A List Of 15 Christmas Songs With Snow In The Title

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The season festivities has arrived once more, welcomed by white snow, bringing the perfect opportunity to indulge in the melodious tunes of the holiday season!

Snow is often associated with Christmas songs because it creates a picturesque and festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Playing in the snow with loved ones while listening to Xmas tunes brings sheer delight.

This compilation showcases Christmas Songs With Snow In The Title. So without any further ado, let's delve into the enchanting world of snow-themed Xmas songs!

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1. Snow by Rosemary Clooney

Artist Name: Rosemary Clooney

Album Name: White Christmas

Released Date: 1954

This timeless classic Snow is a delightful melody sung by Rosemary but composed by legendary duo Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby.

A rhyme to the Christmas season and the joys of hails, the lyrics express a heartfelt desire to be enveloped by it and wash face and hair with it.

Key Lyrics:

SnowIt won't be long before we'll all be there with snowSnowI wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with snow (snow, snow)

"Snow" has been covered by numerous artists, cementing its status as a beloved Christmas song.

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2. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Frank Sinatra

Artist Name: Frank Sinatra

Album Name: Christmas Songs by Sinatra

Released Date: 1950

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! is a Christmas-themed snowy song which was composed by Jule Styne.

The tune has become a mainstay on radio stations during the holiday time as Christmas songs with snow.

At its core, it is an ode to the magic of spending snowy Xmas with a cherished companion.

Key Lyrics:

Oh, the weather outside is frightfulBut the fire is so delightfulSince we've no place to go

The song's popularity is evidenced by the numerous covers it has received from various artists but the smooth vocalist Frank Sinatra possibly offers the timeless version.

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3. The First Snow of Christmas by The Snowy Hill Singers

Artist Name: The Snowy Hill Singers

Album Name: Our Friend Santa

Released Date: 2019

The First Snow of Christmas is a Christmas song popularized by The Snowy Hill Singers.

It celebrates the joy and magic of the first snowfall of the holiday season, symbolizing the beginning of Christmas festivities.

The lyrics generally convey warmth, happiness, family gatherings, gift-giving, and a sense of nostalgia for admired holiday traditions and memories.

Key Lyrics:

The first flake of snow

Is said to fall today

It comes to say that Christmas

This song with snow in the title encourages making the most of the holiday season by spending time with loved ones.

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4. Amid the Falling Snow by Enya

Artist Name: Enya 

Album Name: Amarantine

Released Date: 2005

Amid the Falling Snow is a soulful melody beautifully sung by Enya.

Its ethereal beauty is enhanced by its layered harmonies, gentle pulsing chords, and a melody that flows like a gentle stream.

Key Lyrics:

How I remember sleepless nightsWhen we would read by candlelight,And on the windowpane outside

This song is a representative tune for the Christmas season, as it precis the very essence of winter and the peace that it brings along with it.

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5. See Amid the Winter's Snow by Annie Lennox

Artist Name: Annie Lennox

Album Name: A Christmas Cornucopia

Released Date: 2010

Annie Lennox's rendition of See Amid The Winter's Snow is a delightful Christmas song with snow in the title.

The music is a reworked version of a traditional Xmas hymn that vividly captures the essence of the holiday season.

The lyrics of the song center around the birth of Jesus Christ and the joy that it brings, making it the perfect choice for festive ceremony.

Key Lyrics:

See amid the winter's snowBorn for us on earth belowSee the tender Lamb appears

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6. Snow in California by Ariana Grande

Artist Name: Ariana Grande

Album Name: Christmas Kisses

Released Date: 2013

Snow in California is a captivating Christmas ballad by the talented Ariana Grande.

The song paints a bold picture of the rare event of snow in California during the holiday season and shows a desire for a beloved pal with the hope that the magic of snowfall will bring them closer.

Ariana's distinctive vocal style has helped the song gain immense popularity among fans and lovers of modern Christmas music.

Key Lyrics:

Dear SantaIt's me, ArianaI know it's been a while but I really need

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7. It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas by Pet Shop Boys

Artist Name: Pet Shop Boys

Album Name: Nightlife: Further Listening 1996 - 2000

Released Date: 1999

It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas is an amusing ditty by the British electronic music duo, the Pet Shop Boys.

The song humorously addresses the rarity of snowfall in the UK during the holiday season. The lyrics playfully reflect on the chaos caused by surprise snowfall and criticize the commercialization and consumerism associated with Christmas.

Key Lyrics:

Christmas is not all it's cracked up to beFamilies fighting around a plastic treeNothing on the TV that you'd want to see

The music's upbeat and catchy synth-pop sound, combined with its clever lyrics, make it a unique and entertaining addition to the Xmas music canon.

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8. Snow Bound for Christmas by Dickie Valentine

Artist Name: Dickie Valentine

Album Name: Snow Bound for Christmas

Released Date: 1957

Snow Bound For Christmas is a holiday song by Valentine promoting his vocals over a festive instrumental track. The song is available on various music platforms.

Its lyrics center around the theme of being snowed in during the holiday season and the joy of spending time with loved ones.

Key Lyrics:

snowbound for Christmas
That's what I'd like to be
snowbound for Christmas
Just you and me

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9. Frosty the Snowman by Cass County Boys and Gene Autry

Artist Name: Gene Autry and Cass Country Boys

Album Name: A Gene Autry Christmas

Released Date: 1947

Frosty the Snowman is a beloved Christmas classic that numerous artists have covered over the years. In addition, it is the Christmas songs with snow.

This is the original version, which tells the enchanting tale of a snowman who comes to life and embarks on thrilling adventures with children.

Gene's rendition of the song is widely regarded as the most popular and well-known version, thanks to its unique country-western sound, which reflects Autry's musical style.

Key Lyrics:

Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul
With a corn cob pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal

The Cass Country Boys' backup vocals and rich and full-bodied quality to the song, set it apart from other versions.

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10. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by Harry Connick Jr

Artist Name: Harry Connick Jr.

Album Name: When My Heart Finds Christmas

Released Date: 1993

Harry Connick Jr. recorded his version of Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow for his 1993 album "When My Hearts Finds Christmas".

His performance is notable for the distinctive horn blast, a bombastic brass finale, and a swinging tempo.

It differs from some other genres by its faster tempo and his take on the songs adds a unique and lively twist to this classic Xmas tune.

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11. Frosty the Snowman by Cocteau Twins

Artist Name: Cocteau Twins

Album Name: Lullabies to Violaine

Released Date: 2005

Cocteau Twins recorded their unique version of Frosty the Snowman, which is also one of the snow day songs.

Their version stands out with dream pop elements, featuring Elizabeth Fraser's graceful vocals incorporating shimmering guitars, ethereal synthesizers, and atmospheric sounds.

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12. Snowman by Sia (Deluxe Edition)

Artist Name: Sia

Album Name: Everyday Is Christmas

Released Date: 2017

Snowman is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, released as her second single from her album "Everyday is Christmas".

It is a mid-tempo, 60s-inspired, piano-driven ballad with a soft jazz sound.

Sia's emotional and heartfelt vocals express her love for the snowman, assuring him not to cry and that she'll never leave.

Key Lyrics:

Don't cry, snowman, not in front of meWho'll catch your tears if you can't catch me, darling?If you can't catch me, darling

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13. Snow, Lights by Flora Cash

Artist Name: Flora Cash

Album Name: Snow, Lights

Released Date: 2015

Snow, Lights is a single by indie-pop duo Flora Cash which features dreamy, atmospheric instrumentation and the duo's distinctive harmonies.

Musically, the lines celebrate the pleasure of winter, including jingle bells, snow, and lights. This is another in our list of songs with snow in the title which you can enjoy at Christmas.

Key Lyrics:

Bring out all the jingle bells and jollyHappy, happySpending all our money

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14. It's Christmas (Snow is Falling) by Jessicka

Artist Name: Jessicka 

Album Name: It's Christmas (Snow is Falling)

Released Date: 2020

It's Christmas (Snow is Falling) is a 2020 song by Jessicka,

Another song a snowy Xmas, the lyrics celebrate the joys of Christmas and the excitement of snowfall during the holiday season.

Additionally, audiences have praised the catchy melody of this traditional Noel tune and impressive vocals.

Key Lyrics:

It’s been too long

Since I’ve seen you my dear

There a fire and hot cider

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15. Let It Snow by Boyz II Men

Artist Name: Boyz II Men

Album Name: Christmas Interpretations

Released Date: 1993

Let It Snow is co-produced and performed by contemporary R&B group Boyz II Men featuring vocals from fellow R&B singer Brian Mcknight.

The lines describe the joy of the Christmas holiday and the desire to spend it with loved ones, regardless of the snow outside.

The tune has been covered and remixed by various artists over the years, which you can discover on various music platforms.

Key Lyrics:

Hey, it's another Christmas Holiday
It's a joyous thing let the angels sing
Cause we're together

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