Lana Del Rey Albums In Order [ Ranked From Oldest To Newest ]

Lana attending the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony
Lana attending the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony( Source : facebook )

How Many Albums Does Lana Del Rey Have? Lana Del Rey has nine studio albums alongside 4 EPs, 38 singles.

Here we rank Lana Del Rey Albums In Order Of Release Date.

Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Lana Del Rey is one of the most influential singers known for her songs which deeply encapsulate themes of tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia.

Amongst her 9 studio albums, Del Rey boasts three top 3 albums in the Billboard 200, including two chart-topping albums.

Rising to stardom in 2011, she has since been a recipient of numerous awards including two Brit Awards, two Billboard Women in Music, and two MTV Europes Music Awards amongst many others.

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Lana Del Rey Albums In Order

Lana Del Rey Albums In Order include 1. Lana Del Rey 2. Born to Die 3. Ultraviolence and more. Her first studio album was released on January 4, 2010.

Studio AlbumRelease Date
Lana Del RayJanuary 4, 2010
Born to DieJanuary 27, 2012
UltraviolenceJune 13, 2014
HoneymoonSeptember 18, 2015
Lust for LifeJUly 21, 2017
Norman F**king Rockwell!August 30, 2019
Chemtrails over the Country ClubMarch 19, 2021
Blue BanistersOctober 22, 2021
Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean BlvdMarch 24, 2023

Since her first record deal with the label 5 Points, Lana's nine studio albums have accrued over 15.5 million album sales solely in the US.

Her debut studio album, Lana Del Rey, was a huge commercial disappointment and the album was pulled from retailers since the label couldn't fund it anymore.

Eventually, Lana's breakthrough arrived in 2011 with the viral success of her single "Video Games", after which she signed a record deal with Polydor and Interscope.

Her first major label debut album, Born to Die, became a critical and commercial success, debuting on the Hot 100 chart at number 2 and ultimately topping the chart.

In 2020, her sixth studio album, Norman F**king Rockwell, garnered a Grammy nomination for the Album of the Year, but lost to Billie Eilish's When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Lana Del Rey New Album Release

Lana Del Rey New Album was released on March 24, 2023. It is her ninth studio album and is titled Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
The Grants18 Million
Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd60 Million
Sweet12 Million
A&W75 Million
Judah Smith Interlude6 Million
Candy Necklace16 Million
Jon Batiste Interlude6 Million
Kintsugi9 Million
Fingertips8 Million
Paris, Texas33 Million
Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing10 Million
Let The Light In29 Million
Margaret10 Million
Fishtail12 Million
Peppers33 Million
Taco Truck x VB17 Million
Issued via Interscope and Polydor Records, the production of the album was handled by Lana alongside Jack Antonoff, Benji, Zach Dawes, Drew Erikson, and Mike Hermosa.

Album cover for Lana's recently released album
Album cover for Lana's recently released album( Source : twitter )

The album was preceded by three singles prior to its release:

  • The Title Track -  December 7, 2022,
  • A&W - February 14, 2023.
  • The Grants - March 14, 2023.

Departing from her signature colorful language and world-building themes, found in her previous titles, the album relies upon a process she describes as "automatic singing", singing whatever came to her mind.

As for its commercial performance, the album debuted at the top spot on the UK Albums Chart, while it opened at number three on the US Billboard 200, recording sales of 115,000 album equivalent units to date.

Does Lana Del Rey Write Her Own Lyrics?

Yes, Lana Del Rey writes the majority of the lyrics to the songs by herself.

While the singer has first written credits across all her albums, she isn't necessarily the only contributor to her songs sharing writing credits with at least one person in each of her recordings.

Judging by her interviews, Lana writes a set of her own lyrics, then arrives a the studio to share the song with the producers, which often leads to the producer's replacing a few lines to make the song fit for the audience.

Lana also said that she came up with every single word on her debut studio album, Born to Die, except for a single phrase "Diet Mountain Dew", which was a suggestion.

To sum up, Lana comes with her own lyrics but the music is written by the producers. The melody comes first after which she adds the lyrics to the song with the help of her producers to bring it to life.

Lana Del Rey Most Popular Songs

Lana Del Rey Most Popular Songs are 1. Summertime Sadness 2. Young and Beautiful 3. Video Games and more.

Throughout her library of more than 150 songs, only 15 have managed to enter the Hot 100 charts, with only 2 making it to the top 10.

  • Summertime Sadness
  • Young And Beautiful
  • Video Games
  • Doin' Time
  • Brooklyn Baby
  • West Coast
  • Snow On The Beach
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Don't Call Me Angle (Charlie's Angel)
  • Say Yes To Heaven

While she has definitely spawned some memorable and iconic hits, none of the tracks have managed to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart to date.

The pop ballad "Summertime Sadness" is arguably Lana's greatest hit ever, reaching number one in several countries. It is also her most streamed song on Spotify amassing over 925 million plays.

Lana Del Rey Album Covers

Lana Del Rey Album Covers all consist of a picture of herself in the artwork.

Each of her cover artwork is meticulously designed to create a visual representation that complements the overall mood and concept of the album.

Lana Del Ray

Album cover for Lana's first studio album
Album cover for Lana's first studio album( Source : twitter )

Born to Die

Artwork for Lana's second abum Born to Die
Artwork for Lana's second abum Born to Die( Source : twitter )

The artwork was designed by Landa Del Rey herself, alongside French artist and photographer Nicole Nodland.


Album cover for Ultraviolence
Album cover for Ultraviolence( Source : twitter )

Ultraviolence album cover was created by British fashion photographer Neil Krug, known for his retro-inspired aesthetics.


Album cover for Honeymoon
Album cover for Honeymoon( Source : twitter )

The album cover artwork was photographed by Lana Del Rey's sister, Caroline "Chuck" Grant.

It shows the singer posing aboard a Starline tour bus that traverses the city of Los Angeles.

Lust for Life

Album cover for Lust for Life
Album cover for Lust for Life( Source : twitter )

The artwork for the album was designed by Mat Maitland and Markus Baga of Big Active.

The cover showcases the singer leaning against a truck with a dreamy California backdrop.

Norman F**king Rockwell!

Norman F**king Rockwell! album cover
Norman F**king Rockwell! album cover( Source : twitter )

The album cover for Norman F**king Rockwell was also shot by American photographer and filmmaker Caroline Grant, also Lana's sister.

It features the singer alongside Duke Nicholson, grandson of Jack Nicholson, on a joyous boat trip.

Chemtrails over the Country Club

Chemtrails over the Country Club album cover
Chemtrails over the Country Club album cover( Source : twitter )

Chemtrails over the Country Club album artwork was photographed by Neil Krug, which features a group portrait of Lana and her friends in a vintage-style setting.

Blue Banisters

Blue Banisters album cover
Blue Banisters album cover( Source : twitter )

The cover depicts Del Rey relaxing on a porch between her dogs, Mex and Tex, who are mentioned in the album's title track.

When Did Lana Del Rey Debut?

Lana Del Rey made her debut in the music scene with the release of her debut studio album, Born to Die, in January 2012.

The album makes her official introduction as a recording artist under the moniker Lana Del Rey. Prior to that, she independently recorded music under her birth name, Lizzy Grant, during which she also released an EP titled, Kill Kill.

However, it was with the release of Born to Die, that she garnered substantial attention and recognition throughout the world.

In the late 2000s, her image and career trajectory was a topic of speculation by many critics, noting the differences in her perceived persona as Lizzie Grant and as Lana Del Rey.

The album's popularity catapulted Lana Del Rey into the mainstream music industry, and she has since continued to put out critically acclaimed albums and establish herself as a prominent figure in the pop music scene.

Lana Del Rey Genre of Music

Lana Del Rey Genre of Music can be described as a fusion of several musical subgenres, primarily with roots in indie pop, alternative pop, and dream pop.

Her musical style incorporates influences from various other genres such as rock, trip-hop, baroque pop, and sadcore.

The singer has cited a wide array of musical artists who have influenced her musical composition, including numerous jazz, pop, and blues performers from the mid-1900s, such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Nina Simmone, and Elvis Presley amongst many others.

Lana Del Rey performing at a concert
Lana Del Rey performing at a concert( Source : twitter )

While Lana Del Rey's music is often associated with a laid-back and introspective mood, she also integrates more uptempo and energetic tracks in her discography, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Overall, Lana Del Rey's musical genre can be described as a unique blend of indie pop, alternative pop, and dream pop, characterized by her distinctive vocal style, introspective lyrics, and atmospheric production.

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