Liquicity Festival Returns To Geestmerambacht Netherlands Welcoming Fans From All Over The World!

Liquicity festival for three full days promoted by Liquicity label.
Liquicity festival for three full days promoted by Liquicity label. ( Source : liquicity )

Liquicity Festival 2023 Lineup includes 1. Pendulum 2. Andy C 3. Dimension. Learn about Liquicity Festival Timetable (Schedule), Merch And Line Up 2023.

The name, Liquicity, refers to the Dutch liquid drum and bass record label that sponsors the musical fete. It is one of the biggest festivals.

Similarly, it is one of the biggest attractions for international tourists to make it to the Dutch. The conception of Liquicity started from a Youtube channel, where the founder Maris conceptualized developing a sound with Drum & Bass. 

It has attracted multiple fans and enthusiasts from all over the world. Individuals have invested their time and effort in developing the sound; thus Liquicity festival is the celebration of that testament. 

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Liquicity Festival: What To Expect Regarding Schedule And Timetable?

Liquicity festival is an intimate gathering on the weekend by more than 10,000 people. The festival includes food, music, and outdoor adventure.

The Liquicity Timetable for 2023
The Liquicity Timetable for 2023( Source : instagram )

The Liquicity festival of 2023 is the 7th edition of this festival. The drum and bass fans from all over the world are not disappointed in this fest. The musical carnival lasts for three days, from 21st to 23rd July. 

The musical concert and festival were in Oudkarspel, Netherlands. It is only forty-five minutes away from Amsterdam. 

The concert is segregated into three timetables: Galaxy, Solar, and Lunar. Each timetables has their own musical acts and extends from Friday to Sunday.

Liquicity Festival Merch 2023

Liquicity Festival Merch 2023 consists of everything from Hand Fans to T-Shirts. They can be found on the Festival's website.

A sample of Liquicity Festival Merch 2023
A sample of Liquicity Festival Merch 2023( Source : liquicity )

The website will show that there are 5 pages worth of merch to buy for fans of the fest. They range anywere from 9,99 for Hand Fans to 49,99 for Hoodies.

Here is a sample of 10 merchandises from the site:

  • Hand Fan Galaxy Blue - 9,99
  • T-Shirt T&Sugah SKY -  19,99
  • Flag Rainbow Globe -  19,99
  • Longsleeve Astronauts - € 29,99
  • Sweater Retro - € 39,99
  • Sweater Planets - € 39,99
  • T-Shirt Traveler - € 24,99
  • Snapback Rainbow Globe - € 29,99
  • Socks Logo Black - € 9,99
  • Pillowcase Blue - € 9,99

Liquicity Festival Lineup 2023

Complete Lineup
Complete Lineup( Source : instagram )

Liquicity Festival Lineup for this year are 1. Pendulum 2. Andy C 3. Dimension 4. Hybrid Minds. As always, they are split by days.

The Artists Performing On Friday Are As Follows:

Friday Lineup
Friday Lineup( Source : instagram )


  • Operator 21
  • Hugh Hardie
  • Voicians
  • Whiney
  • Polygon
  • Hybrid Minds
  • Delta Heavy
  • Koven


  • ADI J
  • Vandera
  • Low:R
  • Sektor & Subsequent
  • Ramses B
  • Bastion
  • Boxplot
  • Krakota
  • 1991


  • MOD
  • Auris
  • Command Strange
  • Sili
  • Lens
  • Lenzman
  • A.M.C
  • Serum

The Artists Performing On Saturday Are:

Saturday Lineup
Saturday Lineup( Source : instagram )


  • Shapeless
  • Iyre
  • Edlan
  • Pola & Bryson
  • Fox Stevenson
  • Maduk
  • Friction
  • A.M.C
  • Pendulum


  • Styke
  • Yue
  • Humanature
  • Fava
  • Method
  • T & Sugah
  • K Motionz
  • Feint
  • Jon Void
  • Culture Shock


  • Tuscon
  • Rueben
  • Waeeyz
  • Hiraeth
  • Zero T
  • Halogenix
  • Skeptical
  • Levela
  • Break

The Artists Performing On Sunday Are As Follows:

Sunday Lineup
Sunday Lineup( Source : instagram )


  • Voxi
  • Leniz
  • Telomic
  • A Little Sound
  • Lexurus
  • S.P.Y
  • Dimension
  • Andy C


  • Zazu
  • Flint & Figure
  • Artino
  • Technimatic
  • Maduk Only Set
  • NCT
  • Subsonic
  • Fox Stevenson
  • Andromedik


  • Halfway Crook
  • Solr
  • Dilemma
  • Coco Bryce
  • Fabio
  • Kasra
  • Document One
  • Mandidextrous
  • Gladde Paling

Liquicity Location And Tickets, Is This Festival Cashless?

The Liquicity festival is celebrated yearly in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. The carnival was sponsored in an open space of Wagenweg 16, Oudkarspel. 

Liquicity festival location and the artist Dustkey performing in the location.
Liquicity festival location and the artist Dustkey performing in the location. ( Source : youtube )

The three-day festival provided exceptional entertainment, excluding the drum and bass mixes presented by the artist. Other activities such as comping, silent disco, hot tubs, volleyball field, arcade &games, mega twister were also available. 

The presale tickets on Friday and Saturday were € 59.99, and on Sunday, the ticket price was € 54.99. Likewise, a three-day ticket plus camping cost was € 109.99. The service fees were included in the prices. 

Indeed, the tickets were cashless. The festival had its particular currency known as LIQ, where everything was paid with the new money of the fest. Also, 1 LIQ = € 3.33, and the card started with a balance of -0.5 LIQ for the newcomers. 

However, those individuals' balance started from 0 LIQ for those who were not newcomers. The cashless system was operated in past years to the present. 

Also, tickets would exclude the camping charges for people who had their accommodation and were not seeking camping facilities. 

The number of visitors to the festivals was more than 9,000. The average age of the attendees in male was 30, while the average age of women was around 25. 

Other Recreational Activities Offered In The Festival

The other festival activities include Arcade tent, Silent Disco, Food Court, Ball pit, Merch, Silent Area, Friends Zone, Bar, Food Court, and Lockers room.

Map of Liquicity fest with detail information about the recreational activities.
Map of Liquicity fest with detail information about the recreational activities. ( Source : liquicity )

Other sports activities such as volleyball, pool, indoor gaming, and golf course were other activities available to the attendees at the festival.

Basic facilities such as restrooms, lockers, phone charging stations, and health facilities were present to fulfill the necessities of the concertgoers.

Besides, other apparent requirements such as a food court, bar, wedding chapel, oasis tent, wellness center, pool, and shopping were according to the convenience of customers.

Similarly, for kids, there was the watchtower, arts, and crafts, face painting, shopping, and gaming center as well. The Liquicity fest did not lack in fulfilling the expectation of its customer.

The festival's site was huge, with abundant space for parking, camping, renting, and enjoying the atmosphere of the fest.

How To Get To The Liquicity Fest?

The Liquicity festival's sponsors made available a shuttle bus whose cost was around €12.99 with a return ticket. Another option was for individuals arriving internationally.

The attendees arriving from Schiphol airport could take the train from Zaandam station to Alkmaar station for € 9.50.

Similarly, people take a bus from Eindhoven airport to the Station of Eindhoven to reach Alkmaar station. After landing at Eindhoven airport could take the mentioned route. The cost for the travel is around €22.50.

Taking a train from Central Station of Amsterdam to Alkmaar station is only €7.60, and attendees could reach the fest in 35 minutes.

There were various options for individuals traveling from international to national in the fest. Despite the festival being in Netherland, there were only a few artists from Netherland.

The primary audience at the fest were Europeans who could have a great time in the concert while camping and enjoying the excursion in the vast festival space.

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