10 Songs With The Word Without In The Title

These three tracks are great examples of music made about loss that use the word Without
These three tracks are great examples of music made about loss that use the word Without( Source : facebook )

10 Songs With The Word Without In The Title include 1. Without Me 2. With Or Without You 3. Without You. The word "without" is often used to signify loss.

Loss is one of the most prevalent topics when it comes to pop music. From the loss of love to friendships or any significant person, the subject looms large over the lyricism of every genre of music.

It is hard to make art out of pain, but more often than not pain is the impetus for great art, and even greater artifice.

From songs lamenting over it, ruminating over it, celebrating it, to even getting over it, the artists on this list have created a vast and varied cornucopia of beautiful music about the art of losing. These tracks are also spread out across genres for losing someone can be communicated through singing and rapping.

10 Songs With The Word Without In The Title

Song Name:Artist Name:
Without YouPerfume Genius
Without You I'm NothingPlacebo
A Year Without RainSelena Gomez & The Scene
Nothing Without YouThe Weeknd
Can't Leave Without It21 Savage
Won't Go Home Without YouMaroon 5
Without YouThe Kid LAROI
With Or Without YouU2
Without MeHalsey

10. Without You by Perfume Genius

Spotify Streams:5,716,106
Released on:May 15, 2020

Without You by Perfume Genius is first of our songs with without in the title. It is the third track from his album Set My Heart on Fire Immediately.

Despite the depressing connotations of the title, the song is actually about reconciliation rather than loss. According to an interview with Pitchfork, the singer stated that the song came about from a wonderful feeling he had looking at the mirror.

For the first time in a long time, he actually liked what he saw. As someone who has spent his whole life struggling with body dysmorphia, the sensation of total self-love was a euphoric one for the singer.

The title drop thus comes when the singer tells his reflection how long of a time they have spent "Without You." Ultimately, this song is about learning to finally love yourself after a long period of self-doubt, self-effacement, and a general sense of depression.

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9. Without You I'm Nothing by Placebo

Spotify Streams:12,118,466
Released on:August 16, 1999

Without You I'm Nothing by Placebo is a Rock song with out in the title. It is the fourth single off their eponymous sophomore album by the band.

The single version featured David Bowie. Often seen as one of the standard tracks by the English band, WYIN is a harrowing song that is quite the opposite of the previous entry.

While the Perfume Genius track was a metaphor that twisted the negative connotations of "without" this track is as sincere as it gets in relation to the title.

Meaning that the title is very literal as singer Brian Molko bemoans that without their lover, they very much do feel like they are nothing at all. In fact, they'd rather suffer with their partner than suffer alone.

Already a band known for self-effacing and lovelorn tracks musing about lost-love and abusive relationships, this song takes it up to 11 by very realistically describing an a toxic and co-dependent relationship.

8. Without by Sampha

Spotify Streams:15,407,563
Released on:July 29, 2013

Without by Sampha is the third track on his EP Dual. Dual is the famed R&B singer's second and last EP.

However, despite being a bonus track it has managed to accrue a fair amount of success and acclaim among the singer's fandom given that it has upwards of 15 million streams on Spotify. One listen to the track will make it apparent why it has enjoyed such adoration.

The track talks about an all too familiar feeling: being absolutely, unequivocally in love with someone but being too afraid to tell them or even outright refusing to because that will leave you feeling too vulnerable.

In a sense, this song is a conversation the singer is having with himself where he wants to move forward but can't, and in a way he is motivating himself to take that next step and to conquer his fears.

7. A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez & The Scene

Spotify Streams:90,158,877
Released on:September 7, 2010

A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez & The Scene is the second single from the eponymous album. It peaked at #35 on the Hot 100.

Most people know Selena Gomez for her acting on Disney Channel to now, and some know her for her solo music career too. In the early 2010s, she was part of a band called The Scene, and this song is one of their signature tracks.

Lyrically, the singer sings about how being without their partner feels like a year without rain, symbolizing the pain and emptiness that temporary loss feels like. It is a very stark metaphor that hit hard even further with the music video which had the band in a literal desert.

The song itself was written by popular songwriter Lindy Robbins and Toby Gad, the latter of whom also produced the song.

6. Nothing Without You by The Weeknd

Spotify Streams:163,761,572
Released on:November 25, 2016

Nothing Without You by The Weeknd is the 15th track on his album Starboy. The song is produced by Diplo, Ben Billions, Cirkut, and The Weeknd himself.

Unlike many of his signature songs, which revel in debauchery that stems from jumping from one woman and intimate encounter to another, this track instead finds the Canadian singer pining for a lover.

More so than that, the singer even seems to admit to himself that not only does he love her, but he wants to stay together with her and attempt to build something of a family. This person seems to matter a lot to the singer as he credits them for helping him with his fame.

In fact, there is a real-life counterpart for this song as the singer based it on his relationship on his then-girlfriend Bella Hadid, with whom he had recently split up with.

5. Can't Leave Without It by 21 Savage

Spotify Streams:199,717,526
Released on:December 21, 2018

Can't Leave Without It by 21 Savage is the 8th track off his album I Am > I Was. The song also features fellow Atlanta rappers Lil Baby and Gunna.

Produced by Wheezy and Cubeats, the song features sounds of the flute and dark piano keys which bounce off amazingly from the lyrical content of the song. The lyrics showcase each of the rappers talking about how they always keep a gun for protection.

In fact, the "it" in the song is the gun that all three artists can't leave for their own safety. The sort of music they make, Trap Music, is known for violence stemming from the systemic problems that many African Americans face, and this track showcases them well.

Despite not being a single, the song still managed to peak at #58 on the Hot 100, and as of the writing of this article has already been certified Platinum in the US.

4. Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5

Spotify Streams:252,641,198
Released on:November 19, 2007

Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5 is the third single off their sophomore album. The record's name was It Won't Be Soon Before Long.

The most arresting thing about this song at first glance is the fact that it's guitar lines are kind-of similar to Every Breath You Take by The Police. However, the lyrical content couldn't be more different as this track is about two people in an about-to-be-dissolved relationship.

Simply put, the narrator of the song is pleading with their soon-to-be ex-lover to not leave them and stay, but are ultimately doomed to fail. Though a hit amongst fans, many critics found the song's lyrics very manipulative and carefully crafted.

Nonetheless, the song managed to peak at #48 on the Hot 100, and as of June 2014 has sold over 1.647 million copies in the US alone.

3. Without You by The Kid LAROI

Spotify Streams:821,187,667
Released on:December 16, 2020

Without You by The Kid LAROI is a 2020 single released by the Australian artist. It is one of the breakout hits that put him on the map.

Though the song initially debuted at a modest #63 on the Hot 100, through both a viral trend on TikTok as well as a remix with the former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus a year after its initial release, the song would end up peaking at #23 in 2021.

As for its lyrical content, the song is pretty straightforward in its message. It is a lovelorn ballad but a modern edition that mixes LAROI's punkish yet rap-flavored vocals with a veritable Trap beat with pop flourishes.

Though some have found the lyrics a bit misogynistic and juvenile, since both the artist and his audience are teens, the general public have chosen to not make too big a deal about it.

2. With Or Without You by U2

Spotify Streams:836,170,070
Released on:March 16, 1987

With Or Without You by U2 is the lead single from their fifth album The Joshua Tree. It is one of their most successful singles.

The song would become their first #1 on the Hot 100 as well as in Canada, and for some, would begin the sheer domination the band would force in both regions for the rest of the 80s and 90s. It was also the start of the band veering away from its Post Punk roots to a more Mainstream Rock sound.

At its core, the song is a love song about the narrator telling their lover that no matter what happens they will wait for them. It is simultaneously a call to action as well as a declaration of despair.

The vague yet strong meaning of the song has made it a pop cultural icon. Though U2 would go on to have bigger songs, this was the one that started it all for them.

1. Without Me by Halsey

Spotify Streams:1,726,916,357
Released on:October 4, 2018

Without Me by Halsey is the lead single off her third album, Manic. The song was inspired by her relationship with rapper G-Eazy.

The two artists dated from August 2017 to October 2018, with their relationship ending due to G-Eazy's repeated infidelity. The songstress, who had already been working on the song as it's based on many of her past relationships, ended up using her split with the rapper as fuel to add to the publicity of this song.

The choice was a great one, as the song ended up peaking at #1 on the Hot 100, becoming her first song to do so. The track also ended up being nominated for the 2019 iHeartRadio, Billboard, and American Music Awards and ended up winning the last one.

Many still see the song as a crowning achievement in Halsey's discography for how well it displays her songwriting and vocal abilities.

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