Original Members Of The Village People

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Original Members Of The Village People are Victor Willis, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley & more. To date, the group only has one original member, Victor still active.

One of the disco's most enduring legends, The Village People, have been on the music scene for almost 40 years now.

This group is known for its on-stage costumes and suggestive lyrics in their music. The group's characters were symbolic of American masculinity and macho fantasy personas.

As the group started being popular they moved into the mainstream, scoring several disco and dance hits internationally.

Their biggest hit includes Macho Man, In the Navy, Go West, and Y.M.C.A.

Recently as of December 2019, the band has been putting out new music. They released the group's first single, Happiest Time of the Year.

The song peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts making it the band's first Top 20 hit in 40 years.

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Village People Original Members

Village People Original Members are Victor, Felipe, Alex, & more. Many original members left the group in hopes of embarking on a solo career.

Victor Willis (AKA The Policeman)

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Victor Willis born in Texas is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is also a founding member of the disco group Village People.

As Wills was the son of a Baptist preacher he developed his singing skills in his father's church.

He is recognized as their lead singer and also was the co-songwriter for all their most successful singles.

The group's first album was released in 1977 which contained the hit San Francisco. In 1979, Wills left the group but returned in 1984 for the album Fox on the Box.

Felipe Rose (AKA the Native American)

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Felipe Rose is an American musician and original Native American Taino/ Lakota member of the group. Rose was a member of the group from 1977-2017.

In 2018, Rose subsequently launched a solo career and released the single Going Back to My Roots.

Now recognized as a solo artist he is out with a new international dance single Dance Again: Life After Lock Down which was written by Rose during the global pandemic.

Alex Briley (AKA the G.I./Sailor)

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Alex Briley is an American singer. He is also an actor, known for for Can't Stop the Music (1980), Santa Barbara (1984), and New York, New York (1967).

In early age, he used to sing in church. Later he was introduced to Jacques Morali by Willis.

Then, he originally performed in jeans and a T-shirt in 1978 and in 1979 he appeared as a sailor when the group recorded In the Navy.

Since then he has been the GI in The Village People for its entire history.

Mark Mussler (AKA Construction Worker)

Mark Mussler was a singer, make-up artist, and original member of the group. He was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana.

In 1977, he was introduced by the producer of Village People at the famous Studio 54 in Manhattan.

Mark was a member of the group when they made their debut on American Bandstand in 1977.

After a year of joining the group, he was replaced by David Hodo. He worked as a freelance make-up artist until he died from AIDS in 1987.

David Forrest (AKA Cowboy)

David Forrest was also one of the past members of the Village People.

He appeared on American Bandstand in 1977 along with other members of the group.

Also, he appeared in the video for the group's hit San Francisco (You Got Me).

Peter Whitehead

Peter Whitehead was one of the group's early songwriters. He wrote the lyrics for the group's first album.

Subsequently, Wills took over writing duties for the group's biggest hits in 1978.

Similar to Mark and David, Peter also appeared on American Bandstand in 1977 along with other members of the group and in the video for the group's hit San Francisco (You Got Me).

Lee Mouton (AKA Biker)

Lee Mouton is also one of the past members of the Village People.

Along with Mark, David, and Peter, he also appeared in American Bandstand and in the video for the group's hit.

He served as a Leatherman/Biker of the group for only one year;(1977-1977)

Members of Village People

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Members of Village People reached the count 23 from 1977 to 2023. To date, many of the original members have left the band.

The band was assembled in 1977 and managed by two French musicians, Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo.

Since then the group had 13 lineups. The longest lineup of the group was from 1995-2013.

The group members during that lineup were Ray Simpson as a Cop, Felipe Rose as a Native American, Alex Briley as a GI/Sailor, Eric Anzalone as a leatherman, David Hodo as a Construction Worker, and Jeff Olson as a Cowboy.

The group took a hiatus in 1985 but reunited in 1987 with the lineup of Randy, David, Felipe, Gleen, Alex, and Ray.

Out of the original lineup, Victor and Glenn are straight while Randy and Felipe are known to be openly queer.

The Village People Names

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The Village People's Names along with their active years in the band are mentioned below:

Village People MembersActive Years
Victor Wills1977-1979, 1984-present
Glenn Hughes1977 – 1996
Lee Mouton1977 – 1977
Mark Lee1982 – 1985
Mark Mussler1977 – 1978
Miles Jaye1983 – 1984
Peter Whitehead1977 – 1977
Randy Jones1978 – 1991
Ray Stephens1985 – 1985
Alex Briley1977 – 2017
David Hodo1977 - 2013
Eric Anzalone1995 - 2017
Felipe Rose1977 - 2017
G. Jeff Olson1980 - 2013
Ray Simpson1980- 2017
Bill Whitefield2013 - 2017
Jim Newman2013 - 2017
Sonny Earl2017 - 2018
Angel Morales2008-2010
Chad Freeman2017- 2020
James Kwong2017- Present
Jeffrey James Lippold2017- Present
James Lee2018-Present

The Village People Ages

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The Village People Ages are listed below:

Village People MembersBirth
Victor WillsJuly 1, 1951 (72)
Glenn HughesAugust 21, 1951 (72)
Randy JonesSeptember 13, 1952 (71)
James LeeJune 9, 1988 (35)
Miles JayeNovember 12, 1957 (65)
Ray SimpsonJanuary 15, 1954 (69)
Felipe RoseJanuary 12, 1954 (69)
Alex BrileyApril 12, 1947 (76)
James KwongN/A
Jeffrey James LippoldN/A
Dave ForrestN/A
Lee MoutonN/A
Peter WhiteheadN/A
Ray StephensDecember 14, 1954 (69)
Mark LeeN/A
G. Jeff OlsonN/A
David HodoJuly 7, 1947 (76)
Eric AnzaloneOctober 6, 1965 (57)
Bill WhitefieldN/A
Jim NewmanMay 13, 1964 (59)
Sonny EarlN/A
Angel MoralesN/A
Chad FreemanN/A

The Village People Now

The Village People Now includes Isaac Lopez, James Lee & more. Victor is the only original member steering the band into a new decade.

James Lee (AKA GI)

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James Lee known as a member of the rock band, Royal Pirates is a Korean-American musician. He joined the band as a bassist in September 2009.

Later, he left the band in 2017 to pursue a solo career and became popular for his hit There's No One Else.

Since 2018, Lee is also a member of the Village People.

J. J. Lippold ( AKA Leatherman)

J. J. Lippold is an American theater, Film/TV Actor, Singer, Dancer, and Martial Artist. His full name is Jeffrey James Lippold.

He has served in the US Navy and split his duty time with the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.

His versatility in the character made him known as The Chameleon. Only the hardcore fans recognize him from role to role.

Since 2018, Lippold is a member of the Village People as Leatherman.

James Kwong (AKA Construction Worker)

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James Kwong is a Top Real Estate Advisor and Agent with Premier Elite Realty. He has also been an actor for 25 years.

As an actor, he has numerous credits and has been in over 100 commercials.

His investing knowledge and 23 years in the entertainment business have allowed him to excel when it comes to finding the right opportunity for his clients.

Since 2017, James is also a member of the world-famous Village People as a construction worker.

Nicholas Manelick (AKA Cowboy)

While Victor is the only one to have stuck with the group there are always new and promising performers to fill roles.

The current teams of the Village People include Nicholas Manelick as the Cowboy since 2021.

Isaac Lopez (AKA Native American)

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Along with other new performers, Isaac Lopez also joined the village people in 2021.

Village People Net Worth

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Village People's Net Worth is estimated to be $ 479.6K as of 2023. The estimated earning ranges from $ 419.7K-$ 554.6K.

Victor Willis' net worth is $30 million. To this day he earns a lucrative income stream from royalties and publishing related to his hit songs.

These songs are frequently used in everything from Broadway musicals, commercials, slot machines, and television and movie streaming.

As of 2023, James Lee's estimated net worth ranges from $1-5 Million at the age of 31 years. He earned the money being a professional Rock Singer.

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