List Of MSC Cruises Cruise Ships Newest To Oldest [In Order]

MSC has 22 ship in its lineup
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MSC Cruises ships newest to oldest ranks from MSC Euribia to Armonia. These ships have distinguishable traits that all the passengers love.

MSC Cruises is the world's biggest privately held cruise operator, operating 21 cruise ships. MSC is one of the world's fastest-growing cruise businesses, with cruise ships all around the world.

The ships range in size from the 65,542-ton Lirica class, which debuted in 2003, to the 215,000-ton World class. The bulk of MSC cruise ships operates in Europe, with an increasing number of Caribbean sailings.

Newer ships may also be more accommodating to multigenerational families, with additional family accommodations and suites. The newest ships also feature a lot of kid-friendly amenities and cutting-edge experiences on board.

Below is a list of all MSC cruise ships from newest to oldest. The list will be updated as new ships are added to the fleet and older ships are decommissioned.

MSC Cruise Ships List

MSC EuribiaJune 2023
MSC Seascape2022
MSC World Europa2022
MSC Seashore2021
MSC Virtuosa2021
MSC Grandiosa2019
MSC Bellissima2019
MSC Seaview2018
MSC Seaside2017
MSC Meraviglia2017
MSC Preziosa2013
MSC Divina2012
MSC Magnifica2010
MSC Splendida2009
MSC Fantasia2008
MSC Poesia2008
MSC Orchestra2007
MSC Musica2006
MSC Opera2004
MSC Lirica2003
MSC Sinfonia2002
MSC Armonia2001


MSC seascape cruise is the cruise line's second Seaside EVO-class ship. In November 2022 the 170,400 Gross Ton ship joined the fleet.

The ship, which joins MSC Seashore in the same class, has almost 42,000 square feet of outdoor area.

It is one of the newest cruise ship in the MSC line up
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During the time aboard, its cutting-edge design provides an immersive experience that mixes leisure, entertainment, and world-class dining with stunning sea vistas.

Guests will sense an unrivaled proximity to the water, transforming your time at sea into a really unique and rejuvenating experience.

2. World Europa

The World Class launched in late 2022 with the lead vessel being the MSC World Europa cruise ship. This cutting-edge ship will provide a genuinely unique experience.

The ship is the brand's first LNG-powered new cruise ship, offering the latest in water recycling and purification, as well as newer, quieter motors that will be less disruptive to ocean species.

This ship was launched in the late 2022
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The ship includes 13 dining options, a 341-foot promenade with breathtaking ocean views, and the longest dry slide at sea.

The design of the ship also incorporates the most recent water recycling technology to filter wastewater and propellers designed to decrease underwater noise in order to protect marine species.


On May 20th, 2021,MSC Virtuosa the Meraviglia Plus subclass ship was launched. It has a gross tonnage of 181,541 and can transport 4,842 people at double capacity.

The name MSC Virtuosa is derived from the word virtuoso, which means "highly skilled in any field of activity. It was chosen to honor the skill and expertise of MSC Cruises' architects and shipyard partners at Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique who designed and built this innovative class of ships.

Virtuosa has one of the best outdoor swimming pool in the ship
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This new cruise ship, together with her sister ship MSC Grandiosa, is one of the two largest in the MSC Cruises fleet, with an astonishing variety of guest amenities all working in perfect harmony to give the best cruise holiday experience.

4. Seashore

MSC Seashore is the next step in the growth of her Seaside-class sisters, MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview.

The ship's public spaces have been fully rebuilt to enhance the aboard experience, and it has been enlarged and upgraded with additional entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, outdoor areas, and more cabins and public space.

Seashore resting on a port before its tour
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MSC Seashore, the first of two enhanced Seaside EVO-class ships, is outfitted with cutting-edge environmental technologies to improve energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the revolutionary MSC for Me technology enhances the onboard experience by connecting passengers, staff, and venues via interactive touchscreens around the ship, interactive cabin TVs, and the MSC for Me app.

5. Grandiosa

Building on the success of her sister ships MSC Grandiosa provides even more public space. It also has a number of intriguing improvements to its predecessor.

Guests of the Aurea Experience may enjoy the benefits of flexible eating and unlimited beverages in a specialized restaurant.

Grandiosa has one of the best lighting in the cruise line
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MSC Grandiosa's first voyage took place on November 10th, 2019. This Meraviglia Plus subclass ship has a gross tonnage of 181,541 and a length of 1,087 feet. MSC Grandiosa can transport 4,842 people at full capacity.

The Galleria is ideal for dining, shopping, mingling, or simply soaking in the distinct ambiance at any time of day. When the sun goes down, it takes on a new life, with LED dome performances, concerts, discos, and late-night celebrations.

6. Bellissima

MSC Bellissima debuted in March 2019 as the company's second Meraviglia class ship.

The largest LED dome at sea, a chocolate factory, an indoor basketball court in the sports zone, and an astonishing water park are all features of this 4,500-passenger smart ship.

Bellissima has water park and aqua slides
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It has a remarkable assortment of amenities that rivals MSC Meraviglia. MSC for Me technology connects you to other guests, the staff, and the ship itself.

In addition, every stateroom will include the world's first digital cruise assistant, Zoe, a voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence gadget. The two-deck interior promenade also has a magnificent 262-foot-long LED dome.

7. Seaview

The MSC Seaview cruise experience is all about connecting you with the world around you, from the sea to the sky.

Whether you're sunbathing by one of the pools, strolling down the coastal promenade, eating under the stars, or resting with a treatment in the luxuriously outfitted MSC Aurea Spa, you'll always be surrounded by stunning vistas.

View from the MSC Seaview cruise balcony
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The Sunset Beach Pool, which is connected directly to the top deck by two panoramic lifts, provides lots of sunbathing space as well as amazing views out over the rear of the ship and across the lake.

The multi-level glass-walled atrium, which spans four decks, is a unique and evocative entertainment area for live music and other events.

8. Seaside

The MSC Seaside ship began operating for MSC Cruises in November 2017. It was declared the hottest cruise ship of the year.

Passengers may now take advantage of the greater outside area on the open deck's thanks to the revised design. "The ship that follows the sun" is the name given to the vessel at its christening in Miami, Florida.

Seaside has been  declared as the hottest cruise of the year
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The revolutionary sun loungers that were specially created to provide visitors the possibility to stay close to the pool like never before are what make the distinctive Miami Beach Pool on deck 16 so exceptional.

This pool offers stunning sea views and, of course, plenty of room for sunbathing.

9. Meraviglia

The biggest ship ever constructed by MSC was the MSC Meraviglia cruise. At the time of her first voyage in May 2017, the ship weighed 171,598 tons

It was the fourth-largest cruise ship in the world. 4,500 persons may be accommodated on Meraviglia.

New itineraries on board the MSC Meraviglia are now available for booking. They range from the picture-perfect beaches of Bermuda, The Bahamas, and Florida with late-night stops in Miami and Port Canaveral, to the magnificent autumn foliage of Canada and New England.

This is the biggest ship constructed by MSC
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The MSC Meraviglia is loaded with exceptional amenities for the ideal at-sea experience.

With brand-new panoramic spaces, an inventive ocean-view lounge, a two-deck "inside promenade" with an LED dome, and a stunning amusement area connected to an outdoor water park, you can experience fine dining and out-of-this-world entertainment.


As the fourth ship of the Fantasia class to make its debut, MSC Preziosa did so in March 2013. The vessel is an improved version of the original MSC Fantasia and weighs exactly 139,400 tons like MSC Divina.

There is a world of entertainment for youngsters of all ages, from the splash-filled games and fun of the Doremi Castle kids' aqua park to the high-speed thrill of Vertigo.

It is one of the longest water slides on the seas, to the teens-only nightclub and video arcade.

It made its debut on 2013
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The most discerning customers can choose the luxurious suites and butler service of the MSC Yacht Club, a "ship within a ship" with specialized amenities including a panoramic bar, à la carte restaurant, private pool, and sun terrace.

11. Divina

The first upgraded Fantasia class ship with MSC was the Divina. The 3,500-passenger vessel made its premiere in June 2012.

The ship took her design cues from Sophia Loren, offering all the glitz and glamor of the heyday of cruise ships while incorporating cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies.

Divina has an amazing interior
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MSC cruises overboard discover every contemporary convenience on board, as well as a range of sports and leisure options and top-notch entertainment, including kids' and adolescent clubs to keep everyone amused.

12. Magnifica

MSC Magnifica is the fourth ship of the Musica class. It was commissioned in March 2010.

The 95,128-ton ship cost $547 million to build and has a maximum passenger capacity of 2,550.

Magnifica has already completed one round-the-world voyage and will set sail for a second in 2020. The themed areas on board MSC Magnifica will appeal to kids of all ages, even teens.

It is one of the most crowded cruise in the ocean
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Additionally, the daytime activities offered by kids' clubs are perfect for helping youngsters establish friends and break the ice.

13. Splendida

The 137,936-ton MSC Splendida, the second ship of the Fantasia class, made its debut in July 2009.

Splendida was substituted for Serenata in order to better convey the ship's beauty and elegance. A wide range of recreational facilities are also available, including four swimming pools, a running track, a squash court, and a cutting-edge gym.

 Splendida made its debut in 2009
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After working up a sweat, you can unwind with indulgent Balinese massages, thalassotherapy, cutting-edge beauty treatments, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a whirlpool, and a solarium at the MSC Aurea Spa.

The guest can use the Top 18 sun deck's beautiful sea views, specialized spa service, and bar menu, which includes complimentary fruit skewers, to sunbathe in peace and seclusion. Children and teenagers may also take advantage of wonderful amenities and clubs of their own.

14. Fantasia

The 3,300-passenger, 133,500-ton MSC Fantasia made its debut in December 2008. It is the company's biggest and most avant-garde cruise ship.

 It marks a brand-new class for the quickly expanding company, along with sister ship MSC Splendida, which was released a year later.

It is an fantastic ship for couples
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 The MSC Fantasia is a stunning ship, to put it simply. Cruise lines use the word "beauty" a little too often, but Fantasia is unique. The public spaces and cabins have brilliant colors without even a touch of gaudiness, while the atrium area is spacious and rises five levels.


The cutting-edge MSC Poesia cruise ship combines traditional craftsmanship with original features to create a sophisticated look.

You'll enter a sophisticated, comfortable environment as you embark. The MSC Poesia is a ship that delivers an incredibly inspirational cruise experience, regardless of whether your motive for coming on board is a family holiday, a luxurious treat, or a romantic getaway.

It has a traditional looking interior
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You have access to a wide range of entertainment options from the minute you get up until you go to bed.

The option is yours to participate in sporting events, attend dancing courses, see Broadway-style theatrical performances, have a wild time at themed parties, or try your luck in a casino!

16. Orchestra

MSC Orchestra guarantees your ideal voyage by combining large, beautiful rooms with diversity. On this cruise, you can make life aboard exactly what you want it to be.

If unwinding in the sun or at the excellent Body and Mind Spa, which offers luxurious Turkish baths, saunas, and a variety of amazing massages, is your aim, there is plenty of deck space available.

It defines the class of luxury on the cruise segment
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Sports Center with Gym, 5 beautiful pools, and even a jogging track are available for those who like to be active while enjoying the cool sea wind.

17. Musica

A vast universe of beautiful lines and exceptional choices was introduced by MSC Musica.

This new class of cruise was enhanced by the inventiveness, exquisite natural materials, and attention to detail that have always marked MSC Cruises.

Musica on the private island on the Caribbean
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From the central foyer's three-tier waterfall to its transparent piano that floats suspended on a crystal floor over a pool of shimmering water, life aboard is exquisite from the moment you come on board.

Whether you're enjoying live music in the opulent Crystal Lounge or dancing to a band, the designer spaces on board are equally stimulating.

18. Opera

Entering MSC Opera is like setting sail on a voyage of discovery even before it leaves port. With its outstanding assortment of additional amenities, it is even more prepared to meet all demands

For the pleasure of our visitors, we have installed roomy new cabins with balconies. 

This cruise ship has travelled the world
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To provide an even wider selection of delectable foods, we've expanded the restaurant and buffet sections. 

19. Lirica

MSC Lirica offers you a distinctive cruise experience along traditional lines that is focused on elegance, comfort, and hospitality. 

With breathtaking interior panoramas from the foyer and unobstructed ocean views from the lounges' floor-to-ceiling picture windows, there is a general feeling of openness and relaxation.

This cruise provides comfort with elegance
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However, there are also many cozy areas, such as the exclusive Beverly Hills Bar or the Lord Nelson Pub, which are ideal for a drink before a show. On this eco-ship, tradition and modernity coexist. 

20. Sinfonia

Stepping on board MSC Sinfonia is like setting sail on a voyage of discovery even before it leaves port. With its outstanding assortment of additional amenities, the ship is even more prepared to meet all demands.

For the pleasure of our visitors, we have installed roomy new cabins with balconies. 

Sinfonia resting in the Bahamas
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There are three quick and simple methods to make a reservation: inquire at the Reception, utilize the touch displays on the various decks of the ship, or connect to the free onboard wi-fi network with your smartphone or tablet.

21. Armonia

The MSC Armonia, one of the ships that initially presented MSC Cruises' distinctive blend of traditional Mediterranean elegance and innovative design,

It is now better suited to meet every demand. So before you even set sail, climb aboard and go on a discovery-filled journey!

Sunset seen from MSC Cruise
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They have created fun new play spaces on MSC Armonia for youngsters of all ages with the assistance of esteemed partners like Chicco, LEGO®, and Namco®. The family will have a ton of fun at the outdoor spray park.

22. MSC Euribia - The New Ship

The Greek goddess Eurybia inspired the name of the ship MSC Euribia.

This name supports the ship's mission to master the deployment of cutting-edge sustainable technology to safeguard and maintain the priceless marine ecosystem.

It is the newest ship launching in June 2023
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Additionally strengthened are the ship's remarkable new characteristics. For the first time, the hull itself is a work of art, in addition to the countless original pieces of art that adorn the decks.

Families may enjoy fresh and interesting entertainment thanks to the additional amenities. Seven rooms on board the MSC Eurasia are entirely devoted to entertaining kids and teens of all ages.

More than 100 hours of live entertainment are scheduled at MSC Cruises' clubs for children and teens each trip.