Ethel Cain And Her Studio Albums Preacher's Daughter Story

Ethel Cain poses for a shot to be featured in W magazine in 2022
Ethel Cain poses for a shot to be featured in W magazine in 2022( Source : instagram )

Ethel Cain Preacher's Daughter Story follows a young girl who runs away from home with a lover, who ends up murdering and cannibalizing her.

Preacher's Daughter is the very first studio album produced and released by the up-and-coming American singer and songwriter. Born in Tallahassee, Florida, on March 24, 1998, she is better known by her stage name, Ethel Cain.

Even in the album, the primary protagonist of the story is named Ethel Cain. She decided to make her first album a concept album, meaning that rather than songs that have no connection to one another, the songs in the entire album in her debut project are related and tell a continuous story in order.

Active since 2017, Cain is gradually growing as a music star. With 210k Instagram followers, she has also managed to amass 195,214 Spotify followers and 1,746,073 monthly listeners to her songs.

Ethel Cain real name

Ethel Cain real name is Hayden Silas Anhedonia. Ethel Cain is just a stage monicker that she has been using since 2019.

She changed her name to Hayden Silas Anhedonia legally when she turned 20. It was the time when she came out as a trans woman after declaring to be gay to her parents when she was 12.

Anhedonia means an inability to feel pleasure. But Hayden mentions that she feels that the name sounded pretty to her even though the meaning was not so pleasant.

Hayden used to make music under a different name before she became Ethel. Cain had a monicker White Silas under which she released her early extended plays and other projects.

No, Ethel Cain is not related to Lana Del Rey in any way. Some critics have compared the two individuals' work but apart from that they have nothing in common.

One critic compared the two saying that both these artists are about exploring the underbelly of Americana in their songs. 

He also made a criticizing tweet claiming that both these singers do lazy writing. There have been some other comparisons made between the two.

Hence, apart from these connections, the two artists have nothing in common and are not related to each other.

Ethel Cain Merch and Vinyl

Ethel Cain merch and vinyl and other music are available to access via her official website,

Currently, the Ethel Cain merchandise available on her site consists of some hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, and tanks respectively. For the music, the site has listed all the different platforms one can visit to have access to her songs and album.

Apart from all these, we are also provided all the needed information on the upcoming tours and the links to her social media platforms all in one place.

Ethel Cain Family And Parents

Ethel Cain was born to religious parents and in a Christian family. She is the eldest of four children born in a Southern Baptist household.

Hayden's dad used to be a truck driver but is currently working at a lumber mill. Ethel's mother, Juliet Anderson Horner is a child of the god as she decided to be born again according to the Christian rituals.

Juliet is also a part-time nail technician as it is her hobby as per her Instagram bio. Cain was home-schooled by her mother during her childhood after being taken out of school when she was just four.

Ethel Caine parents pictured as she sleeps on her dad's arms as a child
Ethel Caine parents pictured as she sleeps on her dad's arms as a child( Source : instagram )

Cain mentions that she could only ever listen to Christian music and watch movies that had Christian theme in them. Anything secular was not allowed to be played at the house by her parents.

She started to realize that she was into boys when she was 12 and revealed the news to her mother. Juliet Immediately sent Ethel into religious therapy when she revealed that she was gay.

When she turned 18, Ethel moved out of her parent's house and decided to settle down in rural Alabama, where she made her very first album.

Ethel And Her Parents Have Set Aside Their Differences

Although there were some rifts between her and her parents, Ethel claims that they have mended the differences, and have a close relationship now with the dust settled.

Cain got on the phone with her mother during the making of the album and expressed what she felt. She states that it helped bring the two closer than before and it was a therapeutic experience for her.

Ethel shared a collection of pictures of her dad and mom via her Instagram account on June 19, 2022, with three heart symbols in the caption.

Her mom replied by thanking Ethel for taking her down memory lane and mentioned she's gonna show them to the dad when he gets back home.

Ethel Cain with her mom and dad and their family dog
Ethel Cain with her mom and dad and their family dog ( Source : instagram )

When a follower commented that she and her mom look like twins, Ethel thanked the commenter and mentioned she loves her mom so much. Juliet joined the conversation and said that she thinks all her girls are pretty.

This just goes to show that everything is okay between Ethel and her parents as of late.

Is Ethel Cain Dating?

Ethel Cain does not have a boyfriend. She is currently single.

Mockingly, Ethel on her Twitter account tweeted "me and boyfriend <3" dated April 2, 2022. The photo was clicked with Ronald McDonald, a Macdonald mannequin.


The singer has left no hint of her dating life, and relationship until now. At just 24 and on the heels of a successful album, she is on to make a second studio album, which she has mentioned will focus on the parents of her main character from the "Preacher's Daughter" album.

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