Original Members of The Temptations

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The Original Members of The Temptations are 1. Otis Williams 2. Eddie Kendricks 3. Paul Williams and others. They are a famous 60s singing groups.

The Temptations are a Motown vocal group, well-known for their choreography, unique harmonies, and dress styles. They are the pioneers of psychedelic soul and played a significant role in developing R&B and Soul genres.

Having sold ten million albums the group is counted among the most successful bands in popular music culture. The Detroit-based musicians have released a series of hit singles and albums, among them "Cloud Nine" became their first top 10 hit single.

Throughout their sixty-plus years of journey, they have made four #1 singles and have been honored with three Grammy Awards along with Grammy Lifetime Awards in 2013. For their contribution to the world of music, they have also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1989.

In essence, through their music, they have set a landmark in the music industry and cemented their name as one of the most influential bands of all time.

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Original Temptations Names

Original Temptations Names are 1. Otis Williams 2. Eddie Kendricks 3. Paul Williams 4. Melvin Franklin and others. They started their journey in 1960.

Featuring five male singers and dancers, the group originated under the name 'the Elgins'. Later they settled their title into 'The Temptation' with the following members:

  • Otis Williams - baritone
  • Eddie Kendricks - tenor
  • Paul Williams - second tenor
  • Melvin Franklin - bass
  • Elbridge "AI" Bryant - tenor

1. Otis Williams

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Born Otis Miles Jr., Otis Williams serves as a tenor and baritone in the group. He is the sole original member of the Temptation.

William is also an occasional songwriter and record producer who started his musical career in 1958 as a part of a group called 'The Distant'.

He adopted his mother's maiden name, 'Williams' for his stage name, Otis Williams. He is also co-author of "Temptations", a book that showcases his autobiography and the history of the band.

2. Eddie Kendricks

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Professionally known as Eddie Kendricks, Edward James Kendrick was a popular tenor singer and lyricist of the 60s and 70s eras.

He is better known for his distinctive falsetto singing style and also as a co-founder of The Temptation. He performed as a lead singer from 1960 to 1971. 

Eddie has led many famous songs for the band including "The Way You Do The Things You Do", "Get Ready" and others. As a solo artist, one of the hits includes "Keep On Truckin".

Tragically, in 1992 Eddie passed away due to lung cancer caused by his 30 years of smoking, at the age of 52.

3. Paul Williams

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Paul Williams was a baritone singer better known as a member of The Temptations. He was noted for his unique vocal range during his time.

However, he was forced to retire due to his personal and health problems in 1971. By 1973, he started recording as a solo artist.

William belongs to a family with a musical background, his parents were gospel musicians in a group 'Ensley Jubilee Singers'. He started as a vocalist in a singing group 'The Cavaliers'.

4. Melvin Franklin

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David Melvin English is professionally known by his stage name Melvin Franklin or 'Blues'. He is noted as a talented artist of the 60s and 70s era.

His role as a founding member of The Temptation spanned from 1960 to 1995. He has joined many groups in his career, including 'The Voice Master'.

Franklin passed away in 1995 due to rheumatoid arthritis which caused his heart failure. He and Otis Williams were the only members who never left the band.

5. Elbridge "AI" Bryant

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Elbridge "AI" Bryant is one of the founding members of The Temptations and is known for is known for his role as a tenor singer.

During his early career, he and Otis Williams were together in several groups including Otis Williams & the Siberians, the EI Domingoes, and The Distants.

In 1963, Bryant was fired by the group members due to his volatile and unpredictable behavior. After that, he was recruited into the various singing groups, the Premiers and others.

In 1975 he passed away because of cirrhosis of the liver.

The Temptations Group Members

The Temptations Group Members had various lineup changes. Over the years, more than twenty-five members have been part of the group.

The band's lineup has changed frequently after the departure of Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams. Apart from its original members, other musicians have also contributed to the group's success, some of them are:

1. Dennis Edwards

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Dennis Edwards was a soul and R&B singer and was the frontman of The Temptation since 1968. He has given several hit singles.

He was part of the group from 1968 to 1976, from 1980 to 1984, and 1987 to 1989, replacing David Ruffin. "Live at the Copa (1968)" was the first studio album with Edwards.

In his solo career, he launched a hit single in 1984 "Don't Look Any Further". He expired in 2018, at the age of 75.

2. Richard Street

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Richard Street was a R&B vocalist, mostly popular for his role in The Temptations. His full title is Richard Allen Street.

He was a part of the group from 1971 to 1993 and was also a member of Otis and The Distants in the 50s. He was the first member to actually be a native of the city of Detroit and served the band.

Due to his health issue, Street passed away in 2013.

3. Harry McGilberry

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Harry McGilberry is best known as a R&B and soul singer of the 70s era. He served the bass vocalist for the band The Temptation.

Harry spent eight years of his career in the group, which he joined in 1995. He was fired by the band's lead member Otis Williams in 2003 because of his drug habit.

Later, he became the part of temptation splinter group replacing Ray Davis. He passed away due to an overdose in 2006.

Current Members of the Temptations

Current Members of the Temptations are 1. Terry Weeks 2. Otis Williams 3. Ron Tyson and others. The list of current members are listed below:

  • Terry Weeks - second tenor
  • Otis Williams - baritone
  • Ron Tyson - tenor
  • Tony Grant - tenor
  • Jawan M. Jackson

Besides Williams, all the members have changed, and as of 2023, they continue to perform under the leadership of Williams. The new lineup of the band are:

1. Terry Weeks

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Known as R&B as well as soul musician, Terry Weeks is currently noted for his role as a lead singer of the legendary band The Temptations.

For eight years, he served in the Air Force, and after his retirement in the early 90s, he began singing locally in Alabama. After giving an impromptu audition for the band, Williams selected him.

2. Ron Tyson

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Ron Tyson is popularly known as a vocalist of the 60s band The Temptations. He was recruited into the group in 1983.

Replacing Glenn Leonard, he is one of the longest members of the band till now. Tyson has co-written various songs on the album "Hear to Tempt You".

He was influenced by gospel music since he was young. "Sail Away" was his first recording as a lead vocalist of the group.

3. Tony Grant

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Tony Grant is one of the most solid singers who was a member of the popular vocal group AzYet. He replaced Marios Corbino.

In 2021, he was introduced to the most iconic R&B band of all time by Williams. Grant has also acted as a singer and actor in more than a dozen popular stage plays including the Tyler Perry play and others.

4. Jawan M. Jackson

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Jawan M. Jackson is a bass singer and the newest member of the band. He joined the group in 2022, June replacing Willie Green.

The Motown-based singer made his professional debut with "Motown The Musical" as baritone Melvin Franklin of The Temptations.

Original Temptations Still Alive

The original Temptations Still Alive member is Otis Williams. He is the founder and last surviving member of the Motown vocal band.

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Williams has been a part of the group since its inception in 1960 and has owned the rights to the Temptation name. He has contributed for more than sixty years of his career span to build the group's legacy.

As a member of the band, he continued to perform, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1989 and also received an honorary doctorate from Stillman College in 2006.

The frequent lineup changes in the musicians were quite stressful and troublesome due to which he and his fellow bandmate Melvin Franklin promised each other not to quit the team.

But because of Franklin's health condition, he had to leave the group in 1995, leaving Williams as the only surviving member of the ensemble.

The Temptations Net Worth

The Temptations' Net Worth is $15 million as of 2023. They are a legendary vocal group who are both artistically and commercially successful.

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The Motown group continued to perform with its founder Otis Williams in 2023. They are the best-selling vocal groups of all time and have been listed at number 68 on the list of 100 Greatest Artists of all time by Rolling Stone.

Williams, known as the sole surviving member, has a net worth of $8 million. He with his band members have released a forty-three studio album, having sold ten million records.

Their "Phoenix Rising" album was their first million-selling album which was certified platinum by RIAA in 1999.

Additionally, The Temptations has made a huge impact on R&B and soul music and has been recognized globally. Their remarkable journey in the industry and their financial success make them the most influential band of all time.

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