Crafting Your Sound Experience With The Best Saturday Songs

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Often hailed as the epitome of joy and recreation, Saturdays stand as a beacon of relief for the hardworking individuals navigating the challenges of the week. In the relentless routine, Saturday emerges as the day when the ordinary worker can finally unwind, casting aside the stresses of daily life.

Recognizing the significance of Saturdays for those seeking respite, this article delves into the realm of music to amplify the Saturday experience. We have featured 15 handpicked Saturday songs, each resonating with the spirit of the weekend.

1. Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting) - Elton John

Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting) doesn't actually promote physical fights. Instead, the term "fighting" is used as a metaphor for having fun and getting wild on a Saturday night.

As the lyrics suggest, Saturday nights are for getting drunk and dancing. The song also convinces parents to not shame their kids for wanting to have fun on the weekend. With its disco-infused vibe, this Elton track has become one of the highly influential songs about Saturday.

2. God Bless Saturday - Kid Rock

Kid Rock's famous song God Bless Saturday compares the different days of the week and their outcomes. The piece sheds light on the fun experience of a Saturday night, induced by drinking and partying.

With lines like "Monday's just a b**ch, Tuesday's such a bother, Wednesday's like watchin' dead flowers grow, Thursday ain't for shit, Friday's getting hotter," the musician is open about his favorite day of the week. Overall, God Bless America serves as an anthem for the carefree and joyful experience of Saturday.

3. Saturday Sun - Vance Joy

Saturday Sun narrates a story of discovering love and cherishing the emotional journey that ensues. Vance Joy, in his song, expresses the joy and warmth of newfound love, likening it to the radiant glow of a Saturday sun.

The plot uncovers with a guitar riff and lyrics that initially touch upon loneliness but gradually transform into a sun-drenched celebration of love. The chorus encapsulates the essence of the song, highlighting the happiness and positivity that come with this romantic revelation.

4. Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Panic! At The Disco

Say Amen (Saturday Night) was released on March 21, 2018, as the lead single for Panic! At the Disco's sixth studio album, Pray for the Wicked. The hit song marked the band's first number-one single on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

Commercially successful, Say Amen propelled the group to stardom. The accompanying music video, released on YouTube, adds a visual dimension to the song's narrative.

5. Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers' Saturday Night encourages listeners to dance while also reflecting a sense of excitement and anticipation for a lively weekend gathering. The chorus hook, "Saturday Night, Saturday Night, dancing to the rhythm of the night," creates a rhythmic and repetitive pattern, mirroring the experience of dancing itself. 

Additionally, Saturday Night also expresses a carefree attitude and a desire for a night filled with music and movement, combined with the joy of socializing and letting loose.

6. Another Saturday Night - Sam Cooke

What if you had everything but no one to share it with? That's the sentiment shared by Sam Cooke in his song, Another Saturday Night. Saturday night, which is supposed to be filled with excitement and fun, feels like just another night when you are alone.

Regarded as one of the most emotional songs with Saturday in the title, Another Saturday Night has a sad theme that portrays loneliness and pessimism. The song shares the message that even a payday doesn't look like much if you have no one to look forward to.

7. One More Saturday Night - Grateful Dead

Written by Bob Weir, One More Saturday Night is a lively song about the joyous celebration of life, music, and the communal spirit of Saturday nights. The inspiration behind the song is rooted in the band's ethos of creating a festive atmosphere during their concerts.

Additionally, the lyrics encourage listeners to embrace the moment, celebrating the weekend and the power of music to unite people. Weir's composition, with contributions from lyricist Robert Hunter, reflects the carefree and spontaneous nature of the Grateful Dead's performances.

8. Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Despite its title, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Saturday Night Special is not about Saturdays or the weekend. Instead, the song addresses the issue of gun violence and the consequences of owning cheap, easily accessible handguns.

The term "Saturday night special" is associated with inexpensive firearms often linked to impulsive violence. The lyrics tell stories of two separate incidents involving handguns, focusing on the devastating outcomes that can occur when firearms fall into the wrong hands.

9. Saturday - Sam Fender

How does a regular employee handle all the stresses of working a thankless job? Today, workers are often underpaid and overworked, and the only thing they have to look forward to is the weekend.

In his 2019 song, Sam Fender narrates the perspective of an ordinary worker who works 5-6 days a week. While the narrator does his work without any complaints, the only thing he is excited about is the arrival of Saturday. In fact, the employee is so desperate for a day off that he claims he'll lose his mind if Saturday doesn't come soon.

10. Saturday in the Park - Chicago

Written by Robert Lamm, Saturday in the Park is inspired by his experience in New York City's Central Park on the Fourth of July in 1971. It captures the atmosphere of a summer day in the park, portraying scenes of people dancing, laughing, and enjoying music.

Lamm's observations during this outing served as the inspiration for the lyrics which depict a man spending time in the park on Independence Day.

11. Saturday Night - Whigfield

Fronted by Danish-born Sannie Charlotte Carlson, Saturday Night is a Eurodance anthem released in 1992. The song became a massive commercial and critical success, topping charts across Europe and becoming a dancefloor favorite.

Saturday Night's popularity extended beyond its initial release, becoming a nostalgic dance classic. Its influence on pop culture is evident through continued use in various media, dance events, and retrospectives of '90s music.

12. Saturday Gigs - Mott the Hoople

Composed by Mott the Hoople's lead vocalist and lyricist Ian Hunter, Saturday Gigs represents the band's journey and challenges faced in the music industry. The song serves as a tool for presenting the struggle and aspirations of musicians pursuing their dreams.

Inspired by the band's experiences and Ian Hunter's personal reflections, Saturday Gigs is a nostalgic recounting of their history, including the ups and downs, successes, and hardships.

13. Saturday Morning - Eels

Saturday Morning by Eels captures the carefree and optimistic spirit of Saturdays. Released in 2003 as part of the album "Shootenanny!", the track exudes a sense of joy and nostalgia associated with the weekend.

Mark Oliver Everett, the creative force behind Eels, employs upbeat and whimsical melodies along with lyrics that evoke a lighthearted, feel-good vibe. Overall, the song celebrates the simple pleasures of Saturday mornings, where one can revel in the leisure of the weekend.

14. Saturday's Kids - The Jam

Saturday's Kids is an exploration of working-class youth in Britain during the late 1970s. Released in 1979 as part of The Jam's album Setting Sons, the song portrays the struggles, aspirations, and limited opportunities faced by young people growing up in council houses.

 The lyrics offer a snapshot of their lives, touching on societal pressures, the quest for identity, and the challenges of navigating a world with constrained prospects.

15. Saturday - Basshunter

Saturday by Basshunter is a lively Eurodance track released in 2010, portraying the vibrant energy and activities associated with Saturdays. The song's narrative revolves around the excitement of the weekend.

Basshunter, the Swedish musician behind the track, emphasized that the lyrics depict the general experience of Saturdays, including going out, drinking, clubbing, dancing, meeting people, and the anticipation of romantic encounters. Saturday not only serves as a dance anthem but also embodies the carefree and enjoyable spirit of the weekend.

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