Best National Anthem Performances At Sporting Events

'Bloody Mary' singer Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl in February 2016
'Bloody Mary' singer Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl in February 2016( Source : facebook )

Best National Anthem Performances At Sporting Events were given by artists like 1. Whitney Houston 2. Cher 3. Little Big Town and more.

Sports are extremely popular in America, be it NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA. The regular season of such sports leagues is more like a celebration.

When it is the championship final, everybody is hooked to their TV screen or present at the stadium cheering for their favorite teams.

At such big events, musicians adorn the stage of the sports league to make it more lively and fun.

Meanwhile, National Anthem is performed by prominent singers before kicking off the games. Different sporting events book a variety of talented music artists every year to sing The Star-Spangled Banner.

This is a way to instill a feeling of patriotism in the players as well as the audience. It gives the needed kick to start off any match or game.

Below is a list of the best National Anthem performances given by entertainers at various sporting events:

Best National Anthem Performances At Sporting Events

Artist NameYear
Whitney Houston1991
Little Big Town2022
Faith Hill2000
Zooey Deschanel2011
Marvin Gaye1983
Mariah Carey2002
The Chicks2003
Lady Gaga2016
Jazmine Sullivan2022
Karen Newman1995
Demi Lovato2015
Lady A2018

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1. Whitney Houston At Super Bowl XXV

Whitney Houston arguably gave one of the Best Superbowl National Anthem performances in Tampa Stadium on January 27, 1991.

The first woman to make an appearance at the Billboard 200 mesmerized 73,813 attendees with her inimitable rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

Houston was accompanied by Florida Orchestra and Jahja Ling, the music director that day.

She proved to be lucky for New York Giants that night who emerged victorious against Buffalo Bills, 20-19.

2. Cher at Super Bowl XXXIII

One of the best Star Spangled Banner performances was given by Cher at the Super Bowl XXXIII. Cher is one of the best-selling female artists of all time.

She sang the US National Anthem at Pro Player Stadium on January 31, 1999. Her unique voice and aura on stage proved that she is a legend.

NFL teams Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons fought for the Vince Lombardi Trophy that day, and the former took home the championship title.

3. Little Big Town At 2022 World Series

As Game 2 of the 2022 World Series was about to begin, Little Big Town sang the National Anthem. Little Big Town is a Grammy-winning country group.

All four members of the Alabama-based ensemble Karen, Kimberly, Phillip, and Jimi participated in the event held in October 2022.

They sang before the match was held at Minute Maid Park in Houston between the baseball teams, the Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies.

4. Faith Hill At Super Bowl XXXIV

Faith Hill is a country singer from Louisiana known for songs like Breathe, and The Kiss among others. Faith adorned the stage of Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

Before the game annual league championship was held between Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans, Hill delivered a spectacular performance.

Even her husband, Tim McGraw was impressed by her performance and expressed that it was his favorite Super Bowl National Anthem.

Again in 2009, Faith got the honor to perform at the National Football League's championship game. But that year, she sang America the Beautiful.

5. Zooey Deschanel At Game 4 of the World Series

The Star-Spangled Banner is one of the important songs played at sporting events. 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel performed it at Game 4 of the World Series.

It was the year 2011, and Major League Baseball team St. Louis Cardinals performed against Texas Rangers after Deschanel completed her act.

The main purpose for the '500 Days of Summer' actress to be there was to promote the new season of her sitcom.

Zooey showcased her singing skills in front of thousands of people and became 'America’s sweetheart' in no time.

6. Marvin Gaye At NBA All-Star Game

Marvin Gaye gave one of the best Star-Spangled Banner performances at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game. The sporting event happened at The Forum in Inglewood.

Marvin, who is one of the best male singers of the 70s and 80s took the fans into a frenzy after his amazing show on stage.

He incorporated a drum machine into his act, which elevated further his overall performance. It was The National Basketball Association's All-Star Game, but Marvin took the spotlight.

7. Mariah Carey At Super Bowl XXXVI

The most Awarded female artist of all time Mariah Carey sang the National anthem at sporting events such as the 2002 Super Bowl.

The Louisiana Superdome hosted Carey on February 2, 2002, as New England Patriots went against St. Louis Rams at the arena.

Rolling Stone reports her version of The Star-Spangled Banner to be one of the most memorable Super Bowl National Anthems.

As the phenomenal performer that she is, Carey did not miss hitting the glass-shattering note. Even Billboard found it to be a 'stunning rendition'.

8. The Chicks At Super Bowl XXXVII

The Chicks sang the Star Spangled Banner next year live at the 2003 NFL championship. It was organized at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.

One of the most famous female trio bands of all time, the Chicks harmonized and gave their best on the stage. The magic of their performance enchanted everybody present at the arena.

Most recently, the ensemble was spotted at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. They performed their rendition of Star Spangled Banner.

9. Lady Gaga At Super Bowl 50

At Super Bowl 50, pop icon Lady Gaga performed the US National Anthem before the championship kicked off.

Often her singing gets shadowed because of her enigmatic fashion sense. But that was not the case in 2016.

The Academy Award-winning singer-turned-actress did a great job at the sporting event. The audience Lady Gaga sang from the heart, and they enjoyed every ounce of it.

5 years later, the Grammy sweeping popstar sang The Star Spangled Banner again during the inauguration of newly elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

10. Jazmine Sullivan At World Series Game 5

Star Spangled Banner sporting events performances consist of Jazmine Sullivan. Jazmine sang the National Anthem at the World Series Game 5.

Earlier in 2021, she also performed at the Super Bowl. At both sporting events, she gave an immaculate performance.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Sullivan has already proven her mettle as a singer and songwriter.

Her journey in the music scene began in 2008. Sullivan's first album 'Fearless' earned acclaim getting nominations for multiple Grammys.

11. Karen Newman At Detroit Red Wings Game

Karen Newman worked as the official anthem singer for the NHL franchise Detroit Red Wings for over 3 decades.

Her 1995 rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner played at the Western Conference Finals was a big hit.

Over the years, she became an integral part of the Detroit Red Wing's home games.

Today, Karen is a full-fledged singer with 5 CDs. In Detroit, Michigan, she is a well-known celebrity.

12. Demi Lovato At MLB Playoffs

Demi Lovato gave one of the best national anthem performances in 2015 at the MLB Playoffs. The game was held at the Citi Field located in New York City.

Lovato, whose album 'Confident' had just come out captivated the attendees of the annual championship series of Major League Baseball.

The World Series Game Four between Kansas City Royals and New York Mets happened after her powerful performance came to an end.

Demi looked incredible in a red dress and short hair while performing.

13. Slash At NHL Playoffs

One of the best national anthem performances of all time was given by Slash at the Staple Center, LA. Slash was the guitarist of Guns And Roses.

It was the Game 3 in the NHL Conference Finals, where Chicago Blackhawks were opposite Los Angeles Kings.

Being a member of the rock band, Slash's style and swag were inevitable at the event. It was not a regular way in which the National Anthem was sung but it was different and impactful.

Everybody found the rendition of Slash to be unforgettable.

14. Lady A At NHL Playoffs

Lady Antebellum, now mostly known as Lady A sang The Star Spangled Banner song prior to the Game 5 scheduled between Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets.

The country group members, Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood sang the song at the National Hockey League Playoffs organized in May 2018.

Kelley made a small mistake. But despite that, the multi-Grammy-winning ensemble made the event memorable with their act.

15. Beyoncé At Super Bowl XXXVIII

Beyoncé gave one of the best National anthem performances at Super Bowl XXXVIII in the year 2004. The event was held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

The former Destiny's Child member, Beyoncé sang The Star-Spangled Banner prior to the match between Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots.

She had tied her hair in a ponytail, and worn an ivory suit. The Single Ladies singer looked fabulous while giving a high-powered performance.

Besides NFL, Beyoncé graced the stage of the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, and Super Bowl XXXVII Pregame Show among others.

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