10 Most Popular Foo Fighters Songs

Dave Grohl, founder, frontman, singer, and guitarist of Foo Fighters performing on stage
Dave Grohl, founder, frontman, singer, and guitarist of Foo Fighters performing on stage( Source : facebook )

What Is Foo Fighters Most Popular Song? 1. Everlong 2. The Pretender 3. Learn to Fly and more make up the band's hit catalog.

Formed in 1994 by Dave Grohl, who had prior been known for being the drummer of Nirvana, it was initially a solo project where Dave handled all the instruments and sang. He released their eponymous debut album that way.

Following the success of that record, Dave rounded out the band with various other members, the most popular of which are Nate Mendel on bass, Pat Smear and Christ Shiflett on guitars, and the late Taylor Hawkins on drums.

With a solid group behind him, Dave and Company would go on to become one of the biggest and most popular bands of the Post-Grunge era, and even to this day, remain a beloved Rock band.

Foo Fighters 10 Most Popular Songs

Songs Name:Spotify Streams:
Everlong818 Million
The Pretender617 Million
Best of You518 Million
Learn to Fly452 Million
My Hero306.8 Million
All My Life306.6 Million
Walk200 MIllion
Everlong - Acoustic Version193 Million
Monkey Wrench184 Million
Times Like These183 Million

1. Everlong

Release Date:August 18, 1997
Parent Album:The Colour and the Shape

Everlong is the Foo Fighters song considered the most popular by fans and critics. It is the second single from their sophomore album, The Colour and the Shape.

The track was written by singer Dave Grohl following his divorce from his first wife Jennifer Leigh Youngblood, whom he had been married to since 1994. The two had been separated a year prior, in 1996, and much of the pain and regret from their separation fueled the writing of this song.

What makes this track memorable is that, instead of the anger, rage, and self-loathing abundant in most break-up songs, especially in the Rock genre, Grohl tackles his heartache with maturity, stating that his lover may leave him, and he will most likely move on, but the love they shared will always remain in each of their hearts.

2. The Pretender

Release Date:August 21, 2007
Parent Album:Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

The Pretender is also one of the most popular Foo Fighters songs. Unlike the previous track, this one is chock full of anger, rage, and immense energy.

Lyrically, the song is quite vague but in a way where it can be made to mean anything to anyone, which is one of the reasons why it has caught on so much. 

It could be an anthem for political unrest, civil unrest, or personal unrest, feeling like the world is filled with pretenders who aim to try and bring others down.

The music video made for the song also exudes this energy as it features the band facing off against a mob of vaguely police-like individuals armed to the teeth with batons and riot gear. However, at the last moment, the band pulls out all the stops and takes them down with their loud music and righteous riffs.

3. Best of You

Release Date:May 30, 2005
Parent Album:In Your Honor

Best of You is next on our popular Foo Fighters songs list. This track is a perfect mix of the previous two tracks in terms of energy.

Here, the Foo brings the soulfulness they showcased in Everlong, and let slip the raw energy they would perfect in two years in The Pretender. As the lead single of their fifth album, this track boasts everything that the Foo are good at and more.

As with many of Foo songs, the meaning of the track perfectly coincides with the title as it is about people asking for the best from someone.

The track was a big success as it is not only Platinum in US, UK, and Mexico, but it also topped both the US Alternative Airplay and Mainstream Rock charts. Across the pond, it topped the UK Rock & Metal charts while peaking at #4 on the Singles chart.

4. Learn to Fly

Release Date:October 18, 1999
Parent Album:There Is Nothing Left to Lose

Learn to Fly is one of the Foo Fighters greatest hits. It earns the distinction of being their first song to enter the Billboard Hot 100.

It is the group's second-highest charting song on the Hot 100 where it peaked at #19. The track peaked at the US Alternative Airplay charts, reached #2 on the Mainstream Rock charts, and also peaked atop the Canadian Rock charts.

Speaking of Canada, the song set a record there for spending the most weeks, 13, at the top of their Rock charts. Learn to Fly showed the world that the Foo Fighters wasn't a simple project for Dave Grohl, but a veritable musical act that was here to stay.

To many, it is the first Foo Fighters song that they heard of, and though the band couldn't replicate its chart success aside from one song, they have built on the commercial success of this single.

5. My Hero

Release Date:January 19, 1998
Parent Album:The Colour and the Shape

My Hero is another popular song by Foo Fighters. It is considered as one of their signature songs and a highlight of their early releases.

The song was released right after Everlong and continued on the sincere and dour tone that the preceding single had established. However, the lyrical content was a bit less personal as this time around, the song is about everyday, ordinary heroes who make life possible.

As such, the song has been co-opted by professions like teachers, fire-fighters, and emergency workers, and is regularly used when describing them. Grohl also co-wrote this song alongside fellow guitarist Pat Smear and Bassist Nate Mendel.

This track was one of the biggest indications that the Foo's music would be more sincere and less ironic like Grohl's previous band, Nirvana.

6. All My Life

Release Date:September 24, 2002
Parent Album:One by One

All My Life is a Grammy-winning song by the Foo Fighters. It was the lead single from their fourth album, One by One.

The track was originally meant to be an instrumental, but as the group kept playing around with the track, it gradually evolved into the bombastic song we now know as.

The meaning of the record is a bit lascivious as the singer stated that the song is all about how much he loves pleasuring his partner orally whenever they are intimate together. Overtly, it is about giving someone the kind of pleasure they will remember for the rest of their lives if done right.

The song was such a success that it went on to win a Grammy Award in the category of Best Hard Rock Performance. Plus, it spent 10 weeks at the top spot of the Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart in the US.

7. Walk

Release Date:June17, 2011
Parent Album:Wasting Light

Walk is the most recent Foo Fighters song on this list. It was released in 2011 from their seventh studio album, Wasting Light.

The song, and the album itself, was a sort of back-to-basics project for the band. As the world was moving away from Rock music and focusing more on Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B, the Foo wanted to make a record that was the sort of grassroots Rock that Dave cut his teeth on.

The lyrical content of the song largely revolves around that topic, as it is about the singer desperately stating that they're starting their life over to do what they want to do.

Walk was a huge success and won two Grammy Awards, one for Best Rock Performance and another for Best Rock Song. It also topped the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs and the UK Rock & Metal charts.

8. Everlong - Acoustic Version

Release Date:1998
Parent Album:N/A

Everlong is such a great song that even its acoustic version charts high. However, due to its uniqueness, many fans view it as a separate entity.

As the name suggests, the song is an acoustic version of the original track, with just Grohl on the guitar and vocals. The reason why this version sticks out so much to the listeners is that, without the bombastic of the backing band, the lyrics of the track, and its meaning really shine through.

In a recent performance of the song, back on March 20, 2021, Grohl did a performance of it where he spoke some more about the track, opening up about the feelings he felt during the writing process of the whole thing.

It is precisely because of that sincerity and openness that the song now lives as two separate but amazing entities.

9. Monkey Wrench

Release Date:April 28, 1997
Parent Album:The Colour and the Shape

Monkey Wrench is the lead single from their stellar sophomore album, The Colour and the Shape. Like Everlong, it is about the dissolution of his first marriage.

However, unlike its sister single Everlong, this track is more angry and raucous, but it matches the subject matter of the other single because here too, the blame for the relationship falls on the singer rather than their partner.

Grohl has described the song's meaning as realizing that all the problems you face in a relationship are due to your own fault and that you're hurting your partner. So, at the end of it, you have to let them go to free them from your problems.

While Pat and Nate, who both co-wrote the songs, are present playing their respective instruments, Dave does the vocals, guitars, and drums.

10. Times Like These

Release Date:January 6, 2003
Parent Album:One by One

Times Like These is one of the best Foo Fighters album songs. It is the fourth track from their fourth album, One by One.

The song's lyrics are about feeling out of sorts as it was written during a three-month hiatus from the band when Dave wasn't feeling like himself. The song's lyrics also reference Husker Du, one of Grohl's favorite groups.

As with Everlong, the song is known for its acoustic version as well, but that one has not been released as its own thing. Instead, it is part of the three music videos the band released for this song.

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