strong bass and distinct rhythm.

Likewise, the music by the artist also catapulted YVNGXChris toward rap stardom. The American rapper have already amassed 10 million views when he only joined Youtube in 2017.

Hence, there is brief information about the artist and his track:

  • Artists Name: Tana, YVNGXChris, and Luisss
  • Youtube Streams: 6.4 million
  • Spotify Streams: 47 million
  • Release Date: 8 January 2022

7. All Eyez On Me by 2Pac

All Eyez on Me is a famous rap song by 2Pac. The famous TikTok song is a remix by hip-hop YouTubers like Gagster City and Black Sound.

Originally the song amassed around 91 million views. It has a slow jam beat which was most popular in the late 90s. The TikTok song on the other hand is a remix that is fast-paced with the use of a distinct beat.

Similarly, the gangsta remix song is used by Real Madrid football player Karim Benzema and UFC player Khabib as a sigma male figure with the track in its background.

Brief information about the song is as follows:

  • Artist name; 2Pac
  • Youtube Streams: 91 million
  • Spotify Streams: 455 million
  • Release Date: February 13, 1996

8. Boys a Liar Pt. 2 by PinkPantheress And Ice Spice

@phoebe.mulyana Addicted to this dance😍 SPEED UP VERSION❤️‍🔥 #boysaliar #dancechallenge #tutorial #fyp ♬ Boys a Liar Pt2 Sped Up - Kuya Magik

Boys a Liar Pt. 2 is among the Popular Tik Tok Songs 2023 by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice. The song was initially released by Pink in the UK.

The second part got quickly famous due to its cute vocal and inclusion of rap from the Bronx-drill rapper Ice Spice. The track promptly got fame after its release.

Fans have used AI to make a version sung by Kanye West as well. Similarly, Pink and Spice have posted multiple editions and performances of the song in festivals, tours, and concerts.

The brief information about the song goes like this:

  • Artists Name: Pinkpantheress and Ice Spice
  • Youtube views: 109 million
  • Spotify Streams: 380 million
  • Release Date: 4 Feb 2023

9. Do It Again by NLE Choppa

Do It Again is a famous song by NLE Choppa which is often found while scrolling through TikTok.

There is multiple dance compilation of the song. The beat of the song is quite similar to Lil Uzi Vert's "Just Wanna Rock." It has already amassed around 28.7 million views on social media.

It became famous due to the #doitagaintiktokchallenge. It promptly gained attention from multiple influencers and social media enthusiasts who posted videos to support the challenge.

Similarly, the song is from the NLE's 2023 album "Cottonwood 2." The brief info about the song is as follows:

  • Artist name: NLE Choppa
  • Youtube views: 30 million
  • Spotify Streams: 86 million
  • Release Date: 7 October 2022

10. Area Codes by Kali

Area Codes is a recently released TikTok fame song by Kali. The track is the latest single from the Los Angeles rapper.

The emerging West Coast rapper has gained positive notoriety from her fans in TikTok who helped her song go viral. The track has already gained 22.8 million views on Tiktok.

Kali's song is covered by multiple female users of TikTok. They have used the song for transformation skits, dance compilation videos, and makeup tutorials.

The brief info about the song goes like this:

  • Artist Name: Kali
  • Youtube Views: 1.5 million
  • Spotify Stream: 500k
  • Release Date: 6 April 2023

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