Here are 20 Songs With Into In The Title

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Music is the sole medium of communication that unites the contradictory quality of being understandable and untranslatable which cuts across cultural barriers.

The creators of music are often compared to gods because the music itself is the greatest mystery known to man. It expresses the human experience in ways that words cannot narrate.

Here is a look at how the word "into" has been used to create songs with Into in the title.

The same music can resonate with different people on different levels, some may consider music with good memories while the same song can be traumatizing for a few.

It is the skill of arranging sound, ancient rhythms and melodies to modern genres like rock, classical, hip-hop, and more into melodic arrangements that evoke a variety of moods and feelings.

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1. Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

Artist Name: Van Morrison

Album Name: Moondance

Released Date: February 1970

If you're looking for songs with Into in it, Into the Mystic is a famous rock song that invokes feelings of mysticism and spirituality.

Love-seekers adore this song because of its beautiful lyrics and catchy folk-rock music, which evoke a strong connection to the natural world and the transcendent.

Key lyrics:

We were born before the windAlso, younger than the sun

The track never fails to evoke strong feelings in listeners providing a stirring and inspirational musical voyage into the uncharted and ethereal.

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2. Into the Groove by Madonna

Artist Name: Madonna

Album Name: Like a Virgin

Released Date: July 23, 1985

Another song with into in the title is Into the Groove by Madonna. It is one of the R&B / pop songs for the film named Desperately Seeking Susan.

The track perfectly captures the conveying of a love of performing and a carefree attitude through its lyrics and engaging melodies.

Key lyrics:

I'm tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight, I want to dance with someone else

It showcases her influence on pop culture and the club scene which is still quite popular and is still associated with the 1980s and Madonna's legendary music career.

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3. Into the Great Wide Open by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Artist Name: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Album Name: Into the Great Wide Open

Released Date: July 2, 1991

Into the Great Wide Open by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is distinguished by Tom Petty's distinctive raspy vocals and appealing tune.

The song is about the story of Eddie, a young singer who sets out to pursue his aspirations in the music business is told through the song's narrative format.

Key lyrics:

Eddie waited 'til he finished high schoolHe went to Hollywood, got a tattoo

The song Into the Great Wide Open became a hit and the music video which starred Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway increased its fame and significance in society.

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4. Into the Night by Benny Mardones

Artist Name: Benny Mardones

Album Name: Never Run, Never Hide

Released Date: June, 1980

Benny Mardones' melodic rock ballad Into the Night tells the tale of an older man's forbidden love for a younger woman well-known for its melodious lyrics.

After being reissued in 1989 the song gained popularity once more and became one of Mardones' signature songs.

Key lyrics:

She's just 16 years oldLeave her alone, they said

Into the Night is a classic and more frequently linked to themes of forbidden love and nostalgia in the song's storyline.

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5. Into the Ocean by Blue October

Artist Name: Blue October

Album Name: Foiled

Released Date: October 16, 2006

The singer considers self-destructive desires and an urge for escape within the song's mournful lyrics which evoke themes of despair and longing.

Into the Ocean struck a chord with a wide audience despite its gloomy overtones and it went on to become one of the band's most well-known songs.

Key lyrics:

I'm just a normal boyThat sank when I fell overboard

Blue October's ability to communicate complicated emotions through melodic accessible rock is demonstrated with the catchy melodies making it a noteworthy addition to their discography.

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6. Into the Fire by Bruce Springsteen

Artist Name: Bruce Springsteen

Album Name: 2016‐09‐11: Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Released Date: October 1, 2016

Into the Fire was written as an homage to the first responders and firefighters who bravely faced the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001.

If you're looking for songs with Into Words, this song expresses themes of bravery, selflessness, and resiliency in the face of adversity.

Key lyrics:

The sky was falling and streaked with bloodI heard you calling me, then you disappeared into the dust

The song's powerful rock backdrop perfectly conveys the general feeling of healing and togetherness that assaults showing exceptional fortitude in the midst of a terrible historical period.

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7. Into the Black by Neil Young

Artist Name: Neil Young

Album Name: Rust Never Sleeps

Released Date: August 27, 1979

Into the Black's famous line, It's better to burn out than to fade away gained especially notoriety when they were included in Kurt Cobain's final letter.

Key lyrics:

Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll can never die

The song reflects on the timeless appeal of rock music while presenting a contrast between youth and obsolescence which is still a classic rock hit and a staple of his legacy.

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8. Into the Light by In This Moment

Artist Name: In This Moment

Album Name: The Dream

Released Date: November 17, 2014

Into the Light is a touching tune that deals with a painful tribute to the dead honoring their lives and the prospect of reunion in paradise.

Key lyrics:

Can anybody tell me why
We're lying here on the floor

The music resonates with listeners who have suffered loss and suffering as a result of its emotional depth.

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9. Into the Wild by Lewis Watson

Artist Name: Lewis Watson

Album Name: Made In Chelsea - The Soundtrack (Volume 2)

Released Date: March 22, 2013

British songwriter Lewis Watson wrote the song Into the Wild that embodies a feeling of carefree youth, adventure, and independence.

The song is an emotional anthem for people looking to explore new places because it embraces the unknown and finds beauty in the journey.

Key lyrics:

Take my hand and let goI just want you to know

Watson's passionate vocals and the song's reflective lyrics convey the desire to accept life's uncertainties and escape the mundane.

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10. Into the Sun by Sons of the East

Artist Name: Sons of the East

Album Name: Already Gone

Released Date: October 8, 2015

The song having a word Into by Sons of the East is Into the Sun is an indie-folk with an upbeat, carefree melody capturing the band's distinctive style.

Key lyrics:

Stealing Glances at the pavementThe weight it comes too soon

The themes of the song include transformation, hope, and the desire to discover uncharted territory that connects with listeners as it displays the band's beautiful melodies.

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11. Into the Unknown by Idina Menzel

Artist Name: Idina Menzel, AURORA

Album Name: Frozen II (Soundtrack)

Released Date: November 4, 2019

A song from Disney's 2019 animated feature "Frozen II Into the Unknown is performed by Idina Menzel in the role of Elsa.

As Elsa sets out on a quest for self-discovery, the song instantly encapsulates her personality and inner conflict. The impact of the song is enhanced by her strong voice.

Key lyrics:

I can hear you, but I won'tSome look for trouble

With its ability to resonate with viewers of all ages and increase the film's cultural significance, Into the Unknown quickly established itself as an anthem for taking chances and exploring oneself.

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12. Into the West by Annie Lennox

Artist Name: Annie Lennox, Howard Shore

Album Name: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Soundtrack)

Released Date: November 2003

Annie Lennox delivers the mournful song Into the West for the epic fantasy feature The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Co-written by Lennox, Fran Walsh, and Howard Shore the song combines themes of leaving the unknown and closure mirroring the last scenes of the film.

Key lyrics:

Lay downYour sweet and weary head

A sad orchestral arrangement and Lennox's sorrowful vocals infuse the song with a sense of deep sadness and inspire thought and longing.

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13. Into You by Ariana Grande

Artist Name: Ariana Grande

Album Name: Dangerous Woman

Released Date: May 20, 2016

Ariana Grande's pop and dance-infused song Into You conveys her deep connection to and need for a loving partner in this song.

The song has a lively tempo and catchy chorus frequently connected to themes of intense love and a desire for a more meaningful connection.

Key lyrics:

I'm so into youI can barely breathe

The song later went on to become a chart-topper securing Ariana Grande's place as a pop phenomenon known for her captivating pop choruses and powerful voice.

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14. Into the Night by Santana featuring Chad Kroeger

Artist Name: Santana

Album Name: Ultimate Santana

Released Date: October 16, 2007

The song Into the Night blends Kroeger's unique vocals and Santana's trademark guitar technique.

Key lyrics:

Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tellIt was love from above that could save me from hell

The catchy lyrics and Santana's guitar solo rose to the top of the charts demonstrating the ability to meld Latin, pop and rock influences into a catchy soundtrack.

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15. Into the Fire by Marilyn Manson

Artist Name: Marilyn Manson

Album Name: The High End of Low

Released Date: May 20, 2009

The song Into the Fire is a gloomy and reflective lyrics that explore themes of inner distress, self-destructive inclinations, and personal transformation.

An intense and emotional mood is created by Manson's distinctive voice and the song's haunting melody which explores the artist's complicated mental state and offers a window into his challenges and inner demons.

Key lyrics:

This is the film, close to the third act and the miseryIt's not rain, you rapist werewolves

The song speaks to Manson's inquisitive approach to art and self-expression and it demonstrates his ability to face inner demons through his music.

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16. Into Oblivion by Funeral for a Friend

Artist Name: Funeral for a Friend

Album Name: Tales Don't Tell Themselves

Released Date: 7 May, 2007

Into Oblivion captures themes of longing and inner conflict with an explosive guitar sound and emotionally filled lyrics.

The song is the alternative and post-hardcore scene of the mid-2000s and stands out in the band's collection due to its raw energy and catchy hooks.

Key lyrics:

The Gates were open in time before the timeFor eons ruled by all forms of life

It is a strong and introspective song highlighting its ability to put together an emotional and everlasting musical experience in just a short period of time.

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17. Into the Heart by U2

Artist Name: U2

Album Name: Boy

Released Date: October 20, 1980

U2's song Into the Heart is a combination of passionate guitar work and sincere vocals by Bono perfectly encapsulates the band's early post-punk style.

The band explores themes of innocence, vulnerability, and self-discovery providing an insight into U2's early years and their investigation of identity and feeling.

Key lyrics:

Into the heart of a childI stay awhile

The song is in U2's early career since it shows the band's promise and capacity to engage listeners on a personal level.

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18. Into the Blue by Kylie Minogue

Artist Name: Kylie Minogue

Album Name: Kiss Me Once

Released Date: January 27, 2014

Another song with into In title, Into the Blue has a catchy uplifting tune with lyrics that exalt liberation and taking chances in a partnership.

Key lyrics:

I drew the smile upon my face
I paved the road that would one day leave me lonely

The song was well-received by reviewers and became a commercial hit demonstrating Kylie's continued prominence in the music industry and her ability to write catchy, danceable songs that connect with her audience.

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19. Into the Storm by Yes

Artist Name: Yes

Album Name: Fly from Here

Released Date: June 22, 2011

The song has the band's trademark blend of complex melodies and lyrics and is well-known for its intricate instrumental parts and virtuoso musicianship.

It emphasizes Yes's shift from a more conventional rock sound to progressive rock marking a turning point in the band's discography.

Key lyrics:

Something not so superficialLike something I can really do without

It demonstrates the band's command of complex songs and it's a quintessential example of Yes's progressive rock sound with its complex melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

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20. Into the Night by Julee Cruise

Artist Name: Julee Cruise

Album Name: Floating into the Night

Released Date: September 12, 1989

Into the Night is a spooky and atmospheric feeling of uncanny beauty and mystery created by the atmospheric instrumentation and Cruise's otherworldly vocals.

Key lyrics:

Now it's darkInto the night

A cult classic Into the Night captures the bizarre atmosphere of Twin Peaks and influenced later dream-pop and darkwave music.

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