Double Neck Guitars And The Guitarists Who Used Them

Jimmy Page performing with Madison Garden with his double neck guitar, New York in 1977 after travelling from Mexico
Jimmy Page performing with Madison Garden with his double neck guitar, New York in 1977 after travelling from Mexico ( Source : instagram )

Double Neck Guitars And The Guitarists Who Used Them are Jimmy Paige and Rick Neilsen. The list also includes the best-selling solo artist Elvis Presley.

The double neck guitar is a multi-purpose instrument. Its advantage can be witnessed when the guitarist has to play two different instruments but does not have time to strap on.

The semblance of double-neck guitar differs from the resonation of its sound. The musical instrument looks exotic, it gives more gravitas to the performer and astonishes the audience during their performance. 

Similarly, the instrument uniquely differs from a normal guitar due to the multiple options and musical rhythm and crescendo offered by the song. Thus, a guitarist can use their sophisticated knowledge to enhance their recorded or live performances. 

Jimmy Page the founder of the rock band "Led Zeppelin" is known for the use of aggressive and distorted guitar tones, and melodies in his music. He is famous for using double-neck guitars. 

The artist's songs and music have always captivated its audience. Still, the singer's music and guitar melodies are still the most popular in the world. Also, Led Zepplin is considered one of the best bands of all time. 

Double Neck Guitar And Bass

Double neck with rhythm and bass from Knoxville natural guitar.
Double neck with rhythm and bass from Knoxville natural guitar.( Source : gear4music )

The double-neck guitar with bass is a six-string guitar and one bass-guitar neck with four strings combined. It offers versatility in bass and rhythm.

The weight distribution is a major problem in double-neck guitars. Similarly, the combination that could work for double neck guitar bass includes fretted standard guitar with fretted bass.

The Bass guitar is a low-pitched guitar that also performs the low notes in comparison to the rhythm guitar. The strings of the bass guitar represent lower octave notes. It is useful to change the tone of music during the performance. The possible combination of double neck guitar and bass are as follows;

  • 6-string guitar and 12-string guitar
  • 6-string guitar in standard tuning and six-string guitar in an alternate tuning.
  • 6 string guitar + 4 string bass
  • Fretted bass and fretless bass

The guitarist Jimmy page's combo was twelve-string guitar and six-string bass guitar. The best sound produced by the guitar is by traditional double-neck guitar with twelve-string guitar and six-string bass.

Double neck guitar is used in live performances, it facilitates the player to switch between rhythm and bass guitar. Some guitarist criticize the method of Jimmy and use their own method which is one of the following mentioned modification.

Double Neck Guitar Epiphone

Harley Benton DC-Custom 612 Cherry
Harley Benton DC-Custom 612 Cherry( Source : thomann )

Double Neck Guitar Epiphone is a limited custom job for guitarists. It produces sympathetic drone sounds with open or chromatic tuning.

They are one-of-a-kind guitars made by Epiphone. Epiphone's double neck feature two guitars in one.

It includes one twelve-string and one six-string maple guitar neck with a single body that is covered with a patent that is applied for the parallelogram and binding both necks.

For Instance, Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck Cherry offers features the build of the solid guitar which is played by artists from AC/DC, Paul Weller, and Tony Immoi.

It includes high flying sound and beautiful hardware to produce an angelic sound by the device, the appealing and custom design with Mahogany wood and Flame maple top can't be resisted by guitar enthusiasts from purchasing such a product.

The music instrument brand (Epiphone) releases a top of line products with multiple features. The available double-neck guitar from the company are as follows;

  • Epiphone G-1275 Double-Neck Custom Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry: $1,099
  • Epiphone Limited Edition 2014 G-1275 Double Neck: € 825

Double Neck Guitar Stand

Hercules stand one of the possible double neck stand available in its official website.
Hercules stand one of the possible double neck stand available in its official website. ( Source : thomann )

Double Neck Guitar stands are like a hidden treasure because the double neck guitar itself is rare. However, the stands are like a unicorn.

They can be either custom-made or made for specific guitars in mind by the manufacturing company.

There is a Hercules double-neck stand from Faquay Varina, NC. The guitars can be found in used-to-mint condition costing around € 57.28. However, it might not fit all types of double-neck guitars which are made up of unique customization.

eBay has also posted a G23.234 Double Guitar Stand which holds the most standard electric and acoustic guitars at the price of $50.  The product's title is most thus there is no guarantee that your guitar might be included in the most.

Therefore, the custom neck guitar shall need a custom guitar stand based on its dimensions. It is also imperative to have a guitar stand because the guitar is quite heavy, troublesome, and expensive thus mishandling the instrument might cost you money.

In addition, there are multiple guitar stands from professional guitar stands to on-stage guitar stands ranging from $50 to $80 thus it might not be as impossible as finding a unicorn but the hassle is legit.

Here, are a few available guitars stands at eBay, which is as follows:

  • Professional Guitar Rack Stand - on Wheels - Holds up to 10 Electric Guitars: $67.05
  • On-Stage Stands Hang-It Double Guitar Stand (GS7255) MaxStrata: $55.20
  • On-Stage Stands Professional A-Frame Double Guitar Stand: $79.44
  • On-Stage Stands Standard Single A-Frame Guitar Stand (GS7362B): $51.88

Double Neck Guitar Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing double neck guitar, which is cataloged in the game.
Animal Crossing double neck guitar, which is cataloged in the game.( Source : youtube )

A Double Neck Guitar is featured in Pocket Camp the mobile game. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a mobile game that rewards players. by crafting materials.

These are given after successfully completing the requests. The game was released in Australia in October 2017 worldwide and has generated quite the hype.

Double Neck Guitar is cataloged as a cool instrument with a size of 2*2. The craft time is 15 hours and the selling price of the item is 1520 bells.

Similarly, the cost of material cost is 150 steel, 4 cool essences, 2 sparkle stones, and 9,500 bells. Double Neck guitar was losing relevancy due to the evolution of music. However, it has made people curious about double-neck guitars and their uses.

That said, the game is available in Nintendo, IOS and android devices, it is an addictive and elusive game which shall give you prompt gratification while playing and distract you from your obvious works.

Double Neck Electric Guitar

BC Rich Guitars Rich
BC Rich Guitars Rich "B" Legacy Doubleneck Electric Guitar w/Case, Trans Red ( Source : walmart )

Double Neck Electric Guitar differs from the acoustic guitar as it only relies on the electronic amplification of sound. Plus, the electric guitar is heavier.

It is also most practical than an acoustic guitar. The cost of electric guitar varies from affordable to ridiculously expensive.

The main aim of the double-neck electric guitar is to amplify the sound and give an advantage to the guitarist while switching between two different guitars.

That said, the electric guitar offers all those benefits. For instance, Epiphone G-1275 is one of the expensive guitars with 12 string rhythm neck and 6-string leads. The guitar weighs around 12 pounds, but it is convenient to transform from lead to rhythm in no time.

Double neck guitar reduced the two-man job of lead and guitar into one but it tests the endurance of the guitarist who must keep on playing the 12-pound beast according to the band.

Guitarist Who Used Double Neck Guitar

Guitarist who used double neck guitar includes artist Jimmy Page's rock band Led Zepplin. Jimmy brought the guitar's reputation to new heights.

He is one of the few artists who has evolved the rock music scene and produced the biggest hits from his guitar. Thus, in order to perform those hits, Jimmy needed a unique guitar to play both rhythm and base thus he relied on double-neck guitar during his live performances.

Rick Neilson

rick neilson performing at his younger days in early 70s
rick neilson performing at his younger days in early 70s( Source : instagram )

Neilson is one of the unique guitarists, singers, and songwriters for the band Cheap Trick. If you up the ante and do not include only double necks but five necks and you shall get Rick Neilson.

The musician d a five-neck guitar from Hamer Guitar in the show, and he was able to perform stably throughout his concert. Throughout, his career he has released more than forty solo albums.


T-Cophoy performing with his acoustic guitar at his Youtube channel.
T-Cophoy performing with his acoustic guitar at his Youtube channel.( Source : facebook )

T-Cophony is a sensational artist who has mastered the art of playing double-neck guitar. He has a Youtube video of playing double-neck acoustic guitar in 2013. He is a finger-style guitarist and singer.

Cophony plays multiple instruments like guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and ambient music. He expresses his music quite uniquely, he has worked with multiple alternate artists and also performs double-neck electric music as well.

The musician's discography albums include the following;

  • Experimental Album
  • Stubborn Ears
  • Forbidden
  • How to get much more
  • Sharing the emotion

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