Did The Masked Artist Boywithuke Quit Music Even When His ‘Toxic’ Reached Billboard No.1 Recently?

Boywithuke during a photoshoot
Boywithuke during a photoshoot( Source : billboard )

Boywithuke is an American singer best recognized for his hit song Toxic.

The song first started getting public attention on TikTok before it started circulating on every other social media, eventually taking it to the number one spot on the Billboard chart. Besides the number one charted song, the artist has various other releases.

Not only in terms of song popularity, but his unique appearance, hiding his face under a mask with two big eyes, has also brought him internet fame. With millions of followers across various media platforms, the vocalist is now a global personality.

Towards the end of May, he uploaded a TikTok video where he said about quitting music. In the video, he kept aside his musical instruments, packed his bag, and walked into nature, declaring he was officially moving away from music.

This clip worried many fans, and although the singer has uploaded a few other videos since then, they still wonder if he is considering quitting.

Boywithuke Did Not Quit Music

Despite the rumors, the singer Boywithuke didn't quit music and is back to doing shows and making songs.


He did his last concert in May, and it was towards the end of that month the rumors regarding his retirement came circling the web. The vocalist didn't do any other shows in the following weeks, which further developed confusion among the people.

However, on June 26, the man announced his return to work after a long break and said he was ready for upcoming days, hinting at returning tours and music concerts. Now, he is back to making new music and performing on stage.

Rumors Of Boywithuke Quitting Started After He Uploaded A TikTok Video

The rumors of Boywithuke quitting music started after he uploaded a TikTok video, but it was only a joke, as it seems.

He said about officially quitting music while the video of him packing his musical instruments inside the locker played in the background. It further contained talks of meeting in the afterlife and some things like that.

However, it seems like the artist was talking about a holiday rather than a long-term retirement.

Boywithuke Has Hidden His Face Using Cool Mask He Found On Amazon

Boywithuke didn't custom-create his mask but purchased it on Amazon, as reported by WikiOfCelebs.

The music artist hides his face behind a black mask with big round eyes that glows, and it is kind of cool, to be honest. But he didn't make it by himself. He found it listed for sale on the online shop while he was scrolling through it and liked the item.

So he bought it and wore it in his music videos and appearances to give him a unique character on the stage and in the media. Now the cover has become a regular part of his music as he always puts it on during appearances.

Boywithuke Is 19 Years Old

Boywithuke is a 19-year-old man from Massachusetts, according to Billboard.


Billboard's official website mentioned the artist as a 19-year-old in February, but a few sources state the man is 20 years old after he celebrated his birthday on May 7. However, the official confirmation of his date of birth remains a mystery.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the artist is a young singer and songwriter who has just entered his 20s.

Boywithuke Name Comes From His Love For Ukelele

While Boywithuke's real name is unknown, his stage name comes from his love for Ukelele.

The singer loves Ukelele and often plays it in various clips and songs. So his love for the musical instrument became the source for his stage name, Boywithuke. Other than his online presence and details, personal information about the man, such as his real name, face, and family, is unknown.

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