Tom Morello Has A Loving Family With Wife Denise And Children Roman And Rhoads Morello

Tom Morello resides with his wife and kids in Los Angeles
Tom Morello resides with his wife and kids in Los Angeles ( Source : instagram )

Tom Morello grew up in a family of three in Harlem, New York. Tom Morello has a mixed heritage thanks to his parents hailing from different parts of the world.

58-year-old Morello was born on May 30, 1964, in New York City, New York. He is best known to the world as a guitarist and musician, singer, and songwriter.

Tom has been a part of different musical groups and also a solo act but he gained his popularity and fame as the lead guitarist for the renowned band Rage Against the Machine.

Graduate of Harvard University, Morello started his musical career in 1979. Growing up a rock fan, Morello joined the now-defunct rock band Lock Up in the 80s. However, the band couldn't sustain.

Bandless, Tom formed a new group called Rage Against the Machine and the rest is history.

Tom Morello Wife Denise Luiso

Tom Morello met his wife Denise Luiso outside of a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. Denise has worked as a senior vice president at Paramount Pictures.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Luiso currently works as a self Music Supervisor as per her Linkedin profile, and has been doing so since October of 2019.

Tom Morello and Denise Luiso (R) first met in Los Angeles outside Mexican restaurant
Tom Morello and Denise Luiso (R) first met in Los Angeles outside Mexican restaurant( Source : twitter )

Prior to being a music supervisor, she also started to work at Morello Inc. and has been with the company for four years and 11 months. Joining in May 2018, her job description is yet to be decided since it's basically like her company.

Denise brings a lot of experience and expertise to Morello Inc. as she was the senior vice president of music at Paramount. Her stint and gained experience from the motion picture company also no doubt help her in her endeavor as a music supervisor.

A mother of two, Denise loves dancing, a passion she shares with her husband, Tom mentioned to the Rolling Stones

Tom Morello Children

Tom Morello and Denise Luiso are parents to two sons named Rhoads Morello and Roman Morello. They raise their kids in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Both of Tom's children are inspired by their dad and enjoy making music or just jamming out to Tom's classics. He tweeted via his official Twitter account on May 30, 2015, that he had to tell his kids to turn the music down in their room.

Rhoads Morello

Denise Luiso gave birth to her first child: son Rhoads Morello in 2007. Currently 16 years old, Rhoads was named after Tom's childhood hero Randy Rhoads.

In 2015, during an interview with, Tom stated that he was a huge fan of Randy Rhoads growing up and he even had posters of him up on his bedroom wall. It was the reason he named his son after him.

In an Instagram post on July 20, 2019, where Tom wished his late friend Chris Cornell on his birthday, he mentioned that his kids discovered Audioslave and were rocking out to their song Cochise.

Mid-song, Rhoads stopped and told his dad that it was a sad thing Chris Cornell is no more. Tom mentions he replied to his son saying that's true but encouraged him to continue rocking out and they did.

Roman Morello

Roman Morello is following his father's footsteps and is on his way to becoming an amazing musician in the future.

When the Youtube drum sensation Nandi Bushell collaborated with Tom and his youngest son, the three of them wrote a song together with significant input from Roman.

When Nandi posted on Instagram about her amazing experience in the States, she mentioned in the captions, "Jamming with legendary guitarist Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and his incredible son, Roman!" She also stated the fact that they had written a song together.

Roman Morello on the right wrote a song along with Nandi Bushell with the help of his dad
Roman Morello on the right wrote a song along with Nandi Bushell with the help of his dad( Source : instagram )

The song, The Children Will Rise Up! was released on October 2021. We can see Roman rocking hard with his guitar. It was Tom who taught his youngest son to play the guitar as they utilized the time off during the pandemic lockdown.

Tom taught Roman to play the first three notes to the legendary Stairway to Heaven. After the fact, Roman wanted to learn more from his dad and they did so.

Just like his elder sibling, Roman too was named after his dad's childhood hero, in this case, the former L.A. Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel.

Tom Morello Parents

Tom Morello parents Ngethe Njoroge and Mary Morello first met in Nairobi Kenya in August 1963. Both Ngethe and Mary took part in the Pro-democracy protest.

Mary used to live in Kenya during 1960–63, which helped Tom's parents meet. Their relationship developed in Kenya itself. Soon after, Mary was pregnant with their child and she returned to the States with Ngethe.

But after sixteen months after their son's birth, Ngethe denied claiming Tom as his son and returned to his native land Kenya.

Ngethe Njoroge Is A Former Diplomat

Tom Morello's dad Ngethe was the first Kenyan ambassador to the United Nations. He was born on November 10, 1928, in a Kikuyu family, a Bantu ethnic group native to Kenya.

Born to parents George Segeni Njoroge and Leah Magana, he comes from a powerful Kenyan family with a strong political and government background.

Tom Morello father was the first Kenyan ambassador to the UN
Tom Morello father was the first Kenyan ambassador to the UN( Source : twitter )

Ngethe's sister Jemimah is the first-ever female member of parliament in Kenya while his brother Njoroge Mungai was a former minister. Not only that, Tom's father's cousin Jomo Kenyatta was the very first elected president of Kenya.

Njoroge completed his education in the States. He did his undergraduate from Central State College and attended Boston University for his post-graduate.

The 94-year-old was a member of his cousin's government and held several important positions including secretaries and ministries. After the birth of his son, Tom, he denied to accept him as his own and moved back to Kenya, leaving his wife alone.

Upon his return to the African land, he remarried and has three more sons from his other marriage.

Mary Morello Used To Be An English Teacher

Tom Morello's mother Mary Morello who used to teach english recently celebrated her 99th birthday on October 1, 2022.

Mary was born on October 1, 1923, in Marseilles, Illinois. When her husband left her and their newborn child behind, she took Tom with her to Libertyville, Illinois, where she was a history teacher.

Mary recently celebrated her 99th birthday on October 2022
Mary recently celebrated her 99th birthday on October 2022( Source : instagram )

She has an Italian and Irish background and is an alumna of Loyola University in Chicago. Tom's mother is also well-known as an activist and is credited for founding the group called Parents for Rock and Rap in 1987, which preached and supported free speech in popular music.

For her efforts and contributions, Mary was also awarded the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award in 1996. She is very close with her son and Tom claims her to be "The Most Dangerous Grandma In America.”

Mary Morello raised Tom as a single mother after Ngethe abandoned them after the birth of their child
Mary Morello raised Tom as a single mother after Ngethe abandoned them after the birth of their child( Source : instagram )

Mary Morello is a huge reason behind the success of the son Tom and the position he's in today.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Tom Morello?

Tom is 59 years old. He was born on May 30, 1964.

Where Does Tom Morello Live?

Tom currently lives in Libertyville, Illinois. However, he was born in New York City.

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