Who Is Singer Steve Russell And What Did He Say About B2K and Omarion?

Steven Russell Harts performing MJ's
Steven Russell Harts performing MJ's "Rock With YOu"( Source : mjworld )

Grammy Award-winning writer and producer Steven Russell Harts has been writing and producing hit songs for artists like Keith Sweat, Mario, B2K, Chris Brow, and many others for the past 25 years that he has worked in the music industry.

His success in his work and accomplishments are a direct result of the impact of one individual, who also served as his main source of inspiration for achieving what he does today. Michael Jackson is that person.

He previously covered Michael Jackson's "All I Do Is Think Of You" with TROOP, which they successfully charted to the top of the US R&B Billboard charts. Now, he has performed his solo rendition of "Rock With You."

Singer Steve Russell Is The Lead Singer Of Troop

As one of the lead vocalists in the multi-platinum R&B band TROOP in the late 1980s, Steve launched his professional singing career.

Rarely do you hear someone else using one of Michael's songs like a pro and completely wow you when it's not Michael! Now, it's not about making comparisons or arguing over whose version you prefer.

It's about appreciating a fantastic cover—the best rendition of any of Michael Jackson's songs I have ever heard—and a moving ode to the Legend.

I'm confident that Michael would have adored Steven's rendition of his song "Rock With You" just as much as he adored TROOP's rendition of "All I Do Is Think Of You."

His Involvement In The Fuss With B2K And Omarion

Omarion's Verzuz statement, in which he referred to his B2K teammates as his backup dancers, has not gone unnoticed by Raz-B and J-Boog.


After Omarion's taunting at Thursday night's R&B Verzuz, a mess has continued to develop. Following memes that criticized his performance, the artist's popularity grew, sparking a disagreement among his colleagues about whether he is still a group member, according to Raz-B.

After the Omarion vs. Mario Verzuz fight, additional members of B2K joined in the meme sharing and trolling, which is when the tension within the boy band began.

Some netizens revealed that Steve Russell wrote the song that we know by B2K called "Gots To Be." It's Troop original. 

He Was Born On November 21

Singer Steve Russell must be in his fifties. The singer celebrates his birthday every November 21. 

He got associated with Troop in 1987. On Chris Brown's platinum album, "Exclusive," Steven contributed three singles, including "Take You Down," "Help Me," and "Get At Cha."

Childhood friends Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, and Reggie Warren formed the group Troop, who signed with Atlantic Records soon after. In 1988, they released their self-titled first album's lead song, "Mamacita."

Steven is currently working on a cover of "Lady In My Life," one of Michael Jackson's more seductive songs, and I do not doubt that it will further solidify his reputation. When it becomes available, I'm also looking forward to sharing that.

His Net Worth is $1.5 Million In 2022

Steve Russell's estimated net worth is over $1.5 million, according to Famous Birthdays. His main income source is his acting career. The troop band first gained attention from record labels in the late 1980s after they took first place in a Puttin' on the Hits talent competition broadcast on television.


He continues to develop & produce music for other artists, including the recently reformed band TROOP and is attempting a comeback for himself.

His Achievements In His Career

Steven received a Grammy in 2009 for his work on Jennifer Hudson's song "INVISIBLE," He also co-wrote one of the year's biggest hits, "NO AIR," by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

Steven won a second Grammy for Chris Brown's "Fame" in 2012. Additionally, Steven has composed the music for several film soundtracks, including those for Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and all 62 songs from the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

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