Nicki Minaj Siblings Names And Ages

Nicki Minaj Sibling Micaiah Maraj is a star in the making
Nicki Minaj Sibling Micaiah Maraj is a star in the making( Source : instagram )

Nicki Minaj Siblings Names And Ages are 1. Jelani Maraj (44) 2. Micaiah Maraj (25) 3. Ming Maraj (17) 4. Brandon Lamar(36).

A world-renowned singer, rapper, and lyrics writer, it is safe to say Nicki is a complete package who can entertain the audience in the best possible way.

She has established her name as the best and highest-selling rapper of all time with hits like Super Bass, Anaconda, Roman Holiday, and more.

Whatever she does, it is from her heart. Being in the music industry and being relevant after all these years is no small feat.

Minaj's straightforwardness, clever lyricism, and unique rapping style propelled her to great heights in the music world.

Nicki's life is a compelling rags-to-riches story. Coming from a broken family, now she has become the richest female rapper.

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How Many Siblings Does Nicki Minaj Have?

Nicki Minaj has four siblings consisting of 1 sister and 3 brothers. One of the brothers is a half-brother named Brandon Lamar.

Nicki with her brother Micaiah [Left], mom and bro Jelani [Right]
Nicki with her brother Micaiah [Left], mom and bro Jelani [Right]( Source : instagram )

Jelani Maraj is the big brother of the singer. Her younger brother is Micaiah Minaj and her only sister Ming is the youngest among all.

Out of the Maraj siblings, Jelani and Nicki had the toughest childhood. Their mom, Carol had to move to the Bronx, New York to complete her college education.

Carol had no choice but to leave her little kids in Saint James, Trinidad along with their grandma. But they were not the only children in the household.

They had to share the home with 11 other cousins. Fortunately, their stay at grandma's did not continue for a long time.

Carol was capable enough to buy a house in South Jamaica, Queens. So, she did not waste any time and took her kids with her.

Then, Nicki and Jelani started living with their mom and dad. The Maraj were not strict parents. They gave their kid the utmost freedom.

The younger brother and sister were born and raised in the U.S. So, they had a smooth childhood as compared to that of their big sister.

How Old Is Nicki Minaj Siblings?

The age of Nicki Minaj siblings ranges from 17 to 44 years old. The age gap between Nicki and her youngest sister is 23.

Nicki at her little bro's 17th birthday party
Nicki at her little bro's 17th birthday party( Source : instagram )

On the 27th of November 1978, Jelani Maraj was welcomed as the firstborn in the Maraj household. Currently 44, Jelani is 4 years older than Nicki.

Micaiah was born on 29 March 1988 as the younger brother of the rapstress in New York City. The 25-year-old has an age difference of 15 years with his big sis.

Ming Maraj, the smallest in the Maraj clan is just a teenager. Born on 7 January 2006, Ming is only 17.

Brandon Lamar is 4 years older than Nicki. Out of all her brothers and sister Brandon seems to be the most distant with Nicki.

Nicki Minaj Siblings Names

Nicki Minaj Siblings Names are Jelani Maraj, Micaiah Maraj, Ming Maraj, and Brandon Lamar. The birthname of Nicki is Onika Tanya Maraj.

Jelani Maraj

Jelani donned a grey suit and Nicki looks gorgeous in a red dress and long ponytail with bangs
Jelani donned a grey suit and Nicki looks gorgeous in a red dress and long ponytail with bangs( Source : instagram )

Nicki Minaj brother Jelani Maraj is close with his younger sister. Nicki attended his wedding held with Jacqueline Robinson in August 2015.

Besides being the guest, the rap icon splurged $30,000 for her dear brother's marriage ceremony per Hello Magazine.

She uploaded a few snaps from Jelani's big day. In the caption, she has expressed her undying love for her big brother.

Per his bio on his Instagram handle @lovelyjelanimaraj4ever2001, he is a certified babysitter. It seems that Maraj is quite inactive on socials since 2018.

Micaiah Maraj

Micaiah and Nikki gives a funny pose as Nikki looks into the camera
Micaiah and Nikki gives a funny pose as Nikki looks into the camera( Source : instagram )

The little brother of Nicki, Micaiah Maraj is an aspiring actor. His mom Carol broke the news on 19 May 2022 through social media.

She highly praised him for his abilities, intelligence and brilliance. Furthermore, Mrs. Maraj boasted how 2 filmmakers found her son to be 'a brilliant actor'.

There are three projects under his belt. The first one is a mini-series titled 'Miasma' released in 2023.

'Cross' and 'The Goddess' are yet to be released. In the first one, he plays Andre, and in the latter, Micaiah will be portraying Mark.

He is an avid music enthusiast adept at playing musical instruments such as drums. Per Famous Birthdays, Micaiah's favorite music artist is Rihanna, one of the best-selling artists of all time.

With love, his mom calls him Caiah. On account of his love life, he has been in a romantic relationship with Ilissa Kemper for a long time.

Ming Maraj

Ming looks adorable in long pigtail braid hairstyle and blue jacket
Ming looks adorable in long pigtail braid hairstyle and blue jacket( Source : instagram )

Ming plays in a girl band. She is quite popular herself with around 118000 followers on Instagram, @mingluanli.

The teenager came into existence 17 years ago as the half-sister of Nicki. The two do not share the same mother but Ming is the spitting image of her sister.

The two not only resemble in look, but they have a loving bond. The Anaconda singer revealed her little sister to the world in 2013 for the very first time.

In 2020, Ming covered the rap part of her sister's song Moments 4 Life. It went viral on the internet.

People were surprised to see the musical talent of Ming. Fans even compared her to Nicki. Besides singing, Nicki Minaj's baby sister is trying her hands in songwriting, and modeling.

Brandon Lamar

Brandon Lamar and his life partner a.k.a his #1
Brandon Lamar and his life partner a.k.a his #1( Source : instagram )

Brandon Lamar is the half-brother of the Queen of Rap. He defines himself as a singer, internationally known rapper, producer, and skater.

On his YouTube channel with more than 6000 subscribers, Brandon has uploaded 82 videos. There are 8 videos of his songs.

Besides, his content includes his skateboarding, his dreadlock journey, and other random stuff. He is also a fitness freak who transformed his body drastically in 3 months.

Lamar regularly updates his socials and gives a glimpse of his interesting life. He is present as @itsbrandonlamar on Instagram with around 1175 posts.

He has a blissful matrimonial life with a beautiful wife. They are blessed with a daughter named Hammer, and a little son, Brandon Lamar Carter II.

Their only son was born in October 2021. The Lamars are a happy and perfect family of four.

Nicki Minaj Brothers And Sisters

Nicki Minaj brothers and sisters are four in number. Nicki has three brothers and only one sister.

Two of her brothers, Jelani and Micaiah share the same mom and dad with her. Ming is her half-sister, and Brandon is her half-brother.

On his social account, once Brandon posted about his father. He revealed that he was adopted.

Nevertheless, Lamar did not disclose who his real father was, but it was apparent from his long cryptic post that his adoptive father was far more important to him than his biological one.

Who Is Nicki Minaj Parents?

Nicki Minaj Parents are Robert Maraj and Carol Maraj. Robert used to work as a financial executive as well as a gospel singer per The Sun.

Carol has taken different jobs throughout her life. She used to be a gospel singer and payroll accountant back when her daughter was not famous.

Currently, she is taking the role of a songwriter and speaker. In May 2022, Maraj started posting songs on her YouTube channel.

These are the songs composed by the multitalented woman:

  • What Makes You
  • Who God Bless No Man Curse
  • Humility Before Honor
  • God Will Turn It Around

In addition, Nicki's mom is a humanitarian who runs the @CarolMarajFoundation. Not only that, she is a DV advocate.

Carol has a busy and thriving life as she is regularly attending events and functions.

Speaking of Robert Maraj, sadly he passed away on February 13, 2021. Unfortunately, he did not have the best relationship with his family.

After his passing, Nicki expressed her grief saying it was devastating. His wife also remembers him and cherishes the good moments.

On the 14th of February 2022, Carol shared a photo of Robert. She noted that he lived in their hearts. She further added that he was missed.

Where Is Nicki Minaj Parents From?

The Minaj parents pose in front of a Christmas tree
The Minaj parents pose in front of a Christmas tree( Source : instagram )

Nicki Minaj Parents are from Port of Spain, the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Robert is half Indo and half Trinidadian.

It means that his ancestors hailed from India. On the other hand, Carol is Afro-Trinidadian making her a descendant of Sub-Saharan Africans.

Despite different roots, both Robert and Carol are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. So, how did Nicki become an American rap-pop superstar?

Actually, her parents migrated to Queens, U.S. after Carol received a green card. At that time the female rap phenom was 5 and her brother Jelani was 9 years old.

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