How Old Is Kaleb From Shriners Hospital Today?

Kaleb Wolf sharing his story of struggle and motivation in a video
Kaleb Wolf sharing his story of struggle and motivation in a video( Source : youtube )

Kaleb From Shriners Hospital Commercial is 15 years old now.  Kaleb-wolf De Melo Torres, popularly known as Kaleb, was born in 2009.

He was suspected of brittle bone disease before he was born. The doctor had warned his parents to be strong before his birth. 

After his birth, Kaleb's journey turned out to be a rough one. The doctor had to perform surgery when he was just seven days old. Since then, he has broken more than 200 bones and has gone through more than 11 surgeries. 

Even after having such a tough journey, Kaleb never fails to wear a smile on his face. He was featured in multiple ads for Shriners hospital. He even takes part in different fundraising campaigns for the hospital. 

How Old Is Kaleb From Shriners Hospital Today?

Kaleb from Shriners Hospital is 15 years old today. Kaleb was just 6 when he appeared in an ad in 2014.

Kaleb was born with the incurable osteogenesis imperfecta, most commonly known as brittle bone disease. People born with the disease have very weak and fragile bones which tend to break even with minor injuries.

Due to this illness, Kaleb has been a patient from the time of his birth. He got his treatment from Shriners Hospital, Canada and is one of the goodwill ambassador for the hospital.

In the late February of 2021, the rumors came flying across saying Kaleb had passed away. It all started when a Facebook user posted a picture of Kaleb with the caption RIP on February 27.

He also shared a detail of Kaleb's treatment which were true but the rumors of his death were false one. Shriners Hospital cleared all the talks after it sent an email to USATODAY saying Kaleb was fine and rumors were about the same named child from another hospital.

Kaleb Wolf Parents and Family

Kaleb Wolf parents and family contain his father, his mother, and his brother.. Kaleb mother Marie-Hélène De Melo Torres is a strong woman.

Before he ever set a foot in this world, his mom and dad were warned about the issues he might have through an ultrasound. Even after knowing the sickness the family always had a faith in him.

But the journey they had to go through was also really tough. In an interview, Kabel's mother revealed he had a fracture even at the time of his birth.

Kaleb and his mother in their lemonade stand in fundraising journey of Shriners Hospital
Kaleb and his mother in their lemonade stand in fundraising journey of Shriners Hospital( Source : facebook )

Kaleb's worried mom had support from a social worker named Rose-Marie Chiasson who helped her to overcome all the fear, worry, and guilt she had.

Little Kaleb has also found a family in Shriners Hospital. The famous hospital has given its best to take care of him. They also made him a goodwill ambassador which helped in boosting his self-esteem. 

During the initial days, the hospital helped them by providing emotional support to deal with the difficult situation. Kaleb has been an integral part of the Hospital's fundraising programs. 

Kaleb As A Motivational Speaker

Kaleb As A Motivational Speaker has shed much light on his illness. Kaleb has been a regular face in fundraising ads of the Shriners Hospital, Canada.

He is the patient ambassador of the Hospital. Even with the medical issues, he tries his best to attend all the campaigns that work in favor of the hospital.

Kaleb takes the role of him being the goodwill ambassador very seriously. Back in 2015 when he was just seven years old, Shriners Hospital got an update to the bigger location. He greeted every reporter with a smile and shook hands with them.

Even during the times of pandemic, Kaleb came up with unique ideas for the purpose of fundraising. Kaleb organized a virtual lemonade event which brought in a donation of around $77,000. He also shot a unique ad with the use of video calling in 2020. This shows us how dedicated and hardworking he really is.

Here is a video of Kaleb sharing the best part of the day.

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