Top 8 New Album Releases This Week (Including Drake) You Need To Stream Right Now

June 2022 most anticipated album covers
June 2022 most anticipated album covers ( Source : instagram )

The summer is here, and this year has been a renaissance for music and art after the pandemic. Kendrick's new album Miles and Mr. Morales was released after five years. Here are the top ten album releases of 2022 by Drake, Joey Bada$$, and others this week. 

The music released by various artists climbing the Billboard chart ranks includes the album released by artists like Joey Bada$$, Nova Twins, Perfume Genius, Kevin Gates, Yaya Bey, Sound of Ceres, Cola, and Drake. 

Likewise, the blend of genres of hip-hop, Indie, R&B, experimental music, Rap Rock, Indie Rock, jazz, reggae, funk, and blues are integrated into the albums concerning the artist's comfortable genres, which are presented in the platter for the music enthusiast to enjoy. 

Top New Album Releases 2022: From Drake To Joey Bada$$ & Others

The top album released this week brings the flavor of different music brands with their beats and sounds, according to various categories of the musical strains.

Let's see what the internet says about these albums, the critic's appraisal, and the audience reviews for you to enjoy or select according to your taste and preference. 

Drake, a certified superstar with global fans and outreach who have dabbled into experimental music with R&B and rap, has a huge following. His release of Nevermind has been averagely received both by the audience score and critics. 

Similarly, "Farm To Table" by Bartees Strange has a good rating. Its genre is Indie Rock and singer-songwriter, which focuses on the artist's childhood and subtle hints towards religion. 

  •  "2000" by Joey Bada$$ album is considered the best of six albums by commentators and fans of hip-hop. Joey touches on contemporary issues and lets everyone know he is here to challenge anyone in hip-hop.
  • The album "Supernova" was released by Nova Twins and includes Rap rock and industrial rock. The album shows their range and transforms themselves from their previous works. 
  • Notably, another acclaimed album is "Ugly Season" by Perfume Genius. It is not everyone's cup of tea, but the album have secured positive reviews from both user and critics. The music includes art-pop, modern classical, and experimental as its central theme. 
  • Khaza By Kevin Gates has proven himself with hard beats, his songs about his self-reflection and his journey in the industry, the rapper's album's stories continue from his other albums and songs titled "Khaza".
  • "Remember Your North Star" By Yaya Bey and "Emerald Sea" by Sound of Ceres is released by the up-and-coming artists. The genres of these two music albums are R&B or soul and indie pop, respectively. 
  • In general, the album has been acclaimed positively by critics, but user outreach is lacking in these albums. Similarly, Dry cleaning, a band from London, has delivered their new album "Stumpwork."
  • Correspondingly, their music has been well-received by the Indie and rock enthusiasts, the band tends to experiment with their music with ragged guitar sounds and unorthodox vocals, but they seem to be an underground band lacking in avid listeners. 

"Farm To Table" By Bartees Strange: Review

Bartees Strange is an English-born American musician. He is famous for the unique cadence and symphony of his music. His album "Farm To the Table" is the journey of his path and involves his passion, struggles, pain, and rewards. 


The tracklist of his album includes songs like Heavy heart, Mulholland Dr., Wretched, Cosigns, Tours, Hold the Line, We Were Only Close For Like, Escape This Circus, Black Gold, and Hennessy.

Similarly, various critics have given the album high ratings, including the user rating. 4AD releases the album, it is a good one with its aesthetics and ambiance that takes the listeners on a separate journey also meta critics have rated this album 85. 

"Nevermind" By Drake: Review

Introduction to the artist is not necessary, his music is always included in the playlist of our phones. Drake's album Nevermind does not seem to meet the expectations of his users and critics. 


However, sometimes artist releases something personal to them. Drake's work in the album explains his feelings, his motivations, relationships, and clashes with other rappers.

His well-known songs in the album are "Sticky" and "Jimmy Cooks," which are pretty interesting, and Drake uses his rapping skills to his potential without phonetic soundings, but the rest of the songs are not quite up to the mark. 

The tracklist of his album is Falling Back, Texts Go Green, Currents, A Keeper, Calling My Name, Sticky, Massive, Flight's Booked, Overdrive, Down Hill, Tie That Binds, Liability, and Jimmy Cooks; excluding intro. 

Drake's work has not been translated according to the expectations of his fans, his R&B music is redundant, and his beats are not polished; thus, Metacritic's rating for the album is 65. 

Review On "2000" By Joey Bada$$

Rapper Joey Bada$$ is a literary Badass. He has been able to deliver with his album 2000 powerfully. It reflects on the injustices, sufferings, and emotional difficulties due to social and political problems


Tthe album is well-received both by the user and critics. It can be laid-back and polished, but it can hit into different emotional ranges of the artist. 

The tracklist consists of Back On The Set, Oppo*, Lose Control, Nevermind, Head High, Brand New 911*, Badmon, Let it Breathe, The Future*, and The REV3NGE. 

Besides, the songs are short and powerful with solid messages within the music with the ease of subtly and calmly stating the facts; thus, Metacritic has rated the album at 72. 

Review On "Supernova" By Nova Twins

Nova Twins's music is independent. Their music is arising with their separate fanbase. It is a mixture of rap and rock, with the rapping cadence with rock music as the beat. 


Supernova's music is nuanced and underrated. The tracklists include Cleopatra, Antagonist, Fire & Ice, Puzzles, Toolbox, Enemy, Sleep Paralysis, Choose Your Fighter, A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful, and K.M.B. 

However, the band needs to work on the clarity of sounds and beats, but overall it brings aggression and enthusiasm to the listeners, Metacritic has rated this album at 92. 

"Ugly Season" By Perfume Genius Review

Perfume Genius's work is like his name, a genius work, but sometimes, genius can be misunderstood, and they might be ahead of their time. 


Accordingly, it is a similar case with Perfume Genius's artistic pop genre album Ugly. It is a hit or miss. The artist is quite underrated and needs more listeners to decipher his metaphors. He talks about his abusive relationship with his relative, unhealthy body, and hate towards the world. 

Further, his tracklist includes Just a Room, Herem, Teeth, Pop Song, Scherzo, Ugly Season, Eye in the Wall, Photograph, Hellbent, and Cenote.

Besides, his artistic work does seem to evolve and grow jumping into song, as the presentation of the songs is unique. It does have a high user rating of 9.3 and a Metacritic rating of 81. 

"Khaza" By Kevin Gates Review

Khaza states the emotional issue of Kevin Gates, his recent split with his wife is outpoured in the album. It shows the five stages of pain he goes through- they are; resentment, anger, confusion, annoyance, and acceptance. 


Likewise, he states his wife's betrayal and his inability to comprehend his circumstances with his wife by stretching his relationship with her. 

The tracklist of "Khaza" are Big Lyfe, I'm in Love, PTOE, Steppin, Bad For Me, Body, Scars, Mine, Shoot My Shot, One Day, Ups And Downs, Truth Be Told, Free At Last, Hard To Sleep, You, Black Clouds, Plug Cry, and Thinking With My Dick. 

Indeed, the song shows the artist's passion as he is vocal about his personal sadness in the track after going through a breakup. Khaza's Metacritic rating is yet to be updated but he is likely to get a positive reception from his album. 

"Remember Your North Star" By Yaya Bey Review

Yaya Bey is slow it embeds blues and lo-fi music giving the album a unique vibe. The music is a mix of genres as it includes R &B at times but rap is dominant in the album with the kick drum and hi-hat sound. 


The tracklist includes Big Daddy Ya, Libation, nobody knows, alright, neet me in Brooklyn, It was just a dance, pour up, uh uh nxgga, reprise, rolling stoner, don't fucking call me, I'm certain she's there, street fighter blues, mana lover her son, either way and blessing. 

Comparatively, there are 18 songs including the intro, the singer is quite talented in terms of her lyrics, selection of beat, and use of metaphors, verses, and rhymes in the album, Metacritic has dubbed this album of rating 70, and a user rating of 7.6. 

"Deep In View" By Cola Album 

Deep in View is post-rock punk music with punk and neon aesthetic. It provides the ambiance of rage and adrenaline pump. It is a piece of experimental music that delivers a unique flavor to the listeners. 


The tracklist includes Black Curtain, So Excited, At Pace, Met Resistance, Degree, Water Table, Gossamer, Mint, Fulton Park, and Landers. 

The song includes a blend of the musical genres with the simple use of bass guitar with the sounds of kick drums, and arranging the composition in a different position provides a broader experience in the album. 

Metacritic has rated the album 81, but the user score is unavailable. The Australian contras are loved worldwide. 

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