Original Members of Kool And The Gang

Members of the veteran American R&B/soul/funk band Kool & the Gang.
Members of the veteran American R&B/soul/funk band Kool & the Gang.( Source : liveabout )

Original members of Kool And The Gang are Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, Robert Mickens, Dennis Thomas, Ricky West, Charles Smith, and George Brown.

The R&B/soul/funk band formed in 1964 has fourteen current members. Kool and the Gang's first success came following the release of their fourth album Wild and Peaceful in 1973.

They entered a phase of decline prior to entering a period of second commercial success between 1979 and 1986. The band has racked up several coveted awards and accolades including two Grammy Awards and seven AMAs.

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Kool And The Gang Band Members Names And Ages

Kool And The Gang band members ages range between the 60s and 70s. The band has been active for over half a decade.

Robert and George are the only members from the original lineup. Sadly, some of them are no longer among us.

The original lineup of the veteran American band included:

  • Robert 'Kool' Bell - 72 years old, October 8, 1950
  • George Brown- 74 years old, January 5, 1949
  • Ronald Bell - 68 years old, Born: November 1, 1951, Died: September 9, 2020
  • Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas - 70 years old, Born: February 9, 1951, Died: August 7, 2021
  • Robert "Spike" Mickens - 59 years old, Born in 1951, Died: November 2, 2010
  • Charles Smith - 57 years old, Born: September 6, 1948, Died: June 20, 2006
  • Ricky West - 42 years old, Born: May 7, 1943, Died: 1985

Whereas, Kool and the Gang's current members include:

  • Michael Ray - 70 years old, December 24, 1952
  • Curtis Williams - 61 years old, December 11, 1962
  • Walt Anderson - Birthday: September 22
  • Rick Marcel - N/A
  • Jirmad Gordon - N/A
  • Jermaine Bryson - N/A
  • Kevin Bell - N/A
  • Shelley Paul - N/A
  • Lavell Evans - N/A
  • Timothy Horton - N/A
  • Shawn McQuiller - N/A
  • Louis Van Taylor - N/A

As shown, not every one of the current members' age or birthday is known.

Lead Singer JT Taylor

Kool and The Gang James JT Taylor posing for the camera in the high pony dreadlock hair.
Kool and The Gang James JT Taylor posing for the camera in the high pony dreadlock hair.( Source : facebook )

James "J.T." Warren Taylor better known as JT Taylor is the singer who earned the mainstream spotlight as the lead singer of Kool & the Gang.

Part of the band between 1979 and 1988, Taylor's tenure as a lead singer marks the most successful era in their history.

Born in 1953, the 69-year-old singer, Taylor, grew up in Hackensack, New  Jersey. Prior to his fame, he worked as a nightclub singer and teacher.

He started making music when he was 13 years old. From a young age, he played with several artists like Christopher Galfas, Milton Galfas, and the Full Force band.

Later, he departed from Full Force after Christopher brought him to his brother's studio where he auditioned for the band. And that's how Taylor ended up in the Kool and the Gang.

Kool And The Gang Songs, Albums And Discography

Kool And The Gang songs and albums have cumulated over 8.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. They have released 25 studio albums so far.

Studio Albums25
Live Albums4
Compilation Albums19

Some of the famous studio albums of the American band Kool And The Gang studio albums include:

  • Something Special - 1981
  • Wild and Peaceful - 1973
  • Emergency - 1984
  • Light of Worlds - 1974
  • Kool and the Gang - 1969
  • Music Is the  Message - 1972
  • Good Times - 1972
  • Celebrate! - 1980
  • As One - 1982
  • Ladies' Night - 1979
  • In the Heart - 1983
  • Spirit of the Boogie - 1975
  • State of Affairs - 1996
  • Open Sesame - 1976
  • Perfect Union - 2021
  • Kool for the Holidays - 2013

Their most successful albums of Kool And The Gang include Emergency, Ladies' Night, and Celebrate!

Emergency released in 1984 marks the band's highest-selling album with recorded sales of two million copies in the United States.

Discography of Kool and the Gang
Discography of Kool and the Gang( Source : spotify )

A partial list of Kool And The Gang's sixty-eight singles include:

  • Kool and the Gang
  • The Gang's Back Again
  • Let the Music Take Your Mind
  • I Want to Take You Higher
  • Music Is the Message
  • Funky Stuff
  • Rhyme Tyme People
  • Caribbean Festival, and more.

What Happened to JT from Kool And The Gang?

JT from Kool And The Gang left to pursue a solo career in 1989. However, the former lead guitarist reunited with the band for a few concerts.

Following his departure from Kool and the Gang, Taylor released four studio albums and twelve singles between 1989 and 2000.

What Happened To Kool & The Gang? ( Source : youtube )

Taylor made his solo debut with the release of an album titled Master of the Game in 1989. He then dropped his second album Feel the Need in 1991.

All of his solo studio albums were recorded under the MCA record label excluding his latest and fourth album titled A Brand New Me in 2000, via Interscope Records.

Some of his singles include:

  • All I Want Is Forever
  • Sister Rosa
  • Master of the Game
  • Long Hot Summer Night

Kool And The Gang Tour Dates 2023

Some of the dates from Kool & the Gang's upcoming concerts
Some of the dates from Kool & the Gang's upcoming concerts( Source : ticketmaster )

Kool And The Gang tour dates 2023 start from April 22, 2023, and continue until September 24, 2023.

Tour Dates:Venues:
April 22, 2023Remind GNP at Mexico City, Mexico
May 5, 2023Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino at Las Vegas, NV, US
May 6, 2023Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino at Las Vegas, NV, US
May 11, 2023Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom at Hampton Beach, NH, US
May 12, 2023Theatre at Westbury at Westbury, NY, US
May 13, 2023Toyota Oakdale Theatre at Wallingford, CT, US
May 14, 2023MGM Music Hall at Fenway at Boston, MA, US
May 27, 2023Majestic Theatre at San Antonio, TX, US
June 1, 2023Indigo at The O2 at London, UK
June 2, 2023Scenic Stage - Dreamland and The Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender 2023 at OUTDOOR, Margate, UK
June 3, 2023The Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender 2023 at OUTDOOR Margate, UK
June 7, 2023013 at Tilburg, Netherlands
June 9, 2023Childerley Orchard at Cambridge, UK
June 11, 2023Childerley Orchard at Cambridge, UK (Repeat Performance)
until September 24, 2023The Mountain Winery at Saratoga, CA, US

The band is currently touring in 4 countries.

Kool and the Gang Tour 2023 ticket price for May 13 at  Wallingford, CT, US, costs $55 for section 104.
Kool and the Gang Tour 2023 ticket price for May 13 at Wallingford, CT, US, costs $55 for section 104.( Source : ticketmaster )

The ticket price for May 13, 2023, at Toyota Oakdale Theatre, ranges from $35 to $125, differing on the position. The ticket price for the seating at section 104 right beside the stage of the venue costs $55.

Kool and the Gang Net Worth

Kool and the Gang boasts a net worth of $20 million. They have record sales of RIAA-certified 7.5 million albums and 4.5 million singles in the US.

Correspondingly, the American band has sold 70 million albums across the globe so far. The band released their latest album Perfect Union in 2021, via Omnivore record label.

Kool and the Gang Lead Singer Then And Now

Kool and the Gang lead singer James JT Taylor then and now had a solo career. In the 1990s he debuted as an actor following the breakup with the band.

Taylor debuted in the film industry starring in the film The Mambo Kings and the musical titled Raisin. The singer boasts 23 acting credits according to his IMDb profile.

Remember J.T From Kool & The Gang This is How He Looks Now ( Source : youtube )

He is married to singer Starleana Young and has a son named Xavier. As of now, James is available across various social platforms including Instagram and Facebook

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