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15 Things To Do In Saratoga Springs NY This Weekend

View of Saratoga Springs Town. (Photo By: bianncacarr)
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Things to do in Saratoga Springs NY include visiting Saratoga Race Course and the natural springs. The city is rich with historical museums to explore.

While New York is famous for its towering buildings and busy streets, this part of the state provides an abundance of natural attractions. You can explore numerous state parks, waterfalls, and botanical gardens.

Most importantly, the town is prominent for thoroughbred horse racing. It can be the best destination for the horse racing enthusiast. For anyone planning to roam in the town, summer can be the by far best time to pack their bags and travel.

More specifically, people can explore the best of Saratoga from July to September. Also, it is the best time for the town's popular horse racing.

In this article, we have highlighted some top adventures to try in Saratoga Springs this weekend. 

1. Spend A Fun Day At Saratoga Strike Zone

In Saratoga Springs New York you can spend a full day at Saratoga Strike Zone. It offers a premiere family entertainment facility in the locality.

Saratoga Strike Zone family specials
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The key attraction of the venue is its bowling alley, which features 34 lanes with all automatic bumpers. One can reach the destination via a car or walking.

Some of the key features of the entertainment center are:

  • Ballocity
  • Bumper Cars
  • Redemption Arcade
  • Snack Bar
  • Private VIP Suite
  • End Zone Sports Pub

One can book their reservation by contacting the front desk number, 518-584-6460.

If you want, you can participate in bowling tournaments to test your skills. Not to worry about the competitions with the professionals; you can create their league with friends and family.

  • Address: 32 Ballston Ave
  • Timings: 9:00 AM- 12:00 AM

2. Admire Art At The National Museum Of Racing And Hall of Fame

Saratoga Springs NY attractions include the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. The museum was founded in 1950.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and the team led the formation process of the gallery to honor the achievements of American racehorses, jockeys, and trainers.

One of the building of National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame
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At present, the national gallery owns a vast collection of art and artifacts that depict the history of horse racing from the eighteenth century. You can also collect knowledge of the inducted horses, jockeys, and trainers since the 1950s.

One can tour the gallery for 45 minutes. In case you are planning to visit in a group, you need to inform them two weeks in advance.

Admission Fee

  • Students (with ID): $22
  • Adult (18-64): $25
  • Senior (65+): $22

Timing: 9 AM - 5 PM

3. Visit Saratoga Race Course

Saratoga Springs sports Thoroughbred horse racing is held at Saratoga Race Course. One of the oldest major sporting venues is what the town is known for.

It was opened over a century and a half ago, in 1863. One can explore the horse racing track from mid-July to early September.

Racing season for this year will start on July 13, and closing day is announced to be September 4. Mondays and Tuesdays are no racing days in the venue.

"Saratoga Race Course Meet" is the event at the venue that will take place monthly. One can book the seats online with a ticket worth $16. Moreover, the visitors can place bets on which horses are going to win.

4. Catch Saratoga Firecracker 4 Road Race

Saratoga Springs July 4th events include Firecracker 4 Road Race, an annual event. Fireworks will set off from the top of the Saratoga Springs City Center Garage.

To honor and celebrate independence, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the town organizes a yearly celebration program ( exceptional case during the pandemic).

The Firecracker 4 Road Race will start at 9 in the morning, with over 2,500 runners. It is one of the longest Independence Day races in the Northeast.

A glimpse of 4th July celebration in Saratoga in 2021
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Along with that is a concert outside the City Center on Ellsworth Jones Place. Big Sky Country Band will start their performance in the evening.

Some Other Attractions of The Day:

  • 8:15 am - Kids .02 mile run
  • 9:00 am - 17th annual four-mile road race
  • 6:00 pm- Live performance of Big Sky Country Band and others
  • 9:00 pm: Fireworks for All-American Celebration 2024

5. Chill Out At Saratoga Spa State Park

Things to do in Saratoga Springs this weekend include a tour of Saratoga Spa State Park. It is one of the most popular central parks for outdoor activities.

Saratoga Spa State Park offers a variety of activities for all interests, from leisurely walks to picnic areas. One can enjoy activities like ice skating and ice hockey during the winter.

Likewise, college athletes prefer the spot for jogging, and nature lovers spend hours in the parks strolling around. The fun park can accommodate 50 to 250 people at a time.

Address: 19 Roosevelt Drive

Entrance Fee: Free

Key Attraction

  • Saratoga Spa State Park Golf Course
  • Spa City Farmers' Market
  • Hall of Springs
  • Victoria Pool and Peerless Poor Complex
  • National Museum of Dance 

6. Stroll Around Saratoga Waterfront Park

Are you looking for activities in Saratoga Springs, New York? Why not stroll around Saratoga Waterfront Park?

The beautiful public space was inaugurated in July 2015. The three-tier outdoor space is perfect for enjoying sunny days.

Evening view captured at Saratoga Waterfront Park
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The lower tier has been renovated into a sandy beach. Likewise, the middle tier has a small amphitheater, suitable for community gatherings and events.

People can enjoy the events overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Saratoga Lake. You don't need to worry about where to park your vehicle, as the top tier features plenty of parking lots.

On the side is the staircase that leads to the beach area. You can spot a launch area for kayaks and picnic tables as well.

Additional Info:

Location: 622 Crescent Avenue

Contact to book the renting space: 518-587-3550

7. Shop At Saratoga Farmer's Market

Saratoga Springs attraction includes the Saratoga Farmers' Market. It offers high-quality food and agricultural products from local farms and producers.

Operated twice a week, the market has something for everyone to enjoy. It runs from March 3rd to October 28th every Wednesday (3 to 6 pm) and Saturday (9 am to 1 pm).

One can visit High Rock Park these two days to shop some locally grown finest vegetables and grains. Also, the producers organize live music to entertain the customers.

Fresh items offered during the Indoor Saratoga Farmers Market
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During the winter, the farmer's group organizes an indoor market once a week. Tourists can explore the food court and Bow-Tie Cinemas entrance at Wilton Mall every Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

8. Groove Some Live Music At Caffe Lena

Saratoga Springs music oriented coffee house, Caffe Lena can be the perfect option for folk music lovers. The coffee house was started in 1960 by William and Lena Spencer.

Notable singers like Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie performed during the early years. At present, Odette and Dave Van Ronk have been attracting music lovers to the café.

The spot is also famous for jazz music, traditional, folk, poetry, cultural events, and storytelling. Since the owner passed away in 1989, the café has been a not-for-profit organization.

Additional Info:

  • Address: 47 Philla Street, Saratoga Springs
  • Telephone: 518-583-0022
  • Timings: 9 am to 5 pm ( Tuesday and Wednesday) and 5:30 pm to 12:00 am ( Thursday to Sunday)

9. Wander Through Congress Park With Your Dearest

Looking for things to do at Saratoga Springs? How about wandering through Congress Park with your dearest?

The 17-acre bright and green park provides motherly nature and relaxation for the family. It contains Grecian pavilions, Italian gardens, and lawns.

The water from the springs has been channeled into fountains around the heartwarming statues. Moreover, it is a pet-friendly park. Thus, you don't need to worry about your furry friend at home.

A must see park with nice memorials while in Saratoga Springs
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The site was famous as a health spa and gambling site during the late 1800s. A three-story building, namely Canfield Casino, became a host for private and public events in 1907.

Things to explore at Congress Park:

  • The Spirit of Life, a statue by Daniel Chester French
  • A landscape design by Frederick Law Olmsted

10. Buy A Book From Northshire Bookstore

What to do at Saratoga Springs? The bookaholics worried about their "kind of" adventure in the town can definitely visit Northshire Bookstore.

The bookstore is one of the best book stations in New England. Saratoga has a smaller version of the original VT store.

To make it more family-friendly, the store provides an entire upstairs with children's books. Moreover, you might get lucky with an author's events as well.

Visitors are allowed to read the book at the store. Or a better option is to grab a book, choose your favorite park and read it out there.

You can easily reach their official website and learn about new releases and events updates.

11. Vouch The Natural Springs

Natural springs in Saratoga Springs is the common reason why the town has the name. There are a lot of natural mineral springs in the area to explore.

The best alternative to explore the hot Springs can be via car. That way, you can save time and reach a maximum of them.

Polaris Springs locates in the middle of Saratoga Spa State Park
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At the moment, around 21 mineral springs in the town are open to the public. Each of them tastes different depending on the season.

Ones That Can't Be Missed While In The Town:

  • Columbian Spring locates in the center of the town, near Congress Street at Broadway Avenue.
  • Peerless Spring locates in High Rock Park.
  • Charlie Spring stands near the Hall of Springs entrance to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

12. Learn The History At Saratoga Springs History Museum

Best place in Saratoga Springs to learn history is the Saratoga Springs History Museum. It is located inside Canfield Casino.

The treasury was formed in 1883 and has been open for visitors since the early 1910s. Culture enthusiasts can spend hours studying the cultural history of the town.

Picture of the Batcheller Mansion built in 1873. (Photo By: @idavanto)
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Some of the historical collections of the gallery are 375,000 negatives of photographs taken around Saratoga Springs from 1855 to 1980. It also displays the belongings of American soldier George Sherman Batcheller.

Seven rooms of the gallery include the history of the prominent families of New York during the 19th century, the Walworths.

13. Enjoy A Sip Of Homemade Wine At Saratoga Winery

Saratoga Springs NY activities comprise tasting of local wine and beer. The Saratoga Winery is a fun and rustic place to sip homemade liquor.

The venue organizes live music events to make the ambiance more engaging and welcoming. One can enjoy the wine tasting with wood-fired pizza and sandwiches.

Likewise, the winery has adequate spaces for clients who plan to organize small-to-large occasions like bachelorette parties, reunions, and weddings in the area.

Additional Info:

Contact: or 518-584-9463

Some other best wineries and vineyards in Saratoga:

  • Savannah Chanelle Winery
  • Mount Eden Vineyards
  • House Family Vineyards
  • Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards
  • The Mountain Winery

14. Check In To Roosevelt Baths And Spa

Saratoga Springs Roosevelt Baths and Spa is a day facility open to anyone. Also, guests can book overnight stays at the resort.

When your body exhausts while roaming the natural spaces of the town, you may think of a place to relax your body and mind. Roosevelt Baths & Spa, established in 1935, is your dream destination.

Couple can enjoy pampering their loved one at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa
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It is part of the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa. For those who want to relax and nurture themselves with nature-inspired therapies and expert care, Roosevelt Baths, and Spa is the must-option.

Additional Info:

  • Address: 39 Roosevelt Drive
  • Contact: +1518-226-4790
  • Wellness Services: Mineral Baths, Massages, Well-Being, Facials, and Body Treatment.
  • Guest must be age 18 or over to receive spa services
  • It is open 24*7 except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

15. Explore Vintage Models And Race Cars At Saratoga Automobile Museum

Saratoga Automobile Museum locates near Saratoga Spa State Park. The renovated museum was officially opened to the public in 2002.

A tour of the museum can be fruitful for automobile lovers. Moreover, people can learn the history and importance of automobiles and exhibit some of the vintage models of The New York State Stock Car Hall of Fame.

If you can manage to book the tickets for July 21, you will witness the 21st-anniversary celebration of the museum. The grand day will be celebrated with a night filled with music and food.

Additional Info:


  • Members and Children Under 6: Free
  • Adults: $20
  • Students with ID: $15
  • Children ( 6 to 16): $15

Upcoming: Corvette Car Show on July 15, Saturday