Till Lindemann Family Life With Ex-Wife Anja And Children

Till Lindemann shared this picture from St. Petersburg
Till Lindemann shared this picture from St. Petersburg( Source : facebook )

Rammstein Lead Singer Till Lindemann has two children Nele Lindemann and Marie Louise. Till has daughters with former wife Anja Koseling and Marieke Lindeman.

Best known as the vocalist and lyricist of the German metal band Rammstein, Till was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1963.

He also works on his solo project Lindemann and is a published poet too – he has written three poetry books: Blade (2002), In Quiet Evening (2013) and 100 Sonnets (2020). He is considered one of the biggest rockstars in Germany and has a massive fan following outside the country too, especially in the US and Russia.

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Till Lindemann Former Wife

Anja Koseling and Till Lindemann
Anja Koseling and Till Lindemann( Source : youtube )

Till Lindemann former wife are Marieke Lindemann and Anja Koseling. Till hasn't married again but he has been in and out of relationships many times.

He was first married to Marieke with whom he had a daughter, and then got married to Anja Koseling. However, both marriages didn't last too long.

Anja Koseling

Till and his now ex-wife Anja were married in 1985. The couple separated in 1997. Anja was a schoolteacher.

After a scandal, the couple went their separate ways.

Till Lindemann Children

Till Lindemann has two children Nele Lindemann and Marie Louise. Nele and Marie were born to different mothers.

Nele Lindemann

Nele Lindemann
Nele Lindemann ( Source : karlsruhe )

Nele Lindemann was born in 1985, Leipzig, Germany to Till Lindemann and Marieke Lindemann.

The couple had separated after Nele was born and Till then had raised her as a single father. Like her father, she was also a lead singer in the dubstep band called "LindemannDubZ."

Nele, who studied theatre and literature at the FU, Berlin, has performed in Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and worked as an advisor to drama director Anna Bergmann. She has also directed a play called In the Gardens of Lysistrata Part 2.

Till stated that he has a grandson through Nele on an interview with RIA.RU.

Marie Louise

Marie with Till Lindemann
Marie with Till Lindemann( Source : pinterest )

Marie Louise was born in 1993 to Till and Anja Koseling. She is the half-sibling of Nele Lindemann.

In an interview with Kerrang, Till has said that learning from his father's absence, he tried hard to give his daughters as much time as possible in their upbringing.

When he was asked, if he was a good father, he answered "Definitely' despite his chaotic life as an artist when Nele and Marie were growing up.

Till Lindemann Sister Saskia Lindemann

Till with Saskia
Till with Saskia( Source : pinterest )

Till Lindemann Sister Saskia Lindemann was born in 1965, East Berlin, Germany. She was born to poet father Brigitte and journalist mother Werner Lindemann.

Alongside being the younger sister to Till Lindemann, she was a successful businesswoman, and acted as a CEO of a German Company. She also involved herself in charity and philanthropy but sadly, she died in 2017 due to cancer.

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