Why Is Jimmy Buffett Concert At Alpine Valley Cancelled? Schedule Updates And Fans reaction

Jimmy Buffet pictured at an event
Jimmy Buffet pictured at an event( Source : biography )

Jimmy Buffett is an American singer-songwriter best known for his music which often revolves around true happiness.

He performs globally at various destinations and events through his Coral Reefer Band. With the band, the artist has released several hit songs, such as Margaritaville and Come Monday, which are hugely popular among his devoted fanbase, Parrotheads.

Besides singing, Buffett is also an author, actor, and businessman. He is a bestselling author and also has two restaurant chains under the name of his hit songs. He is one of the industry's well-recognized and wealthiest musical artists with multiple involvements.

Thousands of people attend his concerts and are always excited to see him in persona and have fun listening to his evergreen songs. Recently, many people have been talking about Jimmy's concert at Alpine valley and are wondering about the show's cancellation. 

Jimmy Buffett Concert At Alpine Valley Is Cancelled And Rescheduled

Jimmy Buffett's concert at Alpine valley set for July 23 is cancelled and rescheduled for later as terrible weather conditions hamper the show. 

The artist has rescheduled it to August 20.


According to WISN, Buffett and Coral Reefer's concert for the last day was canceled due to severe weather conditions. Addressing the issue, the American singer revealed his desire to postpone the event for July 24, but he didn't get permission.

So Jimmy has decided to reschedule the show for August 20 and will return to Alpine Valley from his busy travels. The artist also apologized to his traveling fans who moved from different places for the show. As the concert is postponed due to unfortunate situations, the tickets will likely be exchanged for the new ones.

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Jimmy Buffett's Next Concert Is On August 2

Jimmy Buffett has no other concerts in July, and his next show is on August 2. Tickets will still be valid.

The venue for the program is at Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor. Similarly, he has four other concerts in August other than the recently postponed one. They will take place on August 4, 6, 9, and 13. You can get the ticket price details and other information on the singer's official website or a few other ticketing sites.

His sixth and final anticipated concert in August is on the 20th at Alpine Valley. The site also confirms a few other shows for October and upcoming dates.

Fans Reaction To The Cancellation Is Not Great

Several fans took it to various social platforms to express their disappointment in the concert's cancellation.

The official notice of the revocation came only around a day before the show date. To this date, several fans from various parts have already traveled to the event location. So, seeing the show that they waited patiently for a long time getting canceled is unsatisfactory.


Although the reason behind the postponement is reasonable, the people cannot bring themselves to believe that they wasted their time for nothing. But regardless of some response, many people have understood the situation and are now waiting for the next date.

His Net Worth Values At Over $600 Million

Jimmy Buffett is one of the wealthiest singers in the industry, with a net worth of $600 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

The website also highlights his career accomplishments and involvements, including his music career, business, and acting. With decades of experience in the commercial world, Jimmy has accumulated an incredible sum throughout the years.

Per reports, his worth was valued at $900 million in 2017 but has plummeted recently. The man generated a significant portion of his wealth from his musical involvement and business ventures.

Jimmy Buffett Also Has Several Acting Credits

Besides singing, Jimmy Buffett has also made a recognizable name in the acting industry.

Buffet has a long list of acting credits, from documentary films and other special appearances to TV roles and features. Although he has not been successful in the acting industry, the singer is still active in some projects.

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