13 Dallas Steakhouses You Need To Visit Atleast Once

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Steakhouses in Dallas offer high-quality cuts of beef cooked to perfection culinary delights which are cherished worldwide. A lot of food establishments offer a range of beef options, all aimed to provide juicy, tender and flavorful steaks as well as a unique dining experience.

Dallas offers not only a diverse selection of steakhouses but also buffets. In this article, we have listed 13 such steakhouses that provide high-quality cuts and mastery of cooking which are the main elements that contribute to the reputation of any steakhouse.  

1. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

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Pappas Bros Steakhouse is a prestigious Dallas Tx steakhouse brand that opened in 1976. This restaurant chain serves a wide variety of creatively prepared steaks praised for their flavor and quality. Considered one of the best profile restaurants in the world, Pappas Bros has a satisfying price-quality ratio.

Pappas Bros. also has private dining where you can host corporate dinners, family gatherings and any type of special get-together occasion. From tender grilled steaks to decadent desserts, the high-quality ingredients used to prepare every item on the menu make dining on Pappas Bro once in a lifetime experience. 

Address: 10477 Lombardy Ln 

2. YO Ranch Steakhouse

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Known for its pure Southern hospitality including Texas décor and menu, YO Ranch Steakhouse in Dallas Tx serves steaks prepared by using a method that ranch hands. They use their brand seasonings of herbs and spices which makes the food even more distinct.

The seasoned meats are charred on a flat top griddle and seared with their secret finishing sauce. This process helps to trap in all the juices, resulting in a succulent, tender steak hence making it one of the nation's finest steakhouses. 

Address: 702 Ross Ave, TX 75202.

3. Nick & Sam's Steakhouse

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Nick & Sam's is another steakhouse in Dallas, Texas to spoil yourself with magnificent meats. Established in 1999, this place has defined experience dining under the meticulous culinary expertise of Chef Samir. This place has wagyu beef imported from Japan, true Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture which is one of the world's rarest meats. 

Besides prime steaks, this place also serves chops, seafood and sushi. Luxuriate services including private dining accommodations for a business meal or a celebration is provided by this place. A business casual dress code is honored by this steakhouse.

Address: 3008 Maple Ave, TX 75201

4. Dallas Chop House

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Located in the heart of downtown, Dallas Chop House is a popular steak restaurant in Dallas, Texas with menus showing the talent of the culinary team. Committed to providing an unforgettable dining experience, this place has exceptional steaks and an inviting ambiance. The prime steaks are expertly prepared and grilled to perfection.

From filet mignon to ribeye, patrons can indulge in top-quality cuts accompanied by the freshest local ingredients served with a contemporary twist. A variety of delicious Private Menus are also available which can impress your guests making it a perfect place for private events. 

Address: 1717 Main St Ste 100, TX 75201-4612

5. Bob's Steak & Chop House

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Bob's place is a Dallas, Tx steakhouse that opened in 1993 and since then has established a reputation of quality, tradition, and authenticity. This chain restaurant uses hand-selected cuts from the top two percent of USDA prime beef sourced from the Chicago-based Stock Yards Meat Packing Company.

Committed to providing a high standard of excellence at every level, Bob's Steak & Chop House delivers a traditional American steakhouse experience that’s warm, welcoming, and founded on the best possible flavor. With exceptional dining and service standards, this place is open for reservations and private events.

Address: 555 S Lamar St

6. III Forks Steakhouse - Dallas

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Located in the heart of North Dallas, III Forks is a steakhouse in Dallas, Texas that perfects the combination of delicious cuisine, friendly service, and ambiance. This place is renowned for its premium cuts of beef and attentive professional service. The place has a rich heritage having a refined décor and a luxurious atmosphere.

This upscale dining establishment has private dining service which can be a perfect choice for intimate gatherings and special celebrations. Apart from the expertly cooked cuts of beef, the culinary experience extends to a selection of seafood dishes, appetizers, and decadent desserts. 

Address: 1303 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034

7. Al Biernat's

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Al Biernat's is a steak house in Dallas, Tx that has been serving the highest quality steaks and seafood since 1998. The steaks are sourced from premier providers of beef both nationally and locally. The guests are assured of quality, taste and preparation on whatever they desire: Gearhart Ranch, TX Wagyu New York Strip or an Allen Brothers of Chicago tomahawk ribeye.

Al Biernat’s has traditional elegance and smiles greet you from the moment you enter this place. Private dining services are also available, so celebrating a special occasion to closing a business deal can be a memorable experience here.

Address: 4217 Oak Lawn Ave

8. Dakota's Steakhouse

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A fine dining Dallas, Tx steakhouse located in the Heart of Downtown Dallas, this place has mastered the best cut and quality of steaks. Patrons visiting here descend 18 feet underground in a canopied glass elevator making it a unique culinary experience. The chefs handpick the corn and grain-fed USDA Prime steak which is aged for a minimum of 28 days.

The perfect and juicy steaks are sourced from renowned beef purveyors, Allen Brothers. The motto of the place itself says "Above and beyond expectations". Surprisingly, the menu here is updated twice a year which provides the customer with fresh flavors that go with every season.

Address: 600 N Akard St

9. Ruth's Chris Steak House

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Ruth's Chris Steak House is a chain restaurant that delivers the best premium steaks. The steaks are cooked in a unique style of patented broiling method developed by the founder herself. Seasoned to perfection, the premium steaks are served sizzling on 500-degree plates.  

Ruth's Chris Steak House claims its chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff to be one of the best in the world trained to deliver steaks exactly the way owner Ruth wanted. This steak restaurant in Dallas, Texas place has combined the finest service, steaks and ambiance that deliver memorable meals exceeding expectations.

Address: 17840 Dallas Pkwy

10. Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

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The story of Perry's, a steakhouse in Dallas, Tx, started in 1979 when the Perry family opened its first restaurant called Perry's Butcher Shop and Deli. This place serves a mouth-watering specialty called Perry’s Famous Pork Chop which is s hand-selected, treated with proprietary seasonings and roasted on a rotisserie with pecan wood for 4 to 6 hours. 

A memorable dining experience here includes fan-favorite tableside carving during dinner service. The carving process for the famous gluten-free pork chop includes dividing the chop into the eyelash, loin, and ribs, which are all done by the server. 

Address: 2100 Olive St Suite #100

11. Dunston's Steakhouse

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Considered the oldest in the steak-providing game, Dunston's Steakhouse in Dallas, TX started its service in 1955. This place has been serving the highest quality of food and service for decades and is loved for its barbecue and smoked sausages.

Dunston's Steakhouse provides the best cuts however, the vibe, cocktails and salad bar outshine the steaks. The open kitchen adds to the overall dining experience and the great and courteous service makes the experience unforgettable.

Address: 8526 Harry Hines Blvd

12. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

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This steakhouse in Dallas, TX was first established in 1979 in a city in Brazil. At the request of American guests, the Fogo concept was exported to the U.S. with a stateside debut in Dallas in 1997. FOGO serves the flavors of Brazil with seasonal salads, irresistibly fresh vegetables, imported meats and cheeses, artisan breads and more.

This place serves expert-made juicy and tender steaks and the culinary team has continued the tradition of developing new menu creations rooted in the Brazilian tradition. New seafood dishes and award-winning wines and cocktails are new additions to this place.

Address: 2619 McKinney Ave #150

13. Silver Fox Steakhouse

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Silver Fox Steakhouse is a premier fine-dining steakhouse in Dallas, TX . This place is renowned for its USDA Prime steaks, fresh fish and cold-water lobster. This fancy place is recommended by people to have a steak date with family members.

Though the restaurant has confined its recipe, all of the courses on the menu are well executed; the steak is cooked perfectly and very tender. Awarded People’s Choice Best Overall Restaurant in 2016 this steakhouse has a specialty in professional customer service that are second to none. 

Address: 1651 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107