17 Grease Movie Songs In Order

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When Grease first came out in 1978, not many had expected the movie to become a pop culture influence for nearly five decades from its release. In addition to box-office success, the movie impressed audiences with its expectional music.

Grease featured 24 songs in its theatrical release, taking up an hour and three minutes of screen time. The high school musical soundtrack consisted of cult hits like Hopelessly Devoted to You and Greased Lightning. Today, we've covered 17 of the best songs from Grease in order.

1. Grease - Frankie Valli

Grease serves as the title track for the iconic movie musical of the same name. It primarily encapsulates the essence of teenage love and the nostalgic longing for the carefree days of high school.

In the movie Grease, the song "Grease" is featured during the opening credits and sets the tone for the entire film. Its upbeat tempo and catchy melody create a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm, immediately immersing the audience into the world of the movie.

2. Summer Nights - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Summer Nights plays a pivotal moment in the movie as it sets the stage for the character development and the overall storyline. The song is sung by the main characters, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, along with their respective groups of friends.

Moreover, the track reveals the contrasting experiences of Danny and Sandy during their summer fling. Danny exaggerates his conquests, portraying himself as a ladies' man, while Sandy describes the romantic and innocent nature of their relationship. This juxtaposition highlights the differing perceptions and expectations of the characters.

3. Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton-John

Hopelessly Devoted to You showcases the character Sandy's deep and unwavering love for Danny. It effectively captures Sandy's feelings of longing and desire for Danny, even though he seems distant and uninterested at times.

The song also plays a significant role in the overall storyline of Grease. It marks a turning point for Sandy's character, as it displays her resilience and determination to win Danny's love. Moreover, the song sets up the climax of the film, where Sandy transforms her appearance to become the confident and edgy woman that Danny desires.

4. You're the One That I Want - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

You're the One That I Want represents the culmination of the romantic tension between the characters Danny Zuko (Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Newton-John). During the song, both characters realize that they are deeply in love with each other and decide to meet halfway.

The song's lyrics express their mutual desire to be together, acknowledging their differences but declaring their love and commitment. The energetic melody, coupled with the electrifying dance choreography, creates a sense of excitement and joy.

5. Sandy - John Travolta

Sandy is a heartfelt ballad that reflects John Travolta's character Danny Zuko's longing for his love interest, Sandy Olsson. The song expresses Danny's regret for his previous actions that led to their separation and his desire to make amends.

The outcome of the movie Grease is heavily influenced by Sandy because it sets the stage for Danny's transformation. The song prompts him to make a change and win Sandy back, ultimately leading to the iconic finale.

6. Beauty School Dropout - Frankie Avalon

Beauty School Dropout acts as a dream sequence for Frenchy, one of the Pink Ladies, who drops out of high school to pursue a career in beauty school. The lyrics show a guardian angel-like figure, Teen Angel, warning Frenchy about the pitfalls of dropping out.

The song's impact on the movie is significant as it highlights Frenchy's inner conflict and the consequences of her decision. Frenchy is initially unsure about her choice to leave high school and pursue beauty school, and the song serves as a turning point for her character.

7. Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee - Stockard Channing

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee is sung by Stockard Channing's character Betty Rizzo as a form of mockery towards the innocent and naive character, Sandy. It shows Rizzo's perception of Sandy as a "goody two-shoes" and her attempt to highlight the stark contrast between Sandy and herself.

This song eventually leads to a turning point in Sandy's character development. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Sandy transforms herself into a more confident and assertive person.

8. Greased Lightnin' - John Travolta and the T-Birds

Greased Lightnin' is a song that reflects Danny's declaration of masculinity. It focuses on his love for cars and his desire to impress his peers and Sandy.

The 1978 song is filled with automotive innuendos and boastful descriptions of Danny's car, Greased Lightnin'. It represents his status within the T-Birds gang and symbolizes his rebellious nature. By the end of the song, Danny starts to realize the importance of his relationship with Sandy and ultimately decides to change for her.

9. It's Raining on Prom Night - Cindy Bullens

It's Raining on Prom Night reflects the feelings of disappointment and sadness experienced by Cindy Bullens' character Frenchy, who has been dreaming about her perfect prom night. The lyrics express her heartbreak as she realizes her dreams are shattered due to a series of unfortunate events.

The song has a significant impact on the outcome of the movie. It adds depth and emotional resonance to Frenchy's character, allowing the audience to empathize with her disappointment and sense of loss. Also, it showcases her vulnerability and serves as a turning point in her story.

10. Alone at the Drive-In Movie [Instrumental]

Alone at the Drive-In Movie is an instrumental piece from Grease, composed by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. As it lacks lyrics, the song does not convey a specific narrative. However, it serves as a crucial point in the movie as it represents the romantic tension between Danny and Sandy.

Alone at the Drive-In Movie is played during a scene where Danny and Sandy find themselves alone at a drive-in movie theater. It captures the essence of young love and longing, as the couple navigates their conflicting emotions and desires.

11. Blue Moon - Sha-Na-Na

Blue Moon highlights a significant change in the relationship between Sandy and Danny. The song is performed during a school dance scene where Danny, initially portrayed as a tough greaser, surprises everyone by tenderly singing this romantic ballad to Sandy.

Blue Moon's lyrics speak about finding love unexpectedly, which resonates with the evolving romance between the characters. It symbolizes their connection and the hope for a genuine relationship beyond the stereotypes and peer pressures of their high school.

12. Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay - Sha-Na-Na

Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay is an anthem that represents the rebellious spirit of the characters and reinforces the central theme of the film. The lyrics of the song celebrate the longevity and enduring presence of rock 'n' roll, asserting that it will continue to be a powerful force in the world.

During the song, the major characters of the movie unite and reinforce their shared values of rebellion and non-conformity. It becomes an anthem that they can rally around and find solace in.

13. Those Magic Changes - Sha-Na-Na

Those Magic Changes is first performed by Johnny Casino and the Gamblers in the movie. The lyrics describe how love can make someone feel invincible and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

This song plays a significant role as it serves as a catalyst for Danny's transformation. After hearing the song, he realizes the depth of his feelings for Sandy and decides to change his rebellious image to win her back.

14. Hound Dog - Sha-Na-Na

Hound Dog is a cover of Elvis Presley's song of the same name. The song shows a man's frustration with his no-good lover, comparing her to a hound dog who is always chasing after other men.

In the context of the movie, "Hound Dog" is performed during the dance contest scene, where the character Cha-Cha dances with the male lead Danny. Danny's decision to dance with Cha-Cha, an attractive and seductive dancer, represents his struggle to maintain loyalty to Sandy while being tempted by other girls.

15. Born to Hand Jive - Sha-Na-Na and the Cast

Born to Hand Jive is a lively and energetic number performed by the band Sha-Na-Na and the cast of the movie Grease. It highlights the trends of the 1950s era and the passion for dancing that the characters share.

The song itself is about the joy and excitement of hand jive, a popular dance style of the time. It celebrates the freedom of expression through dance and highlights the characters' desire to break free from societal expectations and have a good time.

16. Tears on My Pillow - Sha-Na-Na

Tears on My Pillow serves as a poignant and emotional moment that reflects the inner turmoil and heartbreak experienced by the character Sandy. The song is performed during a scene where Sandy, feeling rejected by Danny, is expressing her sadness and longing for him.

The lyrics of the song convey the pain and tears Sandy has shed due to her unrequited love and her yearning for Danny's affection and acceptance. The heartfelt performance by Sha-Na-Na adds a layer of vulnerability and raw emotion to the scene.

17. Mooning - Cindy Bullens and Louis St. Louis

The events featuring the song Mooning are performed by the characters Roger and Jan during the school dance scene. It acts as a lighthearted and comedic moment in the film.

Mooning is a playful duet between Roger and Jan about their desire to engage in some innocent mischief. The lyrics revolve around the concept of mooning, which involves exposing one's bare buttocks in a humorous or rebellious manner.

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