Famous Songs From The Movie Ghost

Actors Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the pottery wheel scene from the 1990 hit film 'Ghost'
Actors Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the pottery wheel scene from the 1990 hit film 'Ghost'( Source : facebook )

Songs from the movie Ghost are listed as Ditto, Ghost, Unchained Memory, Fire Escape, and more. Most of the soundtrack was composed by Maurice Jarre.

The unanticipated box office hit movie of 1990, Ghost is a notable supernatural romantic drama-thriller. The movie is truly a testimony of unconditional love that transcends death.

Patrick Swayze stars as Sam Wheat who just moved into a new apartment with his girlfriend Molly, played by Demi Moore.

Life was all perfect until he lost his life after getting shot during a mugging gone wrong.

Later, Sam discovers he became a ghost. After failing to communicate with Molly for several times, he tries to solve his own murder. 

This 1990 Academy Award-winning film comprised eleven soundtracks, out of which two came as bonus songs. Here in the article, we've mentioned some of the notable tracks from the movie.

Songs From The Movie Ghost

Songs Names:Spotify Streams:
Unchained Melody411,957,203
Fire Escape29,400
Oda Mae & Carl24,980
Unchained Melody - Orchestral8,918,513

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1. Ditto

Ditto by Maurice Jarre is the first of the songs from the Ghost movie. The soundtrack was released from the album of the same name in August 2005.

It is one of the most uncomplicated titles you'll ever see in a song from the movie; that said, it remains one of the most powerful selections in the entire soundtrack.

The soundtrack is designed in such a way as to take you on a journey by building in intensity with the music as your emotions do the same.

The audio of Ditto on Jarre's YouTube has cumulated over 31K views on the official YouTube channel of the musician Maurice. Likewise, the track boasts 57,335 streams on Spotify.

2. Ghost

Ghost the movie soundtrack comprises the song with the eponymous title. It too is composed by Jarre.

This official soundtrack is one of the most notable among other tracks of the entire movie, regardless of the fact that it was released over three decades ago in 1990.

The French composer was tasked to create something that consolidated all of the main theories of the movie whilst reflecting the essence of the main characters of the movie.

Ghost starts out rather softly and gradually builds up. The subtle build-up ends up in the crescendo of music that summons a number of feelings and emotions.

The theme song of the 1990 released Academy Award-winning movie has cumulated over 251K streams on Spotify so far.

3. Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers)

The theme song from Ghost is Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. This song was originally penned by Hy Zaret and the music was given by Alex North.

This version of the song remains the best version recorded to date. Bobby Hatfield performed the lead vocal and later recorded other versions solely credited to himself.

Both Bobby and Bill wanted to perform the solo; however, the recording was finalized on a coin toss. The singer uses metaphors to speak about love through the lyrics.

Reportedly, over 1500 recordings of Unchained Melody have been released in multiple languages by more than 670 artists according to the song's publishing administrator.

That said, the Righteous Brothers' version out of hundreds of recordings stood out as the jukebox standard following its release in 1965.

4. Fire Escape

Fire Escape is one of the Ghost soundtrack songs that didn't make the cut originally on the film's album. However, it was later included as a bonus track.

This soundtrack was also composed by none other than the French composer Maurice Jarre. It might not be the first choice for many of you; that said, this soundtrack serves as an interesting piece of music.

It was released on July 2, 2001, by the composer. Whereas, the official audio was dropped on YouTube by Milan Music on October 8, 2016. Fire Escape has amassed over 29K streams on Spotify.

5. Oda Mae & Carl

Maurice Jarre released Oda Mae & Carl as the bonus track for the film. However, this track promptly became the favorite of a lot of listeners in nearly no time.

The soundtrack gives off suspense vibes using the dynamics of the instrument such as drums and piano, making one feel more intense and suspenseful.

Oda Mae & Carl adds flavor to the emotions with its tempo and sound. The title of the song that refers to the two characters Carl Bruner and Oda Mae Brown of the film has accumulated over 24K streams on Spotify.

6. Molly

Another notable soundtrack of the film includes Molly by Maurice Jarre. This track reflects the character of Molly with its dynamic arrangement of music.

The track mirrors the personality of the female lead character, who graces poise, soft and resilient personality. That said, the softness of the notes carries the strength of the track which speaks volumes about the character.

The audio uploaded on the YouTube channel of the late  French composer has gained 24K views to date. Correspondingly, it has amassed over 57K, currently 57,335 streams on Spotify.

7. Unchained Melody - Orchestral

Unchained Melody Orchestral by Maurice Jarre has accumulated over 8 million streams, currently 8,918,513 on Spotify.

It is the orchestral version of the song which gained mainstream attention from The Righteous Brothers' version. Also, it is the only licensed orchestral song in the film.

The music arrangement in the track is used to add elements to the storyline. Likewise, not to mention, it is melodious music that best fits the movie.

8. Sam

Sam by Maurice Jarre embodies the traits of the male character through its music arrangement which mirrors elements of strength.

The male character is protective towards his significant other and this character trait is vividly portrayed in this track. Whereas, there are some hints of sadness too.

In fact, many parts of this track give off melancholy vibes prior to the sound crescendo as the track moves forward to the end.

This track from the 1990 movie has over 51K streams, currently 51,101 on the conventional streaming platform Spotify.

9. Carl

Unlike other tracks, Carl by Maurice Jarre doesn't mirror the traits of the characters of the film. It is a particular song that comprises a lot of minor notes.

The track has cumulated over seventeen thousand views on YouTube to this day. The use of minor notes must have been used to make one feel ill and at ease both at the same time.

In any case, if you haven't seen the movie or are about to watch the film, you can easily tell that something is cooking with the character of the movie. This soundtrack boasts 26,733 streams on Spotify as of now.

10. End Credits

If you are listening to the End Credits, you should've finished watching the movie. This track audio has cumulated over 56K views on YouTube to this day.

Most likely, you must be experiencing a whirlpool of emotions and feelings as you listen to this track and this piece of music is exactly what it oughts to reflect.

The track encapsulates both the feeling of sorrow and contentment experienced throughout the movie whilst the suspense runs right through every step of the movie.

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