15 Country Bands From The 90s

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Country Bands From The 90s are 1. Blackhawk 2. Ricochet 3. Lonestar 4. Brooks & Dunn and others. The 90s were the iconic era for country music.

There have been many bands in the Country music game, but the '90s was the best decade for the genre. They paved the way for other big stars, whereas some of them are still in the spotlight today.

Through their melodious tunings and ballads, they have successfully cemented their names in the hearts of many country lovers. These country groups have taken their listeners to the other side of the raw emotions of pure nostalgia.

Within the country music world, the '90s were the year when new artists were emerging who created fusion in this genre, giving lots of chart-topping hits. These new waves of talented bands immediately made a mark on the style.

This country music group has given many nostalgic and melodious songs from the glorious decade. Some of the country bands are listed below:

Country Bands From The 90s

Band NamesYears active
Brooks & Dunn1990–2010, 2015–present
Boy Howdy1990 – 1996
Big & Rich1998–2008, 2011–present
Emerson Drive1995–present
Heartland1994–2012, 2023-present
The Higgins1998–present
Little Big Town1998–present
Rascal Flatts1999–2021
Montgomery Gentry1999–present
Drive-By Truckers1996–present
The Remingtons1991–1993
Cross Canadian Ragweed1994–2010

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1. Blackhawk

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Blackhawk is placed in the first list of bands from the '90s. Formed in 1992, they have launched twelve studio albums to date.

The Nashville-based group is composed of three founding members who dealt with Arista Nashville in 1993. The original team are:

  • Henry Paul - lead vocals, mandolin, and acoustic guitar
  • Van Stephenson - background vocals, electric guitar
  • Dave Robbins - background vocals, keyboards.

The group entered the country music chart with the release of their debut hit single "Goodbye Says It All". The song made up to the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart ranking at #11 with double-platinum certification.

2. Ricochet

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Ricochet is a country music band with six remaining members. They are recognized for their high-energy country sounds.

Originated from Oklahoma, they experienced their mainstream success in the mid-90s with their debut album "Ricochet (1996)" which included their number-one single "Daddy's Money".

Ricochet has faced many changes in its lineups however, its current members include:

  • Chris Hempfling - vocals, drums
  • Heath Wright - lead vocals and guitars, fiddle
  • Rick Troops - vocals, keys
  • Bruce Bennett - vocals, bass
  • Larry Hight - vocals, lead guitar, steel, dobro, saxophone

3. Lonestar

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Lonestar is a famous 90s country music band who have made nine chart-topping hits. They have recorded seven albums and one EP.

In 1992, the group emerged with four members who earned fame with their modern heartbreak sound and debut single "Tequila Talkin".

Their music is defined as neotraditionalist country blended with honky-tonk which later changed into country pop. A few of the many number-one hits of the Lonestar are:

  • No News
  • Come Cryin' to Me
  • What About Now

4. Brooks & Dunn

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Brooks & Dunn are country music duo known for the contrast between their singing voices and on-stage personalities. They record neotraditional country music.

Consisting of two members, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, both of them serves as a vocalist and songwriters. Their enthusiastic live performance is one of a kind in the group.

Out of their 50 singles, 20 of them have hit the top on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and two songs have made them earn Grammy Awards. The duo's music is mostly influenced by honky-tonk, country, and rock sounds respectively.

A few of their chart-topping hits consist:

  • My Maria
  • Ain't Nothing 'bout You
  • Only in America

5. Boy Howdy

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Boy Howdy is a country music band of the 90s. They have created iconic tracks in their era which include Billboard hits.

The group consists of four members which are mentioned below:

  • Jeffrey Steele - lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Hugh Wright - drums
  • Cary Park - guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Larry Park - guitar, fiddle, vocals

Altogether, the team has released two studio albums, one extended play, and nine singles, among which seven of them hit the Hot Country Songs chart. Their songs "She'd Give Anything" and "They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore" entered into the top five.

6. Big & Rich

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Big & Rich is the prominent duo band from the 90s. Both of them are considered first-rate musicians, songwriters, producers, and entertainers.

The group members, Big Kenny and John Rich performed as a vocalist and guitarists, where Rich was a member of the Lonestar and Jenny was a solo artist before the band's formation.

The country duo won Billboard Music Awards for New Country Duo/Group of the Year in 2004 and received three Grammy nominations. In the course of their career, they have made many singles that charted on Billboard, some of them are listed below:

  • Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
  • Lost In The Moment
  • 8th of November

7. Emerson Drive

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Emerson Drive is a Canadian-based country band established in the mid-90s. They have left an inedible mark in this genre of music.

The country music ensemble gained mainstream success with their Billboard #1 single "Moments", which became their career-changing track. Additionally, they have earned many accolades in their career which include the Academy of Country Music, Canadian Country Music Association, and others.

The four-piece band with their roles are stated below:

  • Brad Mates - lead vocals
  • Danick Dupelle - guitar, backing vocals
  • Mike Melancon - drums
  • Dale Wallace - keyboards, backing vocals

8. Heartland

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Heartland is one of the many country music groups that have established themselves in the country music world. The band originated in 1994.

The band started its musical journey with its original lineup consisting:

  • Jason Albert - lead vocals
  • Craig Anderson - rhythm guitar
  • Todd Anderson - drums
  • Chuck Crawford - fiddle, background vocals
  • Mike Myerson - lead guitar
  • Keith West - bass guitar, background vocals

In 2006, the country team topped the Hot Country chart with its debut single "I Loved Her First". Later, they went on a hiatus in 2012 and again re-established in 2023.

9. The Higgins

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The Higgins are a trio of the 90s country music group well-known for its vocals and onstage character. They are comprised of three siblings.

Emerged in 1998, their music is combined with country and pop essence with a Celtic sound that creates a unique blend of music. They form a variety of both modern and traditional tracks.

All the members serve as a songwriter and play various musical instruments. Their names and roles are mentioned as follows:

  • John Higgins - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
  • Eileen Higgins - vocals, mandolin, tin whistle
  • Kathleen Higgins - vocals, acoustic guitar

10. Little Big Town

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Little Big Town is one of the best 90s bands in the field of country music. All the members of the group act as lead vocalists.

Since 1998, the group has been composed of four members which are:

  • Karen Fairchild
  • Kimberly Schlapman
  • Phillip Sweet
  • Jimi Westbrook

Their musical style is famous for its four-part vocal harmonies, which make them a distinctive group from the 90s era. Throughout their career, the country group has accumulated lots of awards such as:

  • Academy of Country Music Awards
  • American Music awards
  • Grammy Awards and others

11. Rascal Flatts

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Rascal Flatts is a Nashville-based country music band with three members. They are best known for their distinct vocals and music.

The trio group was established in the late 90s with the team members including:

  • Gary LeVox - lead vocals
  •  Jay DeMarcus - bass guitar, background vocals
  • Joe Don Rooney - lead guitar, backing vocals

Their music is mostly influenced by country pop sound which contains rock, pop, and country styles. All in all, they have recorded 40 singles, sixteen of them atop the Billboard charts.

12. Montgomery Gentry

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Country rock bands of the '90s comprise Montgomery Gentry. The duo was formed by Kentucky natives, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry.

The band is renowned for its Southern rock essence and has partnered with artists like Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, Five for Fighting, and others. Among their eleven studio albums, 20 of them charted on the Billboard chart including #1 singles such as :

  • If You Ever Stop Loving Me
  • Lucky Man
  • Roll with Me

13. Drive-By Truckers

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Drive-By Truckers is a 90s country rock band based in Athens, Georgia. They create Southern rock, country rock, and rock and roll types of music.

Their style is incorporated with punk rock, cowpunk, blues, soul, and many other genres along with expressive lyrics penned by the band members.

The current band members consist of :

  • Patterson Hood - lead vocals, guitar
  • Mike Cooley - guitar, lead vocals, banjo
  • Brad Morgan - drums
  • Jay Gonzalez - keyboards guitar, backing vocals
  • Matt Patton - bass, backing and occasional vocals

14. The Remingtons

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The Remingtons are the early 90s country music band from Nashville, Tennessee. They were active for three years since its formation.

All the members of the group are guitarists and vocalists. The band members' lineup comprises:

  • Jimmy Griffin
  • Richard Mainegra
  • Rick Yancey
  • Denny Henson

Their five country songs ranked on the chart along with one number 10 single "A Long Time Ago". The band parted their ways in 1993.

15. Cross Canadian Ragweed

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Cross Canadian Ragweed is a country rock band from Oklahoma. They are influenced by outlaw country, grunge, and alternative rock genres.

The 90s band composed their music with 1990s alternative rock sound with early southern rock tunes. They are recognized for their vocals and unique melody.

Formed by four members in 1994, the group includes:

  • Cody Canada - lead vocals/guitars
  • Grady Cross - guitar
  • Randy Ragsdale - drums
  • Jeremy Plato - bass guitars

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