Melanie Martinez Portals Songs List In Order

Martinez promoting her album Portals (2023) in her social media. The artist have more than 13 million followers in her Instagram.
Martinez promoting her album Portals (2023) in her social media. The artist have more than 13 million followers in her Instagram.( Source : instagram )

Melanie Martinez Portals songs list includes tracks like Death, Void, and Tunnel Vision. Melanie Martinez is a New York-based singer and songwriter.

The 27-year-old singer was a Voice contestant in the 2012 season though she lost the contest to Jermaine Paul. She was eliminated in the top six, her last performance was on the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

The artist released her debut album Cry Baby in 2015 which has since been certified double platinum. She then released her follow-up K-12 in 2020,  which was certified Gold in USA and UK. 

The release of her second album also included the release of a musical film of the same name, which was as lauded as the album. 

After a two-year hiatus, the singer recently released her album titled Portals. Here are the album's songs in order:

Melanie Martinez Portals Songs In Order

Melanie Martinez Portals songs in order are based on her best-performing tracks in descending order.

The album is produced by Atlantic Records and includes her singles Death and Void. The artist's 13-song tracklist of her album Portals is as follows;

  1. Death
  2. Void
  3. Tunnel Vision 
  4. Faerie Soiree
  5. Light Shower
  6. Spider Web
  7. Leeches
  8. Battle of the Laryn
  9. The Contortionist
  10. Moon Cycle
  11. Nymphology 
  12. Evil
  13. Womb

1. Death

Melanie Martinez - DEATH (Official Music Video) ( Source : youtube )

The first verse of the Portals' song "Death's" lyrics goes like this:

They're craving my name in the grave, again:

The flowers are fresh and their faces wet.

Death is one of the two singles released by the artist prior to the release of her album. It was the second-highest charting song on Spotify with 1.737 million streams.

The song peaked at position 95, it was her first song since 2012 to feature on Billboard Hot 100


2. Void

Melanie Martinez - VOID (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The 2nd track of Portals album is "Void," the song's few lines of the first verse go like this,

I'm spinning round the corner

It's tasting kind of lonely

And my mind wants to control me.

Chart Data stated on Twitter, that Void has reached the top 7 in the US Spotify chart with 1.18 million total streams in the last three days. The song has accomplished more than 3.2 million views only a few days after its release.

3. Tunnel Vision

Melanie Martinez - TUNNEL VISION (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The song, Tunnel Vision, starts slowly with an enigmatic horror theme and concludes with the R&B song.

The play of piano and rhythm guitar along with electro music just pops off the song.

It has received more than one million streams on Spotify and is nearly five minutes long. The lyricists of the song include Martinez, Jeremy Dussolliet, and Tim Sommers. 

4. Faerie Soiree

Melanie Martinez - FAERIE SOIRÉE (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Faerie Soiree's lyrics of the first verse go like this:

I Know how to make you go crazy every day Ooh-ah, Ooh ah

Tease your mind and trick you, you really wanna stay."

The song has received more than one million views in the last three days, the track is positively received by the audience. The singer has yet to release an official video for her song. 

5. Light Showers

Melanie Martinez - LIGHT SHOWER (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Light Showers's first verse lyrics go like this:

You are light, I've been searching for forever feels like man, I've really never felt the rain

The slow guitar teases the song to be like any other "Indie Song" but the guitar rhythmically fits the tone of the song and the unique voice provides better synergy from the song. 

6. Spider Web

Melanie Martinez - SPIDER WEB (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Spider-Web stars like:

I move like a moth or a butterfly craving a change in the wind

I swirl by all the insects and all the flies watching the cycle they're in

The song already streams nearly a million times on Spotify. It is well-received and praised as the artist makes people relate to the elements of creepy insects with the listener's life circumstances. 

7. Leeches

Melanie Martinez - LEECHES (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The song, Leeches, was written by Martinez, and Simon Rosen.

The lyrics for the song go like this

Leeches surrounded conscience is throbbing

They can't sleep at night, hold their pillows tight

The song's Spotify streams are more than 600k, it is likely to reach a million streams in a few days. The singer explains the characteristics of the leeches and relates them to human behavior in her song. 

8.Battle Of The Larynx

Melanie Martinez - BATTLE OF THE LARYNX (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Battle of the Larynx's lyrics goes like this:

Falling asleep by the arcade Liquor it jumps off your tongue

You used all your words for a quick game Blew it all before you won

The song is one of the best-performing songs on the album. The singer provides a unique analogy of the larynx's battle with alcohol and details the aftermath too. 

9. The Contortionist

Melanie Martinez - THE CONTORTIONIST (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The Contortionist presents a dark theme with unique music that is quite riveting.

Its lyrics go like this:

Twisted all my limbs for you

Tow of them in knots

And two of them in loops

Ribbons tied around like a noose.

The song is an ode to horror fans who are likely to enjoy the dark and enigmatic theme of the song. 

10. Moon Cycle

Melanie Martinez - MOON CYCLE (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The lyrics of the Moon Cycle go like this:

Why do you always act so serious?

I said, Baby boy, you know I'm on my period yuh 

He bit the cherry down he's delirious.

In this song, Melanie utilizes the stereotype of women who are considered to be hyper-sensitive during their period.

The song puts emphasis on women's pain, it gives insight into the female's struggle like the song, "Too much Labor" by Paris Paloma. 

11. Nymphology

Melanie Martinez - NYMPHOLOGY (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The song, Nymphology, is written by Martinez, Baran, Nick, and Long

The lyrics for the song go like this:

Call me Your nymph, praise me for martyr

Praise me for sin

Call me your muse

A sprite or an elf you cry to then use.

The artist's song center's around a feministic theme and the compulsion and aggression faced by the women in their intimacy. The song expresses the grief of females who suffers from injustice in their own relationship, marriage, or intimacy.

12. Evil

Melanie Martinez - EVIL (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The song Evil's lyrics go like this:

You called the other day, I stayed away:

I left your shit on read, four times today. 

The singer speaks about the feelings of being mistreated and conceited thus she plays an Uno reverse by projecting similar feelings which are expressed in the song. 

13. Womb

Melanie Martinez - WOMB (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

The song, Womb, begins with the best jingle, and later an electric sound of guitar and bass which highlights the pre-chorus of the song. 

The lyrics of the song go:

A seed in mother and I chose that space for me

Little does she know it's free, ooh yeah.

The song pays homage to all the mother and their children, and the singer speaks about the biology of the womb and the difficulties faced by women during gestation. 

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