Jimmy Failla Has A Loving Family With Wife Jenny Failla And Son Lincoln

A family photo of Failla on the day of Christmas
A family photo of Failla on the day of Christmas( Source : instagram )

Jimmy Failla has a lovely family with his wife Jenny and son Lincoln Failla. Jimmy Failla and Jenny Failla have been married for 16 years.

Their wedding was organized in a private ceremony with close relatives and friends. Jimmy is the son of Marianne Failla and was raised by his parents in Levittown.

Speaking into his profession, Jimmy is a radio host, actor, and producer. He is mostly credited for 'Jimmy Failla State of the Union,' 'The Jim Gaffigan Show, and 'Gotham Comedy Live.' He was born on December 17, 1976, and is 46. 

In his early life, he attended Nassau Community College, where he graduated with a Communication and Media Studies degree. Initially, he began his career as a cab driver in New York City and later stepped into the entertainment industry.

He regularly appears on the Kennedy Show on Fox Business and Redeye on Fox News. In 2010, he began to co-host a critically acclaimed comedy podcast called The Specialists with international comedy personality Lee Camp and Kenneth Wood.

In addition, Jimmy has appeared on The Today Show, BBC America's Richard Hammond's Crash Course, ESPN Dream Job Season 1, America's Got Talent Season 8, AXS Television Gotham Comedy Live, and many more.

He has shared the stage with countless big comic celebrities, including Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfield, and Dave Chappelle.

As of 2023, Jimmy receives an annual salary of $79,513 and has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million. Most of his income comes from his stand-up comedy show, hosting career, and book sales.

Jimmy Failla Family

Jimmy Failla is a family man. Jimmy shares a special bond with his parents, wife, and children.

His parents raised him in New York, United States. The popular host never fails to give credit to his father and mother that they deserve for his personal and professional success.

Although he has not introduced them in front of the media, he often uploads pictures of them on social media.

He often shares his parents' pictures on his Twitter Handle

Jimmy shared a picture of himself with his dad wishing both of them a Father's Day.

Jimmy with his dad on Father's Day
Jimmy with his dad on Father's Day( Source : instagram )

Marianne Failla is the mother of Jimmy, and she is 73 years old. She celebrates her birthday on September 25. In 2019, Jimmy shared a picture on his Twitter account and captioned that the fine woman was seventy years old.

The 70th birthday of Marianne Failla and the fans comment
The 70th birthday of Marianne Failla and the fans comment( Source : twitter )

Jimmy Failla Wife

Jimmy Failla has a beautiful wife named Jenny Failla. Jimmy and Jenny have been together for 16 years, celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

Jenny is a professional therapist and a strong pillar of support in all professional ventures of her husband. According to a tweet by Jimmy, she joined Fox Across America on November 01, 2019.

The couple cherishes every moment together and loves to celebrate special occasions. Jimmy often posts pictures on Twitter and Instagram celebrating Christmas or other events.

Jimmy and his wife on their wedding day
Jimmy and his wife on their wedding day( Source : instagram )

Jimmy Failla Son Lincoln Failla

Jimmy and Jenny gave birth to their son, Lincoln Failla, in 2008. Lincoln is an active and cheerful kid.

Lincoln enjoys watching the Buckeyes Games, and his dad posted his picture on the stadium. He does not just watch games, but he also loves to play football. Also, he led his team in football. Jimmy posted a picture of his son wearing a red jersey with the number 63.

Lincoln with his dad after a football match
Lincoln with his dad after a football match( Source : instagram )

On March 27, 2020, Jimmy posted a picture of his son in a studio all set to co-host the 2 pm hour of Fox Across America live. As a teenager, Lincoln is involved in many things and is a talented child.

Lincoln co-hosting the 2pm hour of Fox Across America
Lincoln co-hosting the 2pm hour of Fox Across America( Source : instagram )

Jimmy And Jenny Failla Married Life

A radio host Jimmy Failla is married to his true love Jenny Failla. The couple tied the knot on August 18, 2006. 

Jimmy and his sweetheart still appear the same or even more in love after 16 years of marriage. However, Jimmy has maintained his privacy and has not shared many details regarding their wedding. Still, we can see their family pictures on social media, and their love is visible.

Recently, on the special day of their anniversary, Jimmy posted a picture of their wedding day and wished his wife a sweet 16th anniversary. He also congratulated her on outlasting everyone's predictions on Twitter.

On 18th August 2019, he shared a selfie of the two of them and captioned it as the young lady made the smartest decision of her life and married the champ. He wished Jenny their 13th anniversary in a humorous way and called her a queen on Twitter.

Jimmy and Jenny celebrating Christmas with their son
Jimmy and Jenny celebrating Christmas with their son( Source : instagram )

Some FAQs

Does Jimmy Failla spouse and son have a blue eyes?

Yes, Jimmy Failla's spouse and son have blue eyes. Going through their pictures on social media, we came to find Jimmy has brown eyes.

Why does jimmy failla raise his finger?

The short answer is: Jimmy Failla raises his finger because he believes raising an index finger is to express the unity of god.

Who is Jimmy Failla married to?

Fox news radio host Jimmy Failla is married to Jenny Failla.

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