10 DJ Software For Spotify To Help You Learn Mixing

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Spotify has revolutionized the way we consume music by providing a common platform for artists of different backgrounds and genres. With over 550 million users around the globe, the app has helped aspiring independent artists to get discovered and compete with industry heavyweights. 

With the integration of DJ software in recent times, Spotify has become even more versatile. Gone are the days of searching for and downloading individual tracks to create your DJ sets. Each software on our list has its unique strengths and user-friendly interfaces, catering to DJs of all skill levels.

1. djay Pro

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djay Pro is a professional DJ software developed by Algoriddim. It is designed to provide DJs with a powerful and intuitive platform for mixing and performing music. The software offers a range of features including waveform layouts, beat and key detection, audio effects, looping, and sampling capabilities.

One of the standout features of djay Pro is its integration with Spotify. The app allows users to access millions of tracks directly from the Spotify library within the software. At the same time, the software also provides advanced algorithms that can automatically match the beats of Spotify tracks.

2. Virtual DJ

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Virtual DJ is a professional-grade DJ software that allows users to mix and blend music tracks, create remixes, and perform live DJ sets. It offers a wide range of features, including beat matching, loop sampling, effects, and automatic synchronization.

Virtual DJ supports various audio formats and provides an intuitive interface that caters to both beginners and experienced DJs. While the app does not have direct Spotify integration, it allows users to access their Spotify playlists and tracks by utilizing the Virtual DJ Content Unlimited feature.

3. Serato DJ Pro

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Serato DJ Pro is used by DJs around the world for mixing and performing live sets. It provides a wide range of features and tools for DJs to enhance their performances, including beatmatching, syncing, looping, cue points, and effects.

The software supports various DJ controllers and hardware, allowing DJs to connect their equipment and use it seamlessly with Serato DJ Pro. When it comes to Spotify, users can utilize third-party apps to convert Spotify tracks into compatible file formats and then import them into Serato DJ Pro for mixing.

4. Mixonset

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Mixonset is a music mixing software that allows users to seamlessly transition between songs and create professional-quality DJ mixes. It is designed to work well with Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming platforms.

Mixonset offers a unique feature called "smart mixing" that analyzes the songs in a user's Spotify playlists and automatically suggests the best mix points and transitions between tracks. This feature takes into consideration factors such as tempo, key, and energy levels to create smooth and harmonious transitions. It eliminates the need for manual beatmatching and ensures a seamless flow between songs.

5. Pacemaker

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Pacemaker is a music-mixing application primarily used for DJ mixing and remixing. It provides a range of features such as beat matching, tempo control, looping, and effects. The software is available for iOS devices and integrates with popular streaming platforms like Spotify.

Pacemaker's integration with Spotify is a major advantage for DJs who want to explore a vast music library. It enables users to search and import tracks directly from Spotify into their mix, eliminating the need to download and organize music files separately.


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JQBX is a DJ app that allows users to create and join virtual listening rooms where they can share and discover music. It works perfectly with Spotify, leveraging the vast music library and features of the popular streaming platform.

With JQBX, users can create their virtual DJ rooms and invite others to join. In these rooms, participants can take turns playing songs from their Spotify libraries, creating a collaborative and interactive music-listening experience. The software syncs in real-time and ensures that all users hear the same songs simultaneously.

7. Mixcloud

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Mixcloud is a platform for creating and sharing mixes online. It offers multiple functions that make it easy for DJs to mix tracks and create a professional-sounding mixtape. The software provides a user-friendly interface with virtual decks, effects, and controls that mimic the experience of using physical DJ equipment.

While Mixcloud allows users to import tracks from Spotify, it does not offer direct streaming from the site. Users need to have the tracks already downloaded or available in their local library to mix them. This limitation is due to licensing and copyright restrictions imposed by Spotify.

8. SoundCloud Go+

SoundCloud Go+ is a subscription-based service that lets users access a larger music library, ad-free listening, and offline listening. It helps DJs and music producers by providing access to high-quality audio files, advanced analytics, and the ability to mix tracks seamlessly.

Although SoundCloud Go focuses on providing a vast collection of tracks from various genres, it does not directly integrate with Spotify. SoundCloud and Spotify are separate platforms with their own streaming services and licensing agreements.

9. Beatport

Beatport DJ is a professional DJing software developed by Beatport, a leading online music store for DJs. It is specifically designed for DJs to mix and perform live sets using digital music files. The software offers features like beat matching, looping, cue points, and effects, among others.

You can use Beatport alongside Spotify by manually importing tracks from Spotify into the software. This requires downloading the Spotify tracks as local files and then adding them to the Beatport library.

10. Inflyte

Inflyte provides a platform for deejaying enthusiasts to manage and share their music with record labels, radio stations, and music journalists. It allows DJs to create and send promotional music campaigns, including digital promos, DJ charts, and personalized messages.

Inflyte offers a unique feature called 'Spotify Viral Stats', which lets users track the performance of their music campaigns on Spotify. DJs can monitor the number of plays, saves, and playlist additions their tracks receive, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of their promotional efforts.

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