Everything on Rapper Jack Harlow Family

Jack Harlow on the left, Clay Harlow on the top right corner and their parents Maggie and Brian on the down right corner.
Jack Harlow on the left, Clay Harlow on the top right corner and their parents Maggie and Brian on the down right corner.( Source : instagram )

Jack Harlow family life with his parents Maggie Payette Harlow and Brian Harlow, and brother Clayborn Harlow is great. Jack grew up with them in Shelbyville.

All of them are supportive of the rapper's career as he was able to make it to the mainstream through financial, emotional, and spiritual care from his parents and loved ones. 

Harlow has achieved multiple accolades in the short span of his career. The 24-year-old has one Grammy Award nomination and two US Billboard Hot 100. 

Jack received the title "Hitmaker of the Year," according to Variety magazine. He was listed as Forbes 30 under 30 for his notable achievement in the music industry. 

The L.A based rapper has collaborated with artists like Dababy, Tory Lanez, Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. The rapper's genre is mainly based on pop rap and hip-hop. 

The artist has a soft cadence and amazing flow in terms of his singing ability. The rapper's technical and rhyming skills are quite unique, considering his peers. 

The content of his rap mostly includes validation, love, friendship, and achievement. The rapper's music and songs uplift the mood of his audience.

The artist has a talent for rapping, comedic flair, and acting. The Louisville-born rapper shall make his debut in acting as well. 

It was announced that Jack Harlow should be starring in the remake of the 1992 iconic film White Men Can't Jump, directed by Calamatic. 

Harlow's road to success was paved through the release of his EP and mix tapes; throughout high school, he worked on his craft and finally made it to the big leagues with his song What's Poppin? 

The Rapper's Career Accomplishments

Accolades & AwardsListed at Forbes 30 under 30
Spotify Streams29.7 million monthly listeners

Jack Harlow Parents Are Rich Businesspeople

Jack Harlow family includes his mother Maggie Payette Harlow and father Brian Harlow. Jack also has a younger brother named Clayborn Harlow. 

The 24-year-old rapper is the eldest son in his family, and his mother, Maggie, is a businesswoman who owns Signarama Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Jack Harlow parents work in her community in Louisville, Kentucky, supporting the local people. 

The couple is married for more than twenty-four years. They do have a happy and functioning relationship with each other. 

The combined net worth of Jack's parents, Maggie and Brian, is around $12 million. 

Jack's mother on the right and his father on the left on Kentucky Derby event captured by Getty images
Jack's mother on the right and his father on the left on Kentucky Derby event captured by Getty images( Source : thenetline )

Maggie owned a business in 2008 named Transworld Business advisors, responsible for providing professional business advice and services. Before owning the business, Payette worked as General Manager in her father's company Tom Payette Jaguar for 12 years. 

Additionally, she became co-owner of Yesco Lousiville, where she worked for four years. She founded a CliffDrivers company and worked in the business institution for nine years. 

Presently, Maggie and her husband, Brain, own a full-service sign company named Signarama Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky. 

On average Signarama franchise makes a $221k profit yearly. It was reported that the franchise owned by Brian and Maggie made around $2 million in earnings in 2014. 

It is also evaluated that around $185-195k expenses are calculated while operating the Signarama franchise. 

Additionally, the sales of a business that Maggie operated prior to their success with Signarama are much more than expected. Harlow's mother operated three businesses before her current endeavor. 

It is likely that she has multiple assets and property. Similarly, her husband operated a horse farm. Thus, he likely made a significant income from his farm as well. 

Jack and His Brother Clayborn Harlow Have Only Three Years of Age Difference

Jack Harlow brother Clayborn Harlow is a 21-years old lad younger than him by three years. Clayborn works as a tastemaker as per the bio on his Instagram profile. 

Both brothers are of French, Irish, and Jewish descent. They grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Harlow's close sibling and confidant, Clayborn, is interested in soccer and American football. The 21-year-old has a significant following on social media as well.

Clayborn Harlow attending Grammy awards with his brother
Clayborn Harlow attending Grammy awards with his brother ( Source : instagram )

Clay Harlow has already entered college. He was proud of his schooling at East Lousiville as the singer's brother. He seemed to have a blast in his hometown during his education. 

Both brothers get along well and share a close bond. Clayborn supports his brother through his endeavor by attending his shows and being with him during his requirement. 

Clayborn has produced a track from Harlow's second studio album, "Come Home the Kids Miss You."

Harlow's sibling have produced the song titled, "I Got a Shot" he have thanked his supporter in the social media for supporting him through the journey and believing on him. 

Clay was seen in a studio session with Jack. What's Poppin singer's brother has been with him since day one of his popularity. The brothers are seen hanging out after the end of Jack's concert in Louisville in Clay's Instagram post. 

Jack Was Raised In Louisville

Harlow performing at Louisville, Kentucky for the local football team
Harlow performing at Louisville, Kentucky for the local football team( Source : instagram )

Jack Harlow was born and rasied in Louisville, Kentucky. The early life of the artist was spend in multiethnic culture. 

Harlow graduated from Atherton High School. The artist has referenced Louisville in his multiple songs.

Both sons of Maggie and Brian had a healthy and happy childhood. Harlow even released his first mix tape; This is Why I'm Hot, in 2013 from his high school Atherton High.

The artist also explains their love for his birthplace in each track. The 24-year-old artist is quite nostalgic about his hometown.

Additionally, his brother posts the happiest moments he grew up on his Instagram, including his soccer matches, stadium visits, and his high school parties.

Jack had a comfortable lifestyle, his parents had a sustainable income, and they had been together since marriage.

 Similarly, the support of his friends and family from early on was helpful for the artist to grow confident and passionate about his craft. 

The next poised superstar of rap and R&B have coveted fans with his charismatic and soft-spoken rap vocal, which is attracting multiple fan bases throughout the country. 

Jack Harlow Mentions Of His Family And Hometown In His Album

Jack and Drake together after working on their song Churchill Downs in Louisville.
Jack and Drake together after working on their song Churchill Downs in Louisville. ( Source : instagram )

The artist pays homage to Louisville and mentions his family in the album as he is grateful for their support and patience. 

In his second studio album, "That's What They All Say," he referenced the museum 21c Museum Hotel Louisville downtown. 

Similarly, he has a song titled "Churchill Downs," which is a racing track in Louisville, Kentucky. The artist pays homage to the place where he grew up.

The rapper is quite a fan of Baxter Avenues and has a song titled "Baxter Avenue" in his second album. Baxter Avenues is the neighborhood with Louisville's best restaurants and bars. 

Harlow has included the memories of Cherokee Park in his song Ghost from his first studio album, "Confetti."

In the song Side Piece, the artist asks the person that he is bringing home to introduce to his household. 

Similarly, in the track First Class, he humbly accepts their support, as his mother and father were working gregariously to support his aspirations before he was famous. 

Jack is an aspiring actor making his debut with the movie White Guys Can't Jump. In his second studio album, he collaborated with artist such as Drake, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne. 

Jack Is Close With Dua Lipa And Other Singers

Jack Harlow is not married and has not openly revealed his girlfriend. However, the singer was linked with various celebrities like Dua Lipa, Saweetie, and Emma Chamberlain.

Louisville rapper's name is linked with the actress and social media influencer Addison Rae. Both of them were seen together in a boxing match. 

Saweetie 2021 was seen with Jack—the Los Angeles based rapper seems to have an awkward moment with the artist while introducing himself at the 2021 BET awards. 

Emma Chamberlain, a Youtube star and a celebrity interviewer, were paired together as the star had a flirtatious moment with each other on the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala. 

Harlow on the left and Dua Lipa on the right, both singers are rumored to be dating.
Harlow on the left and Dua Lipa on the right, both singers are rumored to be dating. ( Source : instagram )

The 24-year-old rapper is paired with celebs constantly. He neither confirms nor denies his relationship possibilities with different female celebrities. 

The most probable partner of the rapper is Dua Lipa, as the rapper has mentioned the singer's name in his album Come Home the Kids Miss You. 

The singer has a song titled Dua Lipa in his second studio album; he has released a direct confession of love towards the singer.

Harlow's song titled "Dua Lipa" goes like this, "Dua Lipa, I'm tryna do more with her than do a feature." the artist has exposed his intentions towards the Levitating singer.

Both artists are seen together in red carpet events and met gala. They also arrived for lunch in a separate Meatpacking district restaurant.

Some FAQs

Where Does Jack Harlow Live?

Jack currently lives in Los Angeles, California. However, he is originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

Who Discovered Jack Harlow?

Jack had been releasing music independently since the mid-2010s. However, once he met Scooter Braun, his career took off.

Does Jack Harlow Have A Girlfriend?

No, Jack does not have a girlfriend. However, he has many female admirers.

When Is Jack Harlow Birthday?

Jack's birthday is on March 13, 1998. He is currently 25 years old.

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