Most Listened To Songs By Sheryl Crow

Sheryl, in the middle wearing a black romper, at the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame on October 29, 2022
Sheryl, in the middle wearing a black romper, at the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame on October 29, 2022( Source : instagram )

Sheryl Crow Biggest Hits are 1. All I Wanna Do 2. Soak Up The Sun 3. If It Makes You Happy and more. Sheryl Crow is an American singer.

Crow is also a musician, singer, and songwriter who incorporates elements of rock, pop, country, folk, and blues in her music.

She has released eleven studio albums, five compilations, and three live albums, and has made soundtracks to several films as well.

The singer has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and received nine Grammy Awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2023.

Most Listened To Songs By Sheryl Crow

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
All I Wanna Do161,484,619
If It Makes You Happy117,032,226
My Favorite Mistake25,904,175
Everyday Is A Winding Road40,717,813
Strong Enough55,384,281
Always On Your Side11,502,071
Soak Up The Sun74,099,799
Run Baby Run7,481,85
The First Cut Is The Deepest32,083,968
Real Gone88,018,226

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1. All I Wanna Do

All I Wanna Do is one of Sheryl Crow Best Songs. This song was written by Crow, David Baerwald, Bill Bottrell, and Kevin Gilbert.

The lyrics of the song are taken from Wyn Cooper's 1987 poem "Fun". It was Crow's breakthrough hit from her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, released in 1993.

"All I Wanna Do" is all about the carefree lifestyle of Los Angeles and the desire for something more exciting in life.

Awards and recognition she received throughout her musical journey are listed below:

  • Number two on the Billboard Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks from October 8 to November 12, 1994
  • Top spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart
  • 1995 Grammy for Record of the Year
  • Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

2. If It Makes You Happy

One of the Best Songs by Sheryl Crow is If It Makes You Happy. It was released in September 1996 as the first single from her self-titled album.

This song describes a person who seems to be unhappy and depressed no matter what happens.

Sheryl wrote the song based on her own feelings after the massive success of her first album when the record industry and media put pressure on her to create another hit.

This song reached number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Crow's final top-10 solo hit in the United States.

It also peaked at number one in Canada and won the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance award at the 1997 Grammy Awards.

The song ranked at number 663 in the list of the "1001 Best Songs Ever" of Q Magazine in 2003.

3. My Favorite Mistake

One of Sheryl Crow greatest hits is My Favorite Mistake. This is a rock song that was released on August 31, 1998, by A&M Records.

This song explores the bittersweet feelings that arise after a complicated relationship has ended.

Sheryl's vocals are passionate and emotive, conveying both strength and vulnerability. It is a powerful song about the complexity of love and heartbreak, and it also shows the importance of learning from our mistakes.

The song reached number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became Crow's fifth top-20 single in the United States.

It reached number two in Canada, number nine in the United Kingdom, and a top-10 single in Britain.

4. Everyday Is A Winding Road

Everyday Is a Winding Road is one of the top songs by Sheryl Crow. This song was released in the United Kingdom on November 18, 1996.

This was released in the US the following year. This song was released from her second studio album, "Sheryl Crow," and is all about jumping in a truck with a guy who lives life at the moment without worrying too much about the future.

It reached number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and also reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart.

At the 1998 Grammy Awards, this song won nominations for Record of the Year. The music video for this song was filmed in New York City in sepia and was directed by Peggy Sirota.

5. Strong Enough

Strong Enough is one of Sheryl Crow top songs. It is a folk-pop song that was released on November 15, 1994, from the album Tuesday Night Music Club.

The lyrics of the song express that Sheryl feels independent and capable of being her own savior without any need for support.

This song has an upbeat tempo, combines acoustic and electric guitar sounds, and shows the powerful vocal range of Crow. This became a hit song in the United States and reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song reached number three in Australia and number one in Canada. This song was later included on the greatest hits album of Sheryl Crow, i.e., The Very Best of Sheryl Crow.

6. Always On Your Side

Always on Your Side is the very best of Sheryl Crow. It was released on February 13, 2006, from the fifth studio album by Sheryl Crow, Wildflower (2005).

The song reflects on the complexities and challenges of relationships, acknowledging that love can be both comforting and difficult.

The lyrics of the song convey a sense of unwavering loyalty and support, promising to be there for the person they love even in a difficult situation.

This song ranked at number 35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became the 10th top-40 hit on the chart. This reached number 2 in Canada and number 30 in Hungary.

In 2007, this song received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The video for the song is directed by Nige Dick.

7. Soak Up The Sun

Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow is a pop-rock song. It was released on February 11, 2002, from the album C'mon, C'mon.

The song has a catchy melody and upbeat rhythm, incorporating folk and country music with a rock edge. Crow sings about the simple pleasures of outdoor activities like taking a road trip and going to the beach.

The video for the song was directed by Wayne Isham and filmed in Oahu, Hawaii. This song was the 35th best-performing single of 2022 in America.

The Recording Industry Association of America awarded this song a gold disc in 2005. The song reached the top 10 in Croatia and the top 20 in New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

8. Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run was released on September 27, 1993, by A&M Record. It is from the album Tuesday Night Music Club.

The lyrics are emotional and powerful and tell the story of a woman who has been treated badly by her lover, but she finds the strength to leave and start a new life.

After the success of "All I Wanna Do" and "Strong Enough", the song Run Baby Run was released for the third time in the United Kingdom, reaching a new peak of number 24 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1995.

It reached number 86 in Canada, 83 in the United Kingdom, and 45 in the Netherlands.

9. The First Cut Is the Deepest

The First Cut Is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow is a cover of a pop-rock song written by Cat Stevens. This was originally released by P. P. Arnold in May 1967.

This song has a contemporary sound that includes both acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and keyboards. The song has been recorded by seven different artists and became a popular hit for all of them.

The artists are P. P. Arnold (1967), Keith Hampshire (1973), Rod Stewart (1977), Dawn Penn (1994), Papa Dee (1995), and Sheryl Crow (2003). The lyrics of the song explore the lasting impact of first love and the pain of heartbreak.

This song reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was also covered by different artists in different genres.

10. Real Gone

Real Gone is a song which was written by Sheryl Crow and John Shanks. It was released from the album Wildflower (2005) in February 2006 as the main song for the movie "Cars".

This song has a fast-paced and energetic rock sound, featuring Sheryl's powerful vocals.

The lyrics of the song are about celebrating the joy of speed and freedom and capturing the essence of the main character of the film Lightning McQueen.

This song reached number 1 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart and reached number 76 on the Billboard Pop 100 chart. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

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