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The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack Songs include 1. Good Life by Faith Evans 2. Watch Your Back by Benn Good 3. Pov City Anthem by Caddillac Tah.

Since the latest installment from the franchise is bestowed upon us, it has been a crazy ride.

Starting out as a film with exotic cars and thrilling street races, the franchise has evolved into a superhero action movie with incredible feats of CGI. However, one thing that has stayed consistent is the banger of soundtracks.

The O.G. The Fast and Furious soundtrack gave us our first glance at the griminess of street racing with some iconic tracks. From the melodious vocals of Faith to the hard-hitting raps of Ja Rule the series incorporated some iconic tracks.

The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack Songs

Song Names:Artist Names:
Good LifeFaith Evans ft. Ja Rule, Vita, & Caddilac Tah
Watch Your BackBenn Cassette
Pov City AnthemCaddillac Tah
When A Man Does WrongAshanti
Race Against Time Part 2Tank Ft. Ja Rule
FuriousJa Rule
Take My Time TonightR. Kelly
Say AahShawnna
Area CodesLudacris
Evil WaysSantana
Deep Enough (Remix)Live
Fourth FloorBrian Tyler
Nocturnal TransmissionBT
NuregaOrganic Audio
Mercedes BenzSay Yes Dog
Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)Limp Bizkit
Polkas PalabrasMolotov

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1. Good Life By Faith Evans ft. Ja Rule, Vita, & Caddilac Tah

The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack List include Good Life By Faith Evans. It was performed in collaboration with Ja Rule, Vita, and Caddilac Tah.

Written by Faith alongside Rasheem Pugh, Tammy Smith, August Moon, and Tyrone Thomas, the lyrics suggest living a lavish lifestyle and highlight the desire for material wealth and the overall joy that comes with it.

The song was featured early in the movie after Brian and Dom Toretto race the Ferrari.

2. Watch Your Back By Benn Cassette

Watch Your Back is one of the tracks from The Fast and Furious song list. It was recorded by Benny Cassette and released through Island Records.

Penned down by Benny and John Barnes, the lyrics talk about always being cautious of your surroundings, you never know who's stalking you from behind.

The track was played in the background as Vince, Dom's childhood friend and street racer, attacks Brian at Toretto's crib.

3. Pov City Anthem By Caddillac Tah

Pov City Anthem is one of the Fast And The Furious Movie Songs. It was performed by the rapper Caddillac Tah and released via Def Jam Records.

The song is one of the few tracks in Tah's catalog and is arguably his signature song. The lyrics were written by Tah in collaboration with Irv Gotti and Taiwan Green.

Its hard-hitting freestyle and powerful upbeat were featured in the iconic movie when Dom arrived with his team for the first street race.

4. When A Man Does Wrong By Ashanti

When A Man Does Wrong is a The Fast And The Furious Ost. It was performed by American singer and actress Ashanti.

The seductive-themed song was composed by Lorenzo and produced by Irv Gotti, Aurelius, and Cevin Fisher.

The low-tempo ballad features melodious vocals from Ashanti and a chill rhythm that has won the heart of many Fast and Furious franchise fans.

5. Race Against Time Part 2 By Tank Ft. Ja Rule

Race Against Time Part 2 is a hip-hop song by Durrell 'Tank' Babbs featuring Ja Rule. The song was released through Blackground Entertainment.

The track was written by Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and Robert Mays and signifies the struggle of living in a world where there's limited time while the pressure to succeed is very high. In the lyrics "red light" is used as a metaphor for barriers and hardships they must overcome.

The iconic soundtrack was played in the background when the group got the parts of the legendary Toyota Supra that Brian brought to Dom.

6. Furious by Ja Rule

Furious is a hip-hop song by the American rapper Ja Rule. It is one of five tracks from the soundtrack album which was accompanied by a music video.

It was performed by J Rule in collaboration with Vita and O1 while the lyrics were composed by Atkins, Otha Miller, Lorenzo, and Richard Wilson.

From its powerful rhythm to hard-hitting lyrics, every aspect of this song can pump up the listeners making it an excellent choice for a racing film.

7. Take My Time Tonight By R. Kelly

Take My Time Tonight is a song by American musician Robert Kelly. This romantic ballad was written by the singer himself.

Lyrically, the narrator speaks about leaving all the problems behind and focusing on the relationship during the very night.

8. Say Aah By Shawnna

Say Aah is a song by the American rapper Shawnna. It was penned by Chad Elliot, Arthur Alexander, and Tracey Horton, and released via Def Jam Records.

The song is played in the background when Brian's green Mitsubishi Eclipse entered the race alongside other cars.

9. Area Codes By Ludacris

Area Codes is a song by the American rapper Ludacris featuring Nate Dogg. It was released as the first single from his 2001 album Word of Mouf.

The song was released on July 3, 2001, through the courtesy of Def Jam Records and the lyrics emphasize the U.S. telephone area codes that indicate women's location across the United States with whom the author has had intimate relationships.

The hip-hop ballad is played when Mia and Brian meet at Toretto's house following the street race.

10. Evil Ways By Santana

Evil Ways is an iconic song by the Mexican-American rock band Santana released as a second single from their eponymous debut album in 1969.

Released through Columbia Records, the lyrics to the song are written in simple verse by Clarence Sonny Henry. The protagonist tells his partner, she needs to change her behaviors as he feels uncomfortable with it.

The jazz-fused rock song was featured in the movie when Toretto was hosting a barbecue party.

11. Debonaire By Dope

Debonaire is a song by the American metal band Dope. It was released as a lead single for the band's 1999 debut album Felons and Revolutionaries.

The song was played in the background during a montage scene of Toretto fixing up a Supra while Johnny Tran's home was raided by the SWAT.

In addition to its role in the film, the song also saw its use in multiple entertainment platforms including the entrance theme of Rhino in ECW, and the soundtrack for the videogame Anarchy Ruiz.

12. Deep Enough (Remix) By Live

Deep Enough is a song by the American rock band Live. It was included as the third track for their sixth studio album V.

The song was written by Edward Kowalczyk and is credited for its well-composed lyrics. The protagonist metaphorically asks if the new partner can fulfill the desire to the same level as they previously did.

It appeared in the movie during the opening scenes of the movie which showcased Brian's intro. It was reported that the film director, Rob Cohen, was a huge fan of the rock band.

13. Fourth Floor By Brian Tyler

Fourth Floor is a song written and performed by Brian Tyler. The original music was recorded for the 1999 mystery horror film The 4th Floor.

The lively instrumentals and trashing drum beats make it a suitable choice for the movie, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in the action.

The song was featured in the background during the early scenes when Brian test drives his Mitsubishi Eclipse and was also played in another timeline when Johnny Tran and Lance Nguyen were getting chased by Brian and Dom on their motorcycles.

14. Nocturnal Transmission By BT

Nocturnal Transmission is a song by the American musician BT. It was recorded as the lead track from his debut studio album Ima via Perfecto Records.

The song was played in the film during the late-night activities at the Race Wars event.

Composed by the musician himself, the track has been commended by many for its heavy upbeats and powerful revs that provide a whole new experience for movie enthusiasts.

15. Nurega By Organic Audio

Nurega is an instrumental track from the musical group Organic Audio. This upbeat disco ballad is a wonderful song to dance to during parties.

The track was featured at Dom's house after Dom and Brian returned home in a taxi following the street race.

16. Mercedes Benz By Say Yes Dog

Mercedes Benz is a song by the musical band Say Yes Dog. It was written by Joe Little III and Gerald Levert and released via Def Soul Records.

The upbeat ballad has been praised for its distorted guitar riffs and melodious vocals, which allowed it to feature in the iconic film.

The song is featured in the movie when Brian, Dom, and the rest of the team are building a Supra in their garage.

17. Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) By Limp Bizkit

Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) is a song from the 2001 Fast and Furious Music List. It was recorded as a single by the rap rock band Limp Bizkit.

It was a rap metal song from their 2000 third studio album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water released via Interscope Records.

The song is their best charting single, peaking at number 65 on Billboard Hot 100. It saw its appearance in the film at the beginning during the first gathering for the street race.

18. Polkas Palabras By Molotov

Polkas Palabras is a unique track from The Fast and the Furious songs list. It is a rock song by the Mexican band Molotov.

Written by Juan Francisco Ayala Gonzalez, the rock ballad is the third track from the band's second album released in 1999.

The track is entirely sung in Spanish and features an astonishing instrumental paired with heavy drum beats. The song is played in the film when Brian breaks into Hector's garage while he's out partying.

Furthermore, additional soundtracks from the 2001 action race film are as follows:

  • The Prayer by Black Child
  • Tudunn Tudunn Tudunn by Funk Flex & Norega
  • Hustlin by Fat Joe & Armageddon
  • Freestyle by Boo & Gotti
  • Life Ain't a Game by Ja Rule
  • Cali Diseaz by Shade Sheist and Nate Dogg
  • Didn't I by Petey Pablo
  • Put It On Me by Ja Rule
  • Justify My Love by Vita and Ashanti
  • Superstar by Saliva
  • Faithless By Injected
  • Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank
  • Dominic's Story by BT
  • This Life by Primer 55
  • Crashing Around You by Machine Head
  • Lock It Down by Digital Assassins
  • Click Click Boom by Saliva
  • Idi Banashapan by Roni Size
  • Race Wars by BT
  • Shelter by Greenwheel

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