20 Biggest and Most Popular Rock Bands in the World

Rock Bands make people dance
Rock Bands make people dance( Source : ign )

Music is the representation of feelings in the form of vocal or instrumental sounds. Combining together, it forms a beauty of harmony and expression of emotion.

There are different types of genres in music like rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, folk, blues, electronic, classical, disco, Gospel, Trance, Latin, and more.

Rock music, aka the 'Rock & Roll,' emerged in the 1950s. It is the type of music that has a strong beat.

The oldest rock band is Golden Senior Trio from Japan, having three band members. Returning to history, we cannot forget The Beatles when talking about the Rock band.

By now, many rock bands are worth listing as the best band. Here are 20 of the Biggest and Most Popular Rock Bands in the world.

1. Nickelback


Nickelback is undoubtedly considered one of the most commercially successful bands. The four members are:

  • Chad Kroeger
  • Ryan Peake
  • Mike Kroeger
  • Daniel Adair

The Canadian group formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta. Initially named "Village Idiot," later, they changed their name to "Nickelback."

In 1999, they signed with Roadrunner Records and since then overtook the 2000s with commercial hit after commercial hit. Some of their most popular songs are: How You Remind Me, Photograph, and Rockstar.

2. Green Day


Making themselves popular, the three members of the band are Americans who named themselves "Green Day."

Four other members split from the group. Most of the time, the band comprises tri artists. The current three members are named:

  • Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Mike Dirnt
  • Tre Cool

Past Member

  • Raj Punjabi
  • Sean Hughes
  • John Kiffmeyer
  • Jason White

The group came into controversy due to their music style also. An acrobat during a festival in Madrid fell from the cage above and died on the stage just half an hour before they performed their show. 

So far, Green Day has won 92 awards and has been nominated for 214 prizes. They have sold more than 85 million records across the world.

3. Glass Animals


"Glass Animals" is an English-American Indie rock boy group with four members. The group got formed in 2010 in Oxford. Their first album 'Zaba' got certified platinum in the United States. Similarly, their second album, "How to be a Human Being," got good reviews and became the winner of two categories at the 2018 MPG Awards for U.K. Album of the Year and Self Producing Artist of the Year. Plus got shortlisted for Mercury Prize.

Band Members:

  • Dave Bayley
  • Drew MacFarlane
  • Edmund Irwin-Singer
  • Joe Seaward

In February 2021, their song "Heat Waves" secured number one in Australia. Besides, the song was voted number one on the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2020. It got streamed one billion on Spotify.

2022 Grammy Awards include their names as a nomination in the category of Best New Artist. All the four members of the bands are British nationals and met in the school.

4. 3rd Secret


We can expect the surprise when each member of the band has proven talents in music. The members of the 3rd Secret once belonged to grunge bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. The band members are as follows:

  • Krist Novoselic - bass guitarist/accordionist of Nirvana
  • Matt Cameron - Drummer of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
  • Kim Thayil - Guitarist of Soundgarden
  • Jon "Bubba" Dupree - Void
  • Jilian Raye 
  • Jennifer Johnson

Their first album was released on April 11, 2022. It has 11 songs, and fans have labeled it a masterpiece. Their first album has a mix of classic grunge and alternative-rock texture. In addition, they have the flavor of mellow folk and indie rock, swampy blues, and pounding the hard rock.

5. Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons is a band formed by four members in 2008. The band can put their name across the globe by producing songs that are too good not to listen to. Their genres are Pop rock, arena rock, alternative rock, and pop.

The band members as listed below:

  • Dan Reynolds
  • Wayne Sermon
  • Ben Mckee
  • Daniel Platzman

They have successfully taken over the music industry across the globe selling more than 75 million records. Their songs like "Radioactive" and "Demons" reached chart-topping singles. 

The group performs many tours yearly. This year they are covering Mercury World Tour started on February 6, 2022, and will conclude on February 4 next year. 

They are involved in charity as well. They intended to support young people battling cancer through school music programs and participated in anti-violence campaigns. 

6. Envy of None 


Guitarist Alex Lifeson formed "Envy of None," a Canadian-American rock supergroup, in 2021. Lifeson was the former guitarist of Rush's band. The four members of the band are;

  • Andy Curran
  • Maiah Wynne, and
  • Alfio Annibalini
  • Alex Lifeson

Lifeson speaks highly about the vocalist Maiah and regards her as unique. Curran, the bassist, stated that their project was a "Massive Attack." Their first album, "Envy of None," consists of 11 songs. They did the recording during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the band members, Alex Lifeson, does not intend to participate in concert tours but will only join the band for internal shows. 

7. Fun


"Fun" was formed in 2008 and specialized as an American pop rock band based in New York City. The band consists of three members as follows:

  • Nate Ruess
  • Jack Antonoff
  • Andrew Dost

Their songs secured various numbers on U.S. Billboard 200 chart, Billboard's Top Alternative Albums, Top Rock Album charts, and U.S. Billboard Hot 100. 

The band won "Best New Artist" at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Also, their song "We Are Young" won the title "Song of the Year." Initially, Ruess formed the band "The Format" that split, and he reformed "Fun."

8. The Smile 


The English rock band members of "The smiles" are as follows:

  • Jonny Greenwood - guitarist, bassist, Keyboard/piano player, harpist
  • Tom Skinner - drummer, percussion, keyboard, playback singer
  • Thom Yorke - Vocalist, bassist, guitarist, Keyboard/piano player

COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been a loss yet fruitful to many. They worked during the COVID-19 lockdowns and prepared themselves to perform Glastonbury Festival in May 2021, which was a surprise.

Jonny said 'The Smile' resulted from him wanting to work with Yorke. They named their band from the poem by Ted Hughes. Yorke added it is not the smile as 'ahh' but the smile of a guy who lies daily.

9. The Aces 


The below-mentioned members made The Aces a success.

  • Katie Henderson
  • McKenna Petty
  • Alisa Ramirez
  • Cristal Ramirez

They released their first single in 2016 named "Stuck." It eventually reached #38 on the Billboard Alternativ Songs chart the following year. Red Bull Records signed the band. They attended the "Meet You There Tour," joining "5 seconds of Summer."

Earlier, the band was named The Blue Aces, and later they changed the name to The Aces only. Wind & Fire, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson are some of the singers they regard as motivation. At the same time, they want to inspire other women singers to come forward and show their talent. Their latest release is "Girls Make Me Wanna Die."

10. L.A. Rats 


The American heavy metal supergroup, L.A. Rats, was formed in 2021. The band includes legendaries like:

  • Rob Zombie
  • Nikki Sixx
  • John 5
  • Tommy Clufetos

Their first song, "I have been Everywhere," was written by Geoff Mack. It was used in The Ice Road, the Netflix action thriller film. The band members worked together earlier on various occasions.

Their song reached the Billboard Mainstream Rock chard last year in July. It is the century of anime, and bearing this in mind; they meet fans' demands by releasing their animated music video.

Each of them posted the logo with L.A.Rats on their respective social media, which hinted to the fans that they were coming together with a supergroup formation or a project.

11. Train


Seven American members came together to form "Train." They are;

  • Pat Monahan
  • Hector Maldonado
  • Jerry Becker
  • Nikita Houston
  • Sakai Smith
  • Matt Musty
  • Taylor Locke

They formed in 1993, and so far, eight members have associated with the band in the past. They are into rock, pop rock, and roots rock. 

Their debut single, "Train," was able to gain popularity among music lovers. Its 2001 album "Drops of Jupiter" won two Grammy Awards the following year of its release. 

Besides, the album got double platinum-certified. It has sold over 10 million albums and 30 million tracks globally. We can see them performing at various events and T.V. shows. 

12. King Stringray 


Australian rock band King Stringray described themselves as Yolŋu surf rock. Having songs in English and the indigenous language of North-East Australia, Yolŋu Matha. In the word, Yolŋu ' ŋ' is pronounced as ng

"Hey Wanhaka" was their debut single which was released in October 2020. They have announced that their new album will be released in August 2022. Their songs 'Milkumana' and 'Let Me Out' were charted in the triple j Hottest 100 at 56 and 46, respectively.

The current members of King Stringray are:

  • Yirŋa Yunupiŋu
  • Roy Kellaway
  • Dimathaya Burarrwanga
  • Campbell Messer
  • Lewis Stiles

The band has won awards like "Unearthed Artist of the Year 2021" and "Best New Artist" in 2022, followed by different nominations for different categories.

13. Act of Denial 


The American melodic death metal supergroup was formed in 2020. The band includes legendaries like:

  • Bjorn Strid
  • Voi Cox
  • Luger
  • Steve Di Giorgio
  • Kerim "Krimh" Lechner
  • John Lonnmyr

On August 13. 2021, they had their first debut album, "Negative." To date, they have their five singles released. They have made their guest appearances in the world's famous bands like "Guns N' Roses," "Sons of Apollo," and many more. 

Initially, the band was formed by Voi Cox and Luger. Later, they expand the members letting others join the band Act of Denial. 

14. Puddle of Mudd


With four members in the band, Puddle of Mudd was formed in 1992. It is an American rock band consisting of the following members:

  • Wes Scantlin
  • Matt Fuller
  • Dave Moreno
  • Michael John Adams

Eleven members have left the group associated with the "Puddle of Mudd." The band is the No. 1 mainstream rock single in the United States. They sold over seven million albums.

They got their band name as they used to practice next to the Missouri river levee, where they had to walk through mud. They won the best single at Kerrang! Awards. They won many titles in 2002 at Billboard Music Awards.

Their song "She Hates Me" became "Song of the year" at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in 2004. Their first single, "Famous," got leaked before they released the CD. 

15. The Red Locusts


The Red Locusts is formed by three major artists and two other more. In March 2021, they released their eponymous album, "The Red Locusts." The band is a tribute to The Beatles and power pop bands of the eighties and nineties. 

The pop rock band members are as follows:

  • Paul Ramone, aka Rick Springfield. 
  • Scotty Skuffleton aka Matt Bissonette
  • Skippy Skuffleton, aka Gregg Bissonette
  • Duncan Sweets 
  • Beau Weevil 

Paul Ramone was an early pseudonym of Paul McCartney. Matt and Gregg are brothers. The Red Locusts are reminiscent of The Beatles. The Beatles much influence them.

16. Since September


Following the indie pop and pop-rock genre, Since September is an English-Irish band. It was formed in 2020, having three members in it. They are named:

  • Harry Holles
  • Matthew Nolan
  • Patrick Ralphson

They earned fame by participating in BBC One's talent competition Little Mix. The match was broadcasted for eight weeks where they got a chance to prove themselves the best by winning the title. Since then, they have been moving forward, creating a history of original music.

The band members appeared in different web series like 'The Empty Seats Tour, which was released on BBC One on May 7, 2021. They have supported their won title, "Little Mix," by participating in The Confetti Tour. They have many cover songs for world-famous songs like 'Drag Me Down by One Direction and ' Old Town Road' by Lil Nas X. 

'Since September' received a score of 100% in the finals for covering those songs. In addition to the 'Little Mix' Award, they have gained access to Little Mix's inner circle for its various tours and activities.

17. Yard Act 


'The Overload' of Yard Act was released as their debut album on January 21, 2022. The album secures the 2nd position on the U.K. Album chart. The group was named one of Paste's "Best New Artists of 2021."

The band mostly makes Italo Disco of the 1970s, nineties hip-hop, and 2000s Indie rocks. They create their songs having lyrics about politics, including capitalism and social class. They won numerous awards for their work.

To name a few, Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award, Grulke Prize 'Developing Non-U.S. Act.' Similarly, they were nominated for 'Best New Act' worldwide and 'Best New Act' from the U.K. They claimed to have the biggest sell Vinyl album of the year so far. The Overload had 11000 copies sold.

The band consists of the following members:

  • James Smith
  • Ryan Needham
  • Sam Shjipstone
  • Jay Russell
  • Former Member
  • Sammy Robinson 
  • George Townend

18. Dragged Under 


Five membered bands, Dragged Under is an American band whose genre is Punk Rock. 'The World Is In Your Way' was their debut album. It hits the bull's eye. It broke the top 10 in the U.S. Alternative iTunes chart. In addition, it got to number 18 on the Billboard top alternative new artist, followed by number 45 on the top current complex music charts.

The band was formed in 2019 with five members;

  • Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce
  • Anthony Cappocchi
  • Kalen Anderson
  • Hans Hessburg
  • Sean Rosario

Past Members were;

  • Kalun Wertz
  • Zesty Sands
  • Josh Wildhorn

Initially, their first album, "The World Is In Your Way," was dumped due to the split of band members. Still, with the existing band members, they could get the position in Billboard. They announced their second album titled "Upright Animals" on June 10. It has released a music video entitled "All of Us" for its second album. 

19. Live


The band 'Live' was formed in York, Pennsylvania, in 1984. "Operation Spirit" was their single that gained the attention of music lovers. They rose the fame after the release of their third album "Throwing Copper." It sold eight million copies in the U.S. alone.

The band has received multiple recognitions. "Lightning Crashes" stayed at the topmost number on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and in the Modern Rock Tracks chart for many weeks.

The band has sold over twenty million albums across the world. They often conduct tours. During their tour, they use additional musicians for the band. 

The band members include:

  • Patrick Dahlheimer
  • Chad Gracey
  • Ed Kowalczyk

20. The End Machine 


The End Machine band consists of four American members known by their names:

  • George Lynch
  • Jeff Pilson
  • Robert Mason
  • Steve Brown
  • Mick Brown (Past member)

They are into the heavy metal and hard rock genres. The band has released two albums entitled "The End Machine -2019" and "Phase 2 -2021." Its debut album was released via Frontier Music Srl. in March 2019. 

They collaborated with DOKKEN sound, which is into classical music. Jeff and Lynch stayed nearby. This is how Lynch tried to work together as much as he could. So they planned a project together. Initially, they had planned to release the Dokken album.

Their songs "No Game" and "Ride It" are absolute bangers. In some of their songs, they have used the eighties vibes yet make them sound as fresh as of twenties. 

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