Journey Lead Singers In Order

Arnel Pineda, current lead singer of Journey band, crossing his tattoo-filled hands as he poses for the camera in a pink shirt.
Arnel Pineda, current lead singer of Journey band, crossing his tattoo-filled hands as he poses for the camera in a pink shirt.( Source : pinterest )

The American rock band, Journey, has seen several lineup changes since its inception back in 1973. It has gone through several different breakups and hiatuses.

Journey first broke up in 1987. However, they had a brief one-year reunion in 1991 prior to finally reuniting in 1995 and since then, have been active to this very day.

They have dropped fifteen studio albums, five live albums, eight compilation albums, seven video albums, twenty-three music videos, two EPs, and fifty-nine singles in the last five decades.

Here are the Journey lead singers in order: 1. Gregg Rolie 2. Robert Fleischman 3. Steve Perry 4. Steve Augeri 5. Jeff Scott Soto 6. Arnel Pineda.

Perry was in the band during their most successful phase, while Pineda is the current lead singer.

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Lead Singers of Journey

Six accomplished singers have held the title of Lead singers of Journey. They are as follows:

Journey Band Lead Singers:Years Active:
Gregg Rolie1973 - 1977
Robert Fleischman1977
Steve Perry1977 - 1987 and 1995 - 1998
Steve Augeri1998 - 2006
Jeff Scott Soto2006 - 2007
Arnel Pineda2008 - present

Original Lead Singer Of Journey

Gregg Rolie, the former lead singer of Journey band, is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.
Gregg Rolie, the former lead singer of Journey band, is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.( Source : pinterest )

The original lead singer of Journey is Gregg Rolie. One of the band's co-founders, Rolie, was also one of the five founders of the Santana band.

Born in Seattle Washington, Rolie started his career early. He played with a group named William Penn while he was in his senior year at Cubberley High School in California, in 1965.

Gregg in Santana

Gregg then joined Carlos Santana and three others to start the Santana Blues Band in 1966. The name was later shortened to simply Santana.

As a co-founder, he experienced the first wave of success of the band and was a part of several hit albums. Like in Journey, he was the original lead singer of Santana too.

Several notable Santana songs like Black Magic Woman, No One To Depend On, and Oye Coma Va, feature his voice as the lead vocalist.

Gregg in Journey

In 1973, Gregg joined a new band with Neal Schon, which eventually turned into Journey. Aside from lead singer, he was also the keyboardist and harmonicist.

Rolie sang lead for the albums Journey, Look into the Future, and Next. He changed his position from lead vocals to co-lead vocals after Steve Perry joined the band in 1977.

That said, he contributed his vocals on albums including Evolution, Infinity, and Departure.

Gregg After Journey

Gregg debuted as a soloist following his departure from Journey. He dropped several solo albums.

He formed a band named The Storm with Journey members, Steve Smith and Ross Valory in 1991. Sadly, right before their inaugural tour in support of their debut album, Steve was replaced by Ron Wikso.

Gregg along with the former members of Santana including Schon reunited briefly to release an album. However, Neal left to lead a re-formed Journey later that year.

Rolie too, reunited with Journey on stage in Austin to perform a series of classic songs during the band's 50th-anniversary tour. Gregg then joined the band in their North American Freedom Tour 2023 in February.

Lead Singer For Journey Steve Perry

Journey lead singer Steve Perry in a black and white vertical striped shirt.
Journey lead singer Steve Perry in a black and white vertical striped shirt.( Source : pinterest )

Steve Perry served as Lead singer for Journey during their most commercially successful time. Perry penned several hit songs during his time.

Born to Portuguese parents, Raymond Perry and Mary Quaresma, he was raised as an only child in Hanford, California. Perry's father was a vocalist who co-owned a radio station called KNGS.

Steve kicked off his career in a band named Ice, which quickly disbanded due to improper management.

Then there was the Prog Rock band, Pieces, which he formed after moving to Thousand Oaks, California. They broke up after being unable to secure a record deal.

As he was about to give up he received a call from Walter 'Herbie' Herbert, the manager of Journey. During his tenure, Steve provided lead vocals on nine albums.

Perry has also had a successful solo career. He started his solo career in 1982 with the release of his debut solo album, Don't Fight It, with Kenny Loggins.

Current Lead Singer For Journey

Journey band lead singer Arnel Pineda in a brown leather jacket and white basic tshirt.
Journey band lead singer Arnel Pineda in a brown leather jacket and white basic tshirt.( Source : facebook )

Arnel Pineda is the Current Lead Singer For Journey. He rose to the spotlight during the 1980s in the Philippines as the lead singer of Ijos, a Filipino group.

Born on September 5, 1967, in Tondo, Manila, the singer's mother instilled a love for singing in him at an early age. He was blessed with supportive parents.

Growing up, Pineda's parents, Josefina Manansala Campaner and Restituto Lising Pineda, entered the singer in many singing competitions.

Prior to joining Journey, he was a member of The Zoo formed in 2006. It was on June 28, 2007, when Schon contacted Noel Gomez, a longtime friend, and fan of Arnel, who had uploaded a video of The Zoo covering songs by Journey, Led Zeppelin, and more.

After contacting Pineda through Gomez, he auditioned for Journey, eventually getting announced as the new Journey lead singer on December 5, 2007.

Original Band Members of Journey

The Original band members of Journey were Neal Schon, Ross Valory, George Tickner, Prairie Prince, and Gregg Rolie. They started the band in 1973.

Sadly, except for Schon, all other members have departed from the band. However, Neal too hasn't been with the band the entire time either.

He was in Journey from 1973 to 1987 and rejoined the band in 1995. Since then, he has been in the band to this day.

The original lineup came together in San Francisco under Herbie Herbert, the ex-manager of Santana. He intended Journey to serve as a backup group for the already established Bay Area artists.

The lineup had Neal and Gregg on lead guitar and keyboards respectively, George on rhythm guitar, Ross on bass, and Prairie on drums. The five members would quickly abandon the 'backup group' concept though.

It was roadie John Villanueva who suggested the band name following an unsuccessful radio contest to name the band. The members took in the name and since then have been known as Journey.

Journey Band Members Ages

Journey band members ages range between 55 and 69 years old. Here are the ages of all the Journey members, past and present:

All Journey Band MembersTheir Ages:
Neal Schon (Lead Guitarist)69
Jonathan Cain (Keyboardist)73
Deen Castronovo (Drummer)58
Arnel Pineda (Lead Vocalist)55
Jason Derlatka (Keyboardist)NA
Todd Jensen (Bassist)NA
Gregg Rolie76
Ross Valory (Bassist)74
George Tickner (Rhythm Guitarist)76
Prairie Prince (Drummer)73
Aynsley Dunbar77
Robert Fleischman70
Steve Perry74
Steve Smith68
Randy Jackson66
Steve Augeri64
Jeff Scott Soto57
Narada Michael Walden71

Unlike most rock bands, all the current and previous members of this San Francisco-created band are alive as of June 2023.

Journey Albums In Order

Journey Albums in order comprise Journey, Look into the Future, Next, Infinity, and more. Their discography has amassed 18,491,881 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Journey Albums:Released Date and (Lead Singer):
JourneyApril 1, 1975 (Gregg Rolie)
Look into the FutureJanuary 3, 1976 (Rolie)
NextFebruary 9, 1977 (Rolie)
InfinityJanuary 30, 1978 (Steve Perry)
EvolutionMarch 19, 1979 (Perry)
DepartureFebruary 29, 1980 (Perry)
EscapeJuly 31, 1981 (Perry)
FrontiersFebruary 1, 1983 (Perry)
Raised on RadioApril 21, 1986 (Perry)
Trial by FireOctober 22, 1996 (Perry)
ArrivalOctober 25, 2000 (Steve Augeri)
GenerationsAugust 29, 2005 (Augeri)
RevelationJune 3, 2008 (Arnel Pineda)
EclipseMay 24, 2011 (Pineda)
FreedomJuly 8, 2022 (Pineda)

The most popular Journey songs on Spotify are mentioned below:

Famous Journey Band Songs:Spotify Streams:
Don't Stop Believin1,576,130,382
Any Way You Want It354,373,676
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)234,100,856
Open Arms216,057,801
Wheel in the Sky108,222,011
Who's Crying Now63,278,904
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'63,544,053

Don't Stop Believin'

Don't Stop Believin comes from Journey's seventh studio album, Escape. So far, the song has accumulated over 1.5 billion streams on Spotify.

This prominent song stars the voices of Steve Perry in the lead vocals. It was dropped via Columbia Records on October 19, 1981, as the second single in the album.

Of a Lifetime

Journey released Of a Lifetime as the first track on their eponymous debut album. It stars the voice of Gregg Rolie in the lead vocals.

The 6-minute 54 seconds song was penned by Rolie, George Rickner, and Neal Schon. Of a Lifetime by Journey has cumulated 2,918,365 streams on Spotify as of this writing.

The Way We Used To Be

Arnel Pineda is the lead vocalist in the song 'The Way We Used To Be.' It is part of their fifteenth and latest studio album Freedom.

The COVID-themed MV of the song has gained over 809K views on YouTube. Released as the first single from the album on June 24, 2021, the record earned 2,619,919 streams on Spotify.

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