Take A Sonic Journey With The Greatest Colors Songs

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In our daily lives, we are conditioned to associate distinct colors with various emotions and aesthetics. From the allure of a sunset's warm hues to the calming embrace of a serene blue sky, colors play a pivotal role in shaping our perceptions.

Beyond mere aesthetics, colors serve as universal signs, guiding us through traffic lights and warning signs. Nature itself is a vibrant canvas, with colors painting the world around us, from lush green landscapes to vivid floral displays. 

Harnessing the power of this intrinsic connection, we dive into the 15 best colors songs that promise to transcend moods and elevate spirits.

1. Red - Taylor Swift

Using the analogy of colors, Taylor Swift compares the progression of her relationship to different shades. For instance, the songwriter labels losing her love as "blue," missing him as "dark gray," and loving him as "red."

In pop culture, red implies blood. The analysis suggests that the narrator's love for her partner wasn't without drawbacks. Released in 2012, Red has become one of the most recognized songs about colors.

2. Yellow - Coldplay

Yellow by Coldplay uses the color analogy to convey emotions within a romantic relationship. In the lyrics, the color yellow is symbolic, representing brightness, happiness, and positivity. 

Moreover, the song also describes a deep and enduring commitment to a romantic partner, assuring them of unwavering support and love. The choice of the color yellow serves as a metaphor for the radiant and uplifting aspects of the relationship.

3. Black Magic - Little Mix

Released in 2015, Black Magic revolves around a secret potion that can make anyone fall in love with the narrator. The protagonist has named the potion Black Magic, hence the title.

While not precisely a song about color, Black Magic still relates to listeners by comparing black to something powerful or mystical. Instead, the song is a love song directing women on how to control their partners.

4. White Horse - Taylor Swift

White Horse is the second Taylor Swift track to make it to this list of popular songs about colors. The 2008 song is about a failed relationship that helped the narrator to value herself.

Lyrically, the song uses the title "White Horse" as a substitute for the term "high horse." The track is basically about a past lover coming back to his girlfriend. However, by the time, the guy makes this decision, the narrator has moved on and doesn't want anything more to do with him.

5. Purple Rain - Prince

Purple Rain combines elements of rock, pop, and R&B, and its meaning is open to interpretation. The title implies a cosmic and surreal atmosphere, suggesting a blend of colors that evoke a sense of otherworldly beauty.

Additionally, the song's lyrics are often seen as expressing a longing for spiritual guidance and a desire for solace in times of trouble. According to Prince himself, the purple rain represents blood in the sky, with the combination of red and blue resulting in purple.

6. Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

Written by Carl Perkins, Blue Suede Shoes is a rock and roll classic with a lively beat. The song communicates a warning to an individual not to step on the narrator's prized blue suede shoes. 

The Elvis Presley track explores the singer's protective attitude towards his fashionable footwear. The inspiration for the song stems from a real-life incident at a dance in Natchez, Mississippi, where Carl Perkins witnessed a dancer cautioning his date about stepping on his blue suede shoes.

7. The Lady In Red - Chris De Burgh

The Lady In Red touches on the concept of jealousy in a relationship. The plot starts at a dance where the narrator and his girlfriend are having a comfortable time together.

However, the woman steals the show with her beauty as many of the guests ask for a chance to dance with her, which makes the protagonist a little jealous. The title "Lady In Red" refers to the narrator's partner who is wearing a red dress.

8. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

In Black Velvet, Alannah Myles gives a tribute to the legendary rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley. The lyrics vividly describe the allure and impact of Elvis, portraying him as the Black Velvet painting that was a popular depiction of the King on black velvet fabric.

The song nostalgically captures the essence of Elvis's charisma and the cultural impact he had on the music scene. Myles, along with songwriters Christopher Ward and David Tyson, crafted a homage to the iconic performer, celebrating his influence on the world of rock and roll.

9. Back in Black - AC/DC

Released in 1980, Back in Black stands as an iconic rock anthem with a theme rooted in resilience and tribute. The song serves as a powerful homage to the band's late lead vocalist, Bon Scott, who tragically passed away.

The phrase "back in black" symbolizes AC/DC's determination to continue their musical journey despite the loss. The song's distinctive guitar riff and energetic sound have made it a timeless classic, and it remains an enduring symbol of rock culture.

10. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

Yellow Submarine is a whimsical and imaginative tune inspired by a children's drawing and a playful, childlike spirit. The song tells the tale of a yellow submarine that sets sail with a colorful crew to explore the sea and spread joy.

Despite its seemingly straightforward narrative, interpretations vary. Some see it as a nod to the counterculture of the 1960s, while others emphasize its intended innocence for younger listeners. Nonetheless, Yellow Submarine is often regarded as one of the best songs with colours in the lyrics.

11. Green-Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf

Released in 1970, Green-Eyed Lady is a fusion of progressive rock and psychedelia. The keyboard-driven melody, especially the iconic Hammond organ riff, stands out as a defining feature. The intricate musicality and dreamy atmosphere further contribute to the song's unique sound.

The Sugarloaf song is celebrated for its musical complexity and underappreciated simplicity in production. While interpretations of the song's meaning vary, its enduring popularity is undeniable, making it a classic song with colors in the lyrics.

12. Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban

Blue Ain't Your Color's title suggests a departure from the conventional association of the color blue with sadness. In this Keith Urban song, blue represents a mismatch rather than melancholy.

Urban's narrative centers on a woman in an unhappy relationship. The singer offers solace and hints that she deserves happiness with someone more compatible. The song's emotional depth lies in its portrayal of empathy, urging the woman to move away from a situation that doesn't suit her.

13. Pink - Aerosmith

Pink is more than just a catchy rock song; it carries a deep and universal message about the human experience. Written by Steven Tyler, Richie Supa, and Glen Ballard, the song explores sensual and flirtatious associations with the color pink, using it as a metaphor for the thrill and excitement of a romantic relationship.

Pink became a hit for Aerosmith and showcased their ability to blend rock with pop elements. The track's nomination for an Academy Award in 1999 highlights its cultural impact as one of the highly influential songs of color.

14. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl stands out as one of the best songs about colours due to its soulful vocals and poetic lyrics celebrating the beauty of brown-eyed individuals. Released in 1967, the song's lively mix of rock, pop, and calypso influences boosted its timeless appeal.

Moreover, Brown Eyed Girl's catchy tune and relatable theme have made it a classic, with appearances in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials. The song's cultural impact extends beyond its initial release, maintaining popularity and frequently being covered by various artists.

15. Lavender Blue - Burl Ives

Lavender Blue is a captivating folk song that encapsulates the spirit of innocent love and tranquility. Featured in the 1948 Walt Disney film So Dear to My Heart, Burt Ives' rendition adds a timeless charm to the melody.

Additionally, the lyrics, often associated with Cinderella, exude simplicity and purity, celebrating the beauty of lavender blue and the emotions of young love.

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