Who Is Pavel Sfera? Look-Alike Of U2 Singer Bono Is Rumored To Be "The Secret Half Brother"

Pavel Sfera at Romania AU Talent 2018
Pavel Sfera at Romania AU Talent 2018( Source : youtube )

Pavel Sfera is the world's best Bono impersonator and tribute artist.

With his musical abilities, he has been enthralling U2 and non-U2 fans for many years. His performance exudes a great love and admiration for what U2 has contributed to the world.

The best U2 tribute group, Desire, is led by Pavel. Major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York are where they hold performances.

Pavel has performed on international tours and frequently sings as a guest vocalist for U2 tribute bands worldwide, such as the well-known Vegas U2 band.

He has also appeared on Romania's Got Talent, where his stand-up performance helped him advance to the following round and astounded his audience.

No, Pavel Sfera Is Not U2 Singer Bono's Half Brother

The lead vocalist of U2, Bono, has spoken out about the discovery of his half-brother, whose existence he had been ignorant of for many years.

Pavel has been a professional impersonator and Bono lookalike for about ten years, but they are unrelated.

The 62-year-old singer said: "I have another brother, whom I love and admire, who I didn't know I had," in an interview with BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

According to the Irish singer-songwriter, he learned about his half-brother in 2000 and is "at peace" with the revelation. He acknowledged that his late mother, Iris, who passed away in 1974, was unaware that her husband had a second kid with someone else.

Bono has a half-brother whom he knew recently, but Pavel Sfera has been popular and known to the U2 singe for a long time. People have seen the similarity almost as long as U2 has existed as a unit. But they are not half brothers.


Pavel Sfera Is An Actor And Impersonator Blessed With Fans' Affection

Pavel has had first-hand experiences of what it is like to have affection showered upon him, to have strangers cry when they have approached him, to have crowds of people sing U2 songs in unison as he walks by, want to touch him, his clothes, and his face, all walks of life wishing him blessings.

As Bono's popularity has crossed the spectrum of multiple generations, multi-cultures, classes of people, languages, and politics, Pavel views it as a privilege to be showered with excessive love. Still, he also understands the obligations, power, and sincerity inherent in all the sincere admiration flowing his way.

Pavel has frequently explained to people and Bono followers that he is merely a lookalike and thanked them for their admiration of a simple-minded man who has come to the world's chalkboard of life and written out the practical recipe for all peoples to love and care for one another in their daily lives.

However, even though people want to think that they are seeing Bono or that Pavel is telling them that he is not Bono, they continue to be skeptical.

He has discovered that it is simpler to share with them right away than to ruin the excitement they are experiencing within.

Pavel Was Born To Romanian Parents

Pavel Sfera, based in Los Angeles, California, was born to Romanian parents.

He is one of the former Yugoslavian republics and immigrated to the USA as a young child.

Pavel has had significant life reflections since the passing of his father in 2001, wanting a greater significance, a more powerful influence, and a more substantial capacity to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone he encounters.

He Is 57 Years Old

According to various sources, Pavel was born in October 1965, making him 57 Years Old as of now.


Likewise, Even in his mid-50s, he is working actively.



Sfera Is Also A Composer And Photographer

Pavel enjoys learning about different cultures, places, and delicacies. He is also a poet, writer, composer, and photographer.

He decided to undertake this to add something to his previous theatrical and musical experiences that did not require much costuming, makeup, or character changes.

His travels have taken him to numerous continents. He has performed live at weddings, business parties, schools, and other special occasions while singing along to U2 songs, playing the acoustic guitar, or singing a cappella.

Pavel has appeared on numerous local, national, and international radio and television shows, been interviewed by multiple newspapers, and been invited to stand in for "Bono" during a Vogue magazine photo shoot in November 2007.

He Has Created U2 Tribute Band For "Bono"

He created his U2 tribute band, began marketing his own "Bono," and has entertained and enthralled crowds with U2 songs of all sizes.

The band's love is like being in a boat down an excellent river choir of angels because no matter how big the crowd, the passion is the same, and the lyrics flow like gospel tunes.


Pavel Is a Social Worker too.

Pavel, like Bono, believes that love permeates everything that moves and that we can float in it through friendships, family, music, humanitarian endeavors, and fortuitous encounters with total strangers.

He has volunteered with nonprofits since the middle of the 1980s, and he shares Bono's conviction that they have a responsibility to help the less fortunate whenever we can. Pavel has volunteered his time in several orphanages in Mexico and Romania to aid the kids there.

Pavel has worked with orphanages in several nations, including the summer of 1991 in Romania, where he assisted orphans with disabilities. Pavel developed and constructed a playground for 300 orphans before leaving the country.

Sfera is a committed humanitarian who uses his skills for a variety of causes, such as helping the poor in the USA repair their homes after natural disasters and educating people throughout the world about the need for sustainable, nutrient-dense food security. 

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