Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs Of All Time [ Updated 2023 ]

Michael Jackson is a musical icon who transcended generations and genres of music.
Michael Jackson is a musical icon who transcended generations and genres of music.( Source : instagram )

Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs Of All Time are 1. Billie Jean 2. Beat It 3. Thriller 4. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough, 4. Rock With You, and more.

The King of Pop whose music surpasses generations remains immortal in our memories irrespective of his physical absence. His remarkable influence on pop culture and music remains commendable.

Jackson's songs remind us of how much of an influential figure he was and still is to this day. His iconic songs sing praises of his illustrious career trajectory.

From disco beats to the haunting lyrics of the notable song Thriller, Michael's inclusion of diverse genres has helped him forge his name in the music scene.

All of Michael Jackson's songs are undoubtedly a masterpiece; however, in the article, we present you the top ten Michael Jackson songs on the basis of Spotify streams.

Top 10 Songs Of Michael Jackson

SongsSpotify Streams
Billie Jean1,374,703,316
Beat It876,916,670
Smooth Criminal556,881,282
Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough406,519,017
Rock With You370,077,887
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)330,065,662
They Don't Care About Us272,640,103
Black or White189,532,600

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1. Billie Jean

Released On:January 2, 1983
Spotify Streams:1,374,703,316

Billie Jean is the most streamed of all of Michael Jackson songs. It is the second single from Jackson's sixth studio album Thriller.

The song, penned by the singer himself, is about a girl who claimed to be the father of her child. However, the truth is Michael rarely spoke to that woman.

Jackson had a difficult time with the abrupt attention brought in by the claims. To sum it up, Billie Jean is Michael's way of expressing his feelings without directly addressing her.

The RIAA Diamond-certified song peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number one. Not to mention, the single grabbed numerous awards including two of eight Grammy Awards.

Jackson didn't uncover any significant details about the real Billie Jean besides addressing her with the name in the lyrics of the song below:

She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a sceneThen every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the oneWho will dance on the floor in the round

2. Beat It

Spotify Streams:876,916,670
Released On:February 14, 1983

Beat It is high on the list of songs of Michael Jackson. It was released on February 14, 1983, as the second single from Michael's sixth studio album.

The second single followed the success of previous ones like The Girl Is Mine and Billie Jean. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number one.

The official music video features Michael bringing two gangs together through the power of dance and music. It has accumulated over 932 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics go like this:

You better run, you better do what you can
Don't wanna see no blood, don't be a macho man
You wanna be tough, better do what you can
So beat it, but you wanna be bad

3. Smooth Criminal

Spotify Streams:556,881,282
Released On:November 14, 1988

Smooth Criminal is high on the top ten Michael Jackson songs. It is also one of his darkest songs.

The song showcases the scene of a crime; a dark story of a woman named Annie being attacked in her apartment. This 1998 released song doesn't throw metaphors, leaving hearers to figure out the meaning on their own.

Although the upbeat tempo of the song might not seem to vibe with the subject matter; it perfectly captures the energy of seeking to help Annie with a violent crime which is evident in the lyrics below:

Annie, are you okay?
Will you tell us that you're okay?
There's a sign in the window
That he struck you - a crescendo, Annie

Smooth Criminal peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number seven. It is an RIAA double Platinum-certified, BPI, and IFPI Danmark Platinum-certified, FIMI, BVMI, and AMPROFON Gold-certified album.

4. Thriller

Spotify Streams:480,790,653
Released On:November 29, 1982

Thriller comes from the best of Michael Jackson album with an eponymous title. It was released as the 7th single from the album in 1984 in the US.

Music critics lauded Jackson for the release of such an outstanding album. The album successfully spent 37 non-consecutive weeks on the US Billboard Top LPs & Tapes at number one.

The video accompanying the song remains the most notable MV in pop culture to this day. Released over a decade ago, the official MV has cumulated over 900 million views on YouTube.

By the end of 1983 with recorded sales of 32 million copies across the globe, Thriller made history as the best-selling album of all time. In total, the album has sold 70 million copies across the world.

5. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Spotify Streams:406,519,017
Released On:July 10, 1979

Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough is a single from Jackson's fifth studio album released on July 10, 1979. The singer himself penned this iconic song.

The lyrics go like this:

… You know, I was
I was wondering, you know
If you could keep on
Because the force
It's got a lot of power

It was Michael's second single to peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at number one following Ben, his first solo #1 hit on the chart of the Billboard Soul Singles.

The single received several certifications including 5x Platinum from RIAA, Platinum from BPI, RIAA, and ARIA, and Gold from IFPI Danmark and FIMI.

Nick Saxton directed and produced the music video for the single which premiered in October 1979. As of 2023, the accompanying official MV has garnered over 358 million views.

6. Rock With You

Spotify Streams:370,077,887
Released On:November 3, 1979

Rock With You is the second single from Michael's fifth studio album titled Off the Wall. Rod Temperton boasts the credit for writing this iconic song.

The single speaks about taking a relationship to another level with the hopes of being together forever. The lyrics below render the utmost desire for a night of unrestrained dancing and bliss

I wanna rock with you (all night)
Dance you into day (sunlight)
I wanna rock with you (all night)
We gon' rock the night away

This 1979 released single was re-released as part of the Visionary: The Video Singles box set on February 27, 2006. Rolling Stone included the song at number 354 on its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Michael performed Rock With You for the first time on Jackson's Destiny World Tour. The music video featuring Jackson in a sparkly sequined suit has gained over 312 million views on YouTube.

7. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Spotify Streams:330,065,662
Released On:September 19, 1983

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) is the sixth single from Michael's sixth album titled Thriller. James Ingram and Quincy Jones penned this eminent song.

The song lyrically talks about a man's attempt to woo a young woman he is attracted to. In the first narrative form, the singer speaks about how he will take care of her and how they will have quality time.

Don't you know now is the perfect time?
We can make it right, hit the city lights
Then tonight, ease the loving pain
Let me take you to the max

The single released on September 19, 1983, made it to the Billboard Hot 100 at number 10. So far, this remarkable song has been covered by several coveted artists including Kanye West, Justin Guarini, and Monica.

8. Bad

Spotify Streams:279,631,586
Released Date:August 31, 1987

Michael Jackson's iconic song Bad was released on September 7, 1987. Distributed via Epic Records, the song lauded positive reviews from critics.

Wrote and recorded by the King of Pop, the inspiration behind the song comes from a true story of a young man who attended private school to escape poverty but ended up getting killed.

The commercially successful song received Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Bad peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number eight on October 10, 1987.

9. They Don't Care About Us

Spotify Streams:272,640,103
Released On:April 16, 1996

A list of the best Michael Jackson songs of all time undoubtedly includes They Don't Care About Us. It was released on 16 April 16, 1996.

Released as the fifth single from his ninth album titled HIStory: Past, Present, and Future Book I. The song remains as Jackson's one of the most controversial pieces ever created.

Regardless of controversies, the single got successful to become a top ten hit in European countries. Likewise, it peaked at number one in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Hungary.

They Don't Care About Us pinnacle on the UK Singles Chart at number four and successfully maintained its position at the chart for three months.

In April 2023, the defiant protest anthem hit 1 billion views on YouTube. The song marked a record as the legend's second to annex the elite club on YouTube, following Billie Jean with over 1.3 billion views.

10. Black or White

Spotify Streams:189,532,600
Released On:November 11, 1991

Black or White is a song distributed via Epic Records in 1991. This legendary song peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at #1 on December 7, 1991.

This 1991 remarkable song was released as the first single from the legend's eighth album titled Dangerous. It acquired 3x Platinum certification from RIAA, 2x Platinum from ARIA, Platinum from RMNZ, and gold from BVMI, RIAJ, and more.

Black or White with the elements of hip hop, dance, and hard rock acquired favorable reviews from the critics. The official accompanying MV released 13 years ago has over 437 million views.

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