Not Just A Girl: What Is Canadian Singer Shania Twain's Documentary On Netflix All About?

Shania Twain pictured during the 16th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on Sept. 26, 2020
Shania Twain pictured during the 16th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on Sept. 26, 2020( Source : billboard )

Shania Twain's Netflix documentary, Not Just A Girl, is set to release on the same day as her compilation album under the same title.

The official trailer of Shania Twain's, Not Just A Girl Netflix documentary is out on the internet and it looks promising.

Her voiceover of "Taking the risks to do things your way can be scary. You gotta be brave." as the trailer begins to play, is already a widespread line among the fans as they eagerly wait to follow the singer's career journey. On top of that, the inclusion of fellow artists Lionel Richie, Diplo, Orville Peck, Kelsey Ballerini, and Bo Derek in the clip has got the fans plugged in for the release.

With over 100 million copies sold worldwide and multiple other records, Twain is the best-selling female artist in country music history and one of the best-selling artists of all time. The doc follows her life, coming from a small place in Timmins to becoming one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

"She was the first person to break that door open and go across the music genres," says Richie in the trailer, giving an insight into her chart-topping releases in both country and pop music genres. As the people are awaiting the film, here are some facts you need to know about the singer-songwriter.

Not Just A Girl Official Trailer

Shania Twain's Not Just A Girl Documentary Is A Journey Of Her Career

Shania Twain's Netflix documentary, Not Just A Girl, is a journey of her music career and life, from a small town in Timmins to the top of the music industry.


She started singing at a young age and performed on various occasions before signing a record deal with Mercury Nashville Records in the early 90s. While her first self-titled solo album was a failure in the market, her collaborative second album with producer and later husband, Robert John Lange, became a massive success.

The Netflix doc film brings back the memories, from the start of her music career to all the success that followed throughout the years. After her second album sold over 20 million copies, Shania's third album, Come On Over, became the best-selling studio album by female artists in any genre and the best-selling country music album of all time, with over 40 million copies sold.

It also highlights her versatility and commercial success, alongside recognition in the music industry, where her three consecutive albums are Diamond certified by the RIAA. Along with her professional success, the movie also dives into her personal life struggles with her marriage, health, and so on.

Shania Twain Nasty Divorce After Robert John Lange Affair With Her Bestfriend

Not only her musical career, but Shania Twain's doc film also depicts her personal life's ups and downs, including her divorce from Lange.

The country singer and producer met for the first time at Nashville's Fan Fair in 1993 after the man liked Shania's beautiful voice from her first album. He then offered to work and write songs with her. Following the agreement, the two became close quickly and eventually tied the knot on December 28, 1993.

They welcomed a son, Eja, in 2001 and were living a blissful life until things got worse between them. Eventually, Twain and Lange decided to go separate paths in 2008, after the man had an affair with Shania's best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. The couple finalized their divorce in 2010.

Not Just A Girl will also take a look at the singer's divorce and how things went bad in her life following the separation, The lady was at a low point during this phase but eventually got back up and continued her career.

Shania Twain Thought She Had Lost Her Voice Forever To Lyme Disease

The Netflix documentary also looks at Shania Twain's struggle with Lyme disease to the point that the singer nearly lost her voice.

"It was similarly intense to losing my parents" and, "I thought I’d lost my voice forever. I thought that was it." is what Shania Twain says in the trailer, referring to Lyme disease. She caught the condition in 2003 and also had dysphonia along with Lyme disease.


These conditions severely damaged her nerves in the vocal cords. Soon after, she had trouble using her beautiful voice with the same elegance and purpose as earlier. As a result, she paused her glorious singing career for several years, before releasing her first studio album in 15 years in 2017.

Although the woman's singing career has not been as prolific as before in recent years, her legacy in the music industry remains as intact as forever.

She Married Her Best Friend's Former Husband

A few months after her divorce from Lange, the news came out that Shania Twain was engaged to her best friend's former husband, Frederic Thiebaud.

It made quite a headline since the singer married Marie-Anne's former partner. John's affair with Marie-Anne was the reason Shania's married life was destroyed in the first place. Soon after, the talks became true as Twain married Frederic on January 1, 2011.

They are still together in a happily married relationship but the couple doesn't seem to have a child.

Multiple Artists Depict Shania Twain's Story In The Netflix Documentary

Multiple artists, including Lionel Richie, have given their commentary on the doc as they depict the lady's story and her impact on the music industry.

It is quite common to see other legends and famous personnel from the related field have their say and express some stories of the main person in focus, and similar is the case in Not Just A Girl. Several artists will tell different parts of Twain's life in the doc series.


Besides Richie, the other names spotted in the trailer are Diplo, Orville Peck, Kelsey Ballerini, and Bo Derek. A few other people are also expected to appear in the film as the fans await its grand premiere.

Shania Twain Has Three Consecutive Diamond Certified Albums

Shania Twain is the only female artist to have three consecutive albums certified diamond by the RIAA.

Arguably the best female country music singer of all time, Shania has multiple recognitions and records under her name. With over 100 million copies sold worldwide, she is the best-selling female artist in the United States. Similarly, Billboard listed her as the 13th Greatest Music Video Female Solo Artist of All Time.

Not only in the country music genre but her contributions and work in the pop category have nicknamed her "Queen of Country Pop". Along with that, Maclean named Twain "the reigning queen of country music" in 1998.

Shania Twain Has Won Several Awards And Honors 

With five Grammy Awards, 27 BMI Songwriter Awards, and multiple other accolades, Shania Twain has a long list of honors.

She has a World Music Award, stars on Canada's Walk of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and an induction into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame, as per Wikipedia.  Likewise, her other honors include her declaration as Artist of a Lifetime by CMT and the second recipient of the CCMA Generation Award.

As a winner of these detailed accolades, Shania is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists of all time.

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Her Net Worth Is $400 Million

Shania Twain has a net worth of $400 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.


It further highlights her career achievements and accomplishments as it goes through the long list of her works and commercial success in the music industry The major sources of her income include revenue from her record sales, sponsorship deals, brand collaborations, and other involvements.

With a decades-long career and millions of record sales, Shania has an incredible amount of wealth at her disposal.

She Is Still Active In The Music Industry

Shania Twain returned to the music scene for the first time in 11 years when she announced her tour dates in 2015.

On Good Morning American, the lady confirmed her continuance in music and also said that she had no intentions of retiring. Since then, the lady has performed in various concert tours and events. On top of that, Twain has also released a few singles and other music projects in the years since then.

Her next collection album, Not Just A Girl, will be the assembly of her biggest songs and a few new tunes. It will have 18 total songs.

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