My Digital Escape Members Ages

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My Digital Escape Members Ages are BryanStars (33), Alex Dorame (25), Luke Wale (31) and more. They are a scene/emo YouTube/Music Group.

Jordan Sweeto (31), Kyle David Hall (25), Shannon Taylor (26) and Johnnie Guilbert (26) are the remaining members.

Firstly, Johnnie and Bryanstars started working on a YouTube project named My Digital Escape in December 2013 alongside Alex, Kyle, and Jordan.

Later, My Digital Escape moved to Australia where they started a channel on November 28, 2014. Unfortunately, they broke up on May 14, 2016, directly after their tour.

Again, the members started a new music channel later in 2016. It is named Our World Away, which is currently on Hiatus. They are popular among many emo, scene, and punk kids and teens with currently 526,000+ subscribers.

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What Is My Digital Escape?

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My Digital Escape is a collaboration YouTube channel of 7 emo/scene young adults based in Australia.

It is a collab channel made up of many great YouTubers who create videos on both this channel and their personal channels.

The channel cast members were YouTubers in their late teens and early twenties, who still haven't moved on from their 14-year-old emo and scene phase. Some members often make videos together.

Their content ranges from challenges to inspirational videos to humorous skits. Their intention in making videos was to help angsty scene kids with their problems but ended up making videos of them acting like 5-year-olds.

They appear to be very cool and their videos make you feel better about yourself. Founded in November 2014, it quickly became a fan-favorite in the alternative music scene, particularly among teen girls.

My Digital Escape reached close to one Million Subscribers within approximately one year.

They even made appearances on the Vans Warped Tour that consistently drew some of the longest meet-and-greet lines, and headlined town hall-style tours of their own.

My Digital Escape Members

My Digital Escape Members are Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guilbert, Alex Dorame, and Kyle David Hall. The former members include BryanStars.

My Digital Escape Members NameAge
Jordan SweetoAugust 13, 1992 (31)
Johnnie GuilbertAugust 28, 1997 (26)
Alex DorameMarch 25, 1998 (25)
Kyle David HallJune 21, 1998 (25)
BryanStarsMay 22, 1990 (33)

Jordan Sweeto

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Jordan is an Australian-based pop-rock musician. He uploaded his first YouTube video on September 12, 2009. 

All Time Low, Owl City, and Metro Station remain his favorite bands and musical influences.

He also makes animation meme compilations on his main channel as his second channel is for his Minecraft videos and his third channel for all his animations.

He has a girlfriend whose channel is named Wolfychu. In 2020, he debuted as a Vtuber with his avatar drawn by Wolfych.

As of 2023, his channel has 1.26 M subscribers and over 141 million views.

Johnnie Guilbert

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Johnnie is a solo acoustic musician. He released his first indie album, Not So Perfect, in November 2015.

Fello YouTubers inspired to create his own channel. And he uploaded his first video ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!!! Johnnie Guilbert VLOG #1 on November 16, 2013.

After My Digital Escape broke up he is no longer in the collab channel Our World Away.

As of 2023, his channel has 1.2 M subscribers and over 140 million views.

Alex Dorame

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Alex is an American YouTuber who started her career by publishing videos to her self-titled channel in August 2014.

Within 3 months she accumulated more than 25,000 subscribers. To date, her channel largely features vlogs and has more than 450,000 subscribers.

Alex has been a part of the disbanded collaboration channel My Digital Escape and a part of the inactive collaboration channel Our World Away.

Kyle David Hall

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Kyle is a YouTuber with the self-titled channel. He has amassed over 190,000 subscribers to date.

His personal journey growing up is documented in his channel. With over 370,000 followers he is extremely popular on Instagram.

He was featured by My Digital Escape and in 2017, he briefly collaborated with Our World Away.


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Better Known by his online name BryanStars is an American former music interviewer, YouTube Personality, musician, and artist manager.

His real name is Bryan Odell. Odell after dropping out of University focused on his YouTube Channel and won YouTube NextUp in 2011. 

In 2017, he revealed his homosexuality on his YouTube channel. After considerable controversy, he stepped back from his social media ventures, specifically his YouTube channels.

Since then he is no longer active in any channels or social media.

My Digital Escape New Members

My Digital Escape New Members are Luke Wale, HeyTherelmShannon, and Jake Bateman.

My Digital Escape New Members NameAge
Luke WaleOctober 2, 1991 (31)
HeyTherelmShannonJuly 22, 1997 (26)
Jake BatemanJuly 7, 1997 (26)

Luke Wale

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Luke is an Australian YouTube vlogger, artist, musician, photographer, gamer, and streamer of Hungarian descent.

At the age of 16, on November 12, 2007, he joined YouTube and began posting vlogs, skits, parody music, and original music.

In January 2015, he joined My Digital Escape. Along with the members of the collaborative channel, he posted fun weekly videos on various topics.

Outside of YouTube he actively posts on Instagram, Twitter and Live Streams on Twitch.


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HeyTherelmShannon is a YouTube sensation who creates hair tutorials and vlogs. Her real name is Shannon Taylor.

She created her channel on July 24, 2010. With rose popularity since then, she has more than 6,00,000 subscribers to date. Also, being a pop singer she became a vocalist for New Pollution in 2018.

In 2015, she joined the collaborative channel. In early 2017, she released the EP Two-Faced.

Along with that, she has also been open about her struggles with mental health and Alopecia on her YouTube channel.

Jake Bateman

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Jake is widely known for his ybnotv channel's content. He began his YouTube channel on May 19, 2013.

He has amassed more than 160,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Additionally, he has also gained popularity with 110,000 followers on Instagram.

He and Johnnie Guilbert formed the band Til Death Do We Part in 2017. Later in the same year, he became a part of the collaborative channel Our World Away.

He along with Johnnie runs a prolific YouTube commentary channel.

My Digital Escape 2.0

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My Digital Escape 2.0 is a relaunch of the channel with all 6 team members except BryanStars.

Bryan was basically the Leader of the team and Johnny claimed that he got bigger with fame and started mistreating all the team members.

Even several allegations like becoming manipulative to other members were on Bryan which led him kicked out of My Digital Escape, eventually they broke up and formed My Digital Escape 2.0

The channel featured its cast members from 2014 until May 2016 when Bryan, Johnnie, and Alex appeared in the video and abruptly announced that they were saying goodbye.

After the announcement on May 14th, 2016, the popular cast went their separate ways. Even the cast members believed this was the last time any content would be uploaded to the channel.

On September 26, 2016, a video was uploaded to the My Digital Escape YouTube Channel titled Please Stand By.

The video mentioned a date 09/28/16 leading to speculation that the channel would relaunch on that date. According to multiple former members of the channel, this was an indication that the channel would return.

My Digital Escape Merch

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My Digital Escape Merch includes Polyvore featuring tops, t-shirts, white tops, digital t-shirts, white tees & more.

The channel stopped uploading in May 2016. It reached 800,000 subscribers and 100 million views by that time.

As it was popular among many emo, scene, and punk kids and teens indeed made the merch items popular too.

Since My Digital Escape is not currently active as of 2023, its merch items are also not available at the moment.

Previously, the collection of My Digital Escape Merch items was available at

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