A List Of 20 Songs With The Word So In The Title

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When it comes to songwriting, musicians carefully select titles that convey a special themes to both aid in marketing and summarize their song.

These choices are heavily influenced by the artist's genre, which can also affect how the song is received by the audience.

Regarding the use of "So" in the song titles, its meaning and significance can depend on the specific lyrics and motifs within the track and can vary widely from one piece to another.

Musically, the word "So" is often used to add an extra layer of depth and meaning to the title, helping to enhance the song's overall message or storytelling.

In this article, we have listed 20 Songs With The Word So In The Title coupled with their meaning and artists, to further amplify what they mean.

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1. Came So Far For Beauty by Leonard Cohen

Artist Name: Leonard Cohen

Album Name: Recent Songs

Released Date: 1979

First in our list of Songs With So In Name is Came So Far for Beauty. It is a song that reflects on the sacrifices made in the hunt for beauty.

The singer talks about the challenges and let-downs they've faced on the journey, from leaving behind their family to altering their approach and even resorting to force.

Key Lyrics:

I came so far for beautyI left so much behindMy patience and my family

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2. He’s So Fine by The Chiffons

Artist Name: The Chiffons

Album Name: He's So Fine

Released Date: 1963

He's So Fine is a classic track written by Ronnie Mack and popularized by The Chiffons.

The song expounds on a girl's infatuation with a handsome and seemingly shy young man. She longs to make him hers, affirming his charms with the repetitive phrase "He's so fine".

The lyrics flash the innocent and romantic themes of young love and the readiness to do anything to be with the one she admires.

Key Lyrics:

He's so fine(Do-lang-do-lang-do-lang)Wish he were mine(Do-lang-do-lang-do-lang)

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3. Hurt so Bad by Linda Ronstadt


Artist Name: Linda Ronstadt

Album Name: Mad Love

Released Date: 1980

Hurt So Bad is another song with So Word. The lyrics reveal deep inner pain and burning, with the singer badly hoping for a lost love to return

She begs her partner not to go back to someone else and is ready to do anything to reconcile. The song brings the great suffering of a breakup and the desire for a second chance at love.

Key Lyrics:

I know youDon't know what I'm going throughStanding here, looking at you

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4. I'm Just a Lucky So-And-So by Kenny Burrell

Artist Name: Kenny Burrell

Album Name: Weaver of Dreams

Released Date: 1961

Just A Lucky So and So is a jazz song which expresses satisfaction and gratitude for life's simple fulfilment.

The vocals recount receiving friendly greetings and the joy of nature. Despite financial limitations, the singer is encouraged by his dreams.

The song highlights that material wealth isn't the most crucial, and it toasts the merriment found in human relations, nature, and chasing one's dreams, making someone feel blessed even in the face of summons.

Key Lyrics:

I'm Just A Lucky So And So
When I walk down the street

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5. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. Song by The Clash

Artist Name: The Clash

Album Name: Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten (Movie)

Released Date: 1977

I'm So Bored with the U.S.A. is a punk rock song expressing sorrow and comment on various sides of the US in the late 1970s.

It studies the Vietnam War and drug trade, fight, the popularity of crime and agent shows in American media and a broad sense of apathy and disillusion with the country's culture.

Key Lyrics:

Yankee soldierHe want to shoot some skagHe met it in Cambodia, but nowHe can't afford a bag

The song brings its reprove with a somewhat ironic and resigned tone, reflecting the countercultural and liberal view of the time.

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6. I'm So Excited by The Pointer Sisters

Artist Name: The Pointers Sisters

Album Name: So Excited!

Released Date: 1982

I'm So Excited, another So In The Name Of Song, was released in 1982. It showcases the emotion and the hope of a romantic experience.

The lines convey an active desire for closeness and affinity with a love of care, and the repeated phrase "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it" imitates the intense bliss and anticipation.

Key Lyrics:

Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happenTonight we'll put all other things asideGive in this time and show me some affection

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7. I’m So Glad by Cream

Artist Name: Cream

Album Name: Fresh Cream (Deluxe)

Released Date: 1966

I'm So Glad is the next list of Songs With So In It by Fresh Cream. The lyrics express a feeling of joy, relief, and ease.

With the repetition of "I'm so glad" designating happiness, the song signifies overcoming confront and shifting to a more positive state.

The meaning can vary, as music permits listeners to elucidate it personally based on their experiences and emotions.

Key Lyrics:

I'm so gladI'm so gladI'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad

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8. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Drifting Cowboys and Hank Williams

Artist Name: Hank Williams

Album Name: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Released Date: 1949

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry is the finest country song which has So In The Name Of Song.

It's a gloomy and evocative song that vividly expels deep loneliness and sadness.

The line uses natural vision, like the lonesome whippoorwill and weeping robbin, to fetch the singer's profound isolation.

The chorus rolls with listeners due to its inner depth and universal themes of solitude and heartbreak, making it a timeless classic in the country music genre.

Key Lyrics:

Awful pretty songI think one of the prettiest things that I ever had the pleasure of comin' up withI'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry

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9. It’s So Hard by Big Pun and Donell Jones

Artist Name: Big Pun and Donell Jones

Album Name: Yeeeah Baby

Released Date: 2000

It's So Hard by Big Pun reflects common themes in hip-hop, including:

  • The challenges of street life
  • The pursuit of material success
  • Loyalty and trust issues
  • Rivalry and envy in the rap industry
  • Brag morale, and
  • Personal clashes that appear from fame

The song leads the tough urban status and the desire for success while featuring the complex and often harsh truth of life in the hip-hop world.

Key Lyrics:

You can catch me in the cherry red 150Got the Glizzy locked in the stizzyPop the clizzy, goin' 60 down the one-wizzy

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10. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

Artist Name: Joe Cocker

Album Name: I Can Stand a Little Rain

Released Date: 1974

Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful conveys deep love and acclaim for his beloved. The repeated phrase "You are so beautiful to me" shows intense fondness.

These melancholic tunes are covered by various artists and used in movies and TV shows to express themes of love and affection.

Key Lyrics

You are so beautifulTo meYou are so beautifulTo me

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11. You Make Me Feel so Young by Frank Sinatra (Remastered)

Artist Name: Frank Sinatra

Album Name: Songs for Swingin' Lovers!

Released Date: 1998

The timeless song You Make Me Feel So Young artfully expounds on the jovial and revived effects of love.

The singer celebrates feeling young, happy and playful in the presence of their beloved. The imagery is vivid and nostalgic, evoking a sense of purity and carefree abandon.

Lyrically, the song celebrates the enduring power of love to keep us feeling youthful and exuberant, even as we age.

Key Lyrics:

You make me feel so youngYou make me feel so Spring has sprungAnd every time I see you grin

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12. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To by Helen Merrill

Artist Name: Helen Merrill

Album Name: Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown and Gill Evans

Released Date: 1955

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To is an eternal jazz standard, renowned for its evocative and romantic lyrics.

The song exhibits a deep and heartfelt craving for a partner who can create a warm and welcoming home, where one can find refuge from the world's troubles.

Harmoniously, it paints a colorful picture of the ideal partner, who can make any season great, be it the bitter chill of winter or the sultry heat of an August night.

Key Lyrics:

You'd be so nice to come home toYou'd be so nice by the fireWhile the breeze on high sang a lullaby

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13. You've Made Me So Very Happy by Blood, Sweat & Tears

Artist Name: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Album Name: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Released Date: 1968

You've Made Me So Very Happy articulates an intense sentiment of gratitude and acclaim towards an individual who has truly impacted the vocalist's life.

The lyrics delve into love and appreciation, personal growth, loyalty and dedication to the beloved, and the unique bliss and satisfaction derived from their friendship.

Key Lyrics:

I lost at love beforeGot mad and closed the doorBut you said try just once more

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14. So What by Pink

Artist Name: Pink

Album Name: Funhouse

Released Date: 2008

Released in 2008 So What is a pop-rock masterpiece that exudes a rebellious and liberating spirit following the termination of a romantic liaison.

The verses manifest a robust sense of autonomy and indifference towards the former partner.

The song's energetic melody and the repetition of "So What?" reinforce the idea of resilience and an optimistic outlook in the face of breakup.

Key Lyrics:

I guess I just lost my husbandI don't know where he wentSo I'm gonna drink my money

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15. So What by Field Mob

Artist Name: Field Mob

Album Name: Light Poles and Pine Trees

Released Date: 2006

So What, is a powerful anthem that confronts and dispels negative stereotypes and rumors about its male and female lead.

The song sheds light on the baseless claim of abuse, immorality, and thuggery that are often propagated by others.

Soulfully, the song emphasizes the importance of resilience, self-confidence, and not allowing negative comments to define one's worth relationship.

Key Lyrics:

They say he do a little thisHe do a little thatHe always in trouble, and I heard

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16. So Close by Hall & Oates

Artist Name: Hall & Oates

Album Name: Change of Season

Released Date: 1990

So Close is a poignant song telling a tale of a romantic encounter rife with complex emotions and barriers within a relationship.

The chorus commences with a couple meeting for the first time on a high school gym dance floor, where the male singer falls head-over-heels in love.

The lyrics also express a yearning for youth, freedom and escape from the constraints of adult life.

Key Lyrics:

They met on the dance floor in the old high school gym
He fell like a rock, she kinda liked him
And his heart beat like thunder, as they moved 'cross the floor

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17. So Emotional by Whitney Houston

Artist Name: Whitney Houston

Album Name: Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Movie)

Released Date: 1987

So Emotional, delves into the theme of ardent and fervent love released in 1987.

The lines convey the singer's overpowering attraction and emotional attachment to someone.

The song encapsulates the intricate and intense emotions that arise from a passionate romantic relationship.

Key Lyrics:

I don't know why I like itI just do

I've been hearing your heartbeat inside of me

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18. So Long Baby by Del Shannon

Artist Name: Del Shannon

Album Name: Del Shannon

Released Date: 1962

So Long Baby is a song by Del Shannon, an American rock roll singer-songwriter.

The lyrics are about a relationship where both partners have been unfaithful to each other.

Despite being mocked and ridiculed by the other person, the singer declares that they don't care anymore because they have found a new lover.

Key Lyrics:

I see you're laughing and ahTelling everyone in townThat you've made a fool of me

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19. So Others May Live by Atreyu

Artist Name: Atreyu

Album Name: Long Live

Released Date: 2015

So Others May Live probes into the military, war, and social class divides in the context of bearing the consequences of armed conflicts.

The lyrics celebrate the valiant efforts of military personnel, with each military patch symbolizing a life or an individual, 's well-being given up for the protection and freedom of others.

In addition, the lines also censure politicians and terrorists for their actions and their impact on the vulnerable, particularly the young and the sick.

Key Lyrics:

Every stitch represents a soulA son, a daughter, someone you know

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20. So This Is Romance by Linx

Artist Name: Linx

Album Name: Go Ahead

Released Date: 1981

So This is Romance by Linx narrates the tale of a man who receives a note from his cousin, detailing the complexities of her romantic life.

The recurring phrase, "So This is romance", echoes a tone of sarcasm and irony, implying that love often falls short of the romantic ideals we hold.

Key Lyrics:

I got a note from my cousin the other day
He said his lady had gone on a holiday
He thought she'd be back in a week or so

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